Today, we’re unveiling our new brand identity. We’re introducing a new look and feel. But, it’s more than just a logo shift.

Opera has evolved a lot since we started our journey as a browser company 20 years ago. Today, we serve over a billion internet users every month, between the 350 million people around the world experiencing the internet through our apps and services and the 1.1 billion people we reach through Opera Mediaworks.

It’s time for a consistent brand identity that reflects what Opera is about:

We want to enable more people, in more places, to experience what matters, when it matters most.

Do more with the new “O”

The cornerstone of Opera’s new brand identity is our redesigned logo. It still preserves the good ol’, familiar red “O”. But, just as our products are about more than technology, the new logo stands for more than the first letter of our company name.

We envision Opera’s new logo as a portal quickly connecting you with what you’re looking for on the web. The 3-dimensional “O” symbolizes a gateway that leads you to more: more content, more discoveries, more answers, more communication, more fun, more data savings, more of life – whatever you seek online, Opera helps you do more! opera-new-logo-brand-identity-portal-to-web

From “Opera Software” to “Opera”

With the extended Opera family and our ever-expanding range of products and services, we feel we’ve grown beyond the bounds of a software company. Today, we see Opera more as an internet company providing great experiences online. To reflect this, we have dropped the “Software” from our logo.

How we worked on it

A new brand identity is more complex than colors, icons and fonts. It is a system that unites the goals, the products and the history in an easy-to-communicate way.


Me, with Opera Creative Director, Arnfinn Hushovd

Building that system has involved a tight collaboration between Opera’s in-house creative team and two independent agencies – U.K.-based DixonBaxi, who helped us define the global brand and creative strategy, and Anti from Norway, who worked with us on the visual identity. It’s been an intense, exciting journey lasting about a year.

The new “O” first rolls out on mobile phones

Today, we’re revealing the new identity and updated icon for our flagship product Opera Mini on the iOS platform. Our subsidiary mobile-advertising company Opera Mediaworks is also launching a fresh, new look.

Opera never stands still, so it was really important for us to make our new brand something that could endure and grow with us. We have new solutions and products in the pipeline, and we want them fit into the new identity organically.

Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out the new brand across the Opera family, including our entire product portfolio. Opera for Android, Opera Mini for Android, Opera Mini for Windows Phone and Opera for computers are next in line for the change, within the next few release cycles. Soon afterwards, we’ll revamp the icons and logos for of our data-management app Opera Max, the Opera Coast browser for iOS and our other apps. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can bring the new Opera brand onto your device with this wallpaper: opera-new-logo-brand-identity-wallpaper-desktop-mobile Download it for your computer | Download it for your phone

We’ve come a long way together with you over the last 20 years, and we are always inspired by what you want to experience on the web. We’re excited to hear what you think of our new identity.

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  • Мезенин Дмитрий

    Lol, why wallpapers have so low resolution?)

    btw, new logo is great!

    • Ruth_opera

      Thanks 😀 Will look to get some higher res versions for you

      • Мезенин Дмитрий

        Thank you!

  • It’s a really great evolution in the logo. It’s still clearly Opera, but feels modern and gets your message across. Smart choice and a great job!

    • Sean D’Arcy

      Thanks! Glad you like it!

  • Cool new logo! Now ship a Cool new browser for P0w3r Us3rS

  • Rashimov Azarov

    The computer logo has a very low resolution ; could you please provide a better one, because the logo itself is quite great !

    • Ruth_opera

      It’s been updated with a higher res now, give it another go!

      • Rashimov Azarov

        Thanks, that’s a great logo now !

  • Lacedaemon

    What’s great about that logo, lol. It looks like a ring, or a hole, it is 3D when everybody else is moving away from 3D and flatness is the new modern. Sorry but it couldn’t look worse.

    • Abe Froman

      Ridiculous. Windows 10 claiming flat 2d authorship? You don’t like the logo so they’re doomed? Lol

      • Lacedaemon

        lol you can’t be serious why do you think they’ve ditched the transparency in the desktop browser and made it white, blocky, flat?

    • Nandop

      Leave the copy part to Vivaldi… It’s good at that.

