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Opera Cricket on Opera Mini: The fastest way to get live scores and news

Game on! Opera Mini, already built for the quickest browsing speeds, now comes with the fastest access to cricket scores, commentary and videos. It’s Opera Cricket time.

With the cricket season upon us (any IPL fans feeling extra lucky this year?) there’s going to be a lot of action we certainly don’t want to miss.

Whether you’re on the go a lot or just want to be the first of your mates to know the latest scores and predictions to win with your fantasy cricket team, this is the easiest and fastest way to get it.

Seamlessly swipe through live scores, video streams, commentaries and stats, right from inside your browser. No extra download. No hassle.

Live scores (like, really live)

From any match, team or qualifier, you’ll have them all at your fingertips.

The option to have match notifications means you’ll always know when the games you care about are in swing.

Setup in a way that’s super easy to use (as well as easy on the eyes), Opera Cricket shows you the most important information quickly and clearly so you’re never missing a beat at home, work or on the bus.

Extra goodies such as match and players stats are also close at hand to give you the cutting edge.

Play-by-play commentary

Never miss a beat. Keep track of every batting, hat-trick and googly right as it happens with live commentary for the biggest matches of the season.

The best news & video action

Coming soon: Live from your favorite matches, behind the scenes footage and replays of the nail-biting action you can watch again and again. Access it all directly from Hotstar.com through your Opera Cricket with just one tap.

As well as all the current cricket news compiled in one handy feed to keep you constantly up date on all the extras.

Top tip: You can also add access the Opera Cricket part of your Opera Mini direct to your device homescreen for extra quick entry when you need it.
Upgrade your Opera Mini today so you don’t miss out!

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