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ad blocker for Android in Opera Mini loads web pages faster

Love the internet for all its glory but just cannot stand the sight of bad, boring ads? Opera has just made your day a little bit better, with our free, built-in ad blocker for our Opera Mini browser on Android. We are the first major browser to integrate an ad blocker for super fast webpage...

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Bookmark Sync comes to opera browsers

We browse through different screens for different needs, so our bookmarks end up being all over the place! Laptops for work-related stuff, mobile phones for entertainment and tablets for shopping or gaming. And, what about those device upgrades —  when you get that snazzy new phone but feel like you’re leaving your awesome web collection...

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It has been a busy week for us here in Opera! We’re delighted to present to you some great new updates to Opera for Android, Opera Mini beta, as well as Opera for computers! Opera for Android Opera for Android has received a new update. This version also has sync support so you can sync your bookmarks...

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