  • The resolution of the wallpaper is very small. Can you upload the big picture? At least 1920×1080 px.

    • Ruth_opera

      It’s been updated with a larger one, give it another go 🙂

  • siamak

    I use Opera since version 7, but after 15 it’s not OPERA! Just look at Vivaldi! Thats OPERA
    BUT nice Logo

    • lol

      • Piotr Żółtowski (Piter432)

        No counterarguments to his comment, I think? 🙂

    • Boemien

      I’m still using Opera 12.17. I can’t support the new transition based on Chromium…

    • Nandop

      I’m wondering when the “Vivaldi” spam is going to stop… If you’re already using that browser, WHY ARE YOU IN A BLOG OF OPERA??? It doesn’t make any sense.

      • LAMBDA471

        Spam or not, guess it’s working, Vivaldi will probably become usable in 6 months or so, in another 6 months, Opera will have nothing on Vivaldi.

        • Dan Neely

          … is that when they’re promising extension support? Content blocking is the only must have feature the last Vivaldi build I tried was missing.

          • SuperMecha

            Vivaldi supports Chrome extensions like Opera. Try Ctrl+Shift+E. I’ve installed uBlock.

          • False ! Opera will NOT install Google Play Music extension !!!

          • bwat47

            google play music is a google chrome ‘app’ not an extension.

        • VeraLB

          It’s cool you like Vivaldi. Why don’t you tell them that as well? Show them your love and comment on their page 🙂 As for Opera, we’re always open to objective feedback.

          • Piotr Żółtowski (Piter432)

            […] we’re always open to objective feedback.

            I don’t think so after what you have done in 2013 with Opera for PCs.

          • LAMBDA471

            Would I bother view this page for no reason? Opera is my main browser ATM, but since it’s just an Opera-branded Chrome, I have no reason to stay after other browsers shape up.

          • Patata

            “As for Opera, we’re always open to objective feedback.”

            ROFL good one…
            or wait… you didn’t joke, you mean that serious? No way…

      • siamak

        I’m not using Vivaldi, i’m using opera 12.17 but also Testing opera developer and vivaldi, and hope to opera learn few things from vivaldi devs.

      • Olli

        Because Vivaldi is painfully unstable and they’re only making very slow progress in fixing bugs. Instead they’re adding new features all the time, stability doesn’t seem to be main priority yet. If they keep up this pace, maybe in 2017 Vivaldi becomes usable.

      • Piotr Żółtowski (Piter432)

        Ah, so this is your freedom of speech? Only satisfied comments about ChrOpera are allowed here, yes? NO. You’re wrong 🙂

        • Don’t be silly. This is not about freedom of expression, is about STAYING IN THIS PAGE’S TOPIC.

          • Piotr Żółtowski (Piter432)

            I didn’t know that talking about other browser (yes, BROWSER) is off-topic 😀

    • Vilvadi looking pretty good.

    • Dark Magician

      But I actually like new logo.

    • Ruth_opera

      You’re right it’s not the same browser as before but we’re proud of what we’re working on now and have a lot of great, talented people working hard to move forward. Of course cannot please all and we wish Vivaldi the best of luck in their own mission 🙂
      Glad you like the logo 😛 /Ruth

      • siamak

        thanks for reply me, but you said ” Cannot please all ” , so please almost 80% of people commenting or Desktop team blog, and says they want featur of old opera, you always said listen to people but I didn’t see that.

        • Ruth_opera

          This is true but you must remember that 80% of people commenting on a specific blog are not 80% of our users. As you understand, it’s a tough balance trying to please the most vocal of our users and the overall majority.
          This doesn’t mean you won’t see some of the older features coming back. If you’re not already, check out our Developer version to see some of the directions we’re headed.
          Our desktop teams are active on the blogs and try to respond where they can. Even if we can’t give the answer people want to hear we certainly don’t just ignore people’s opinions.

          • Kai Ockendorf

            Hopefully you bring one old feature back, to change tabs via mouse gestures (right mouse click + scroll wheel)!! Guess I’m not the only one who misses this 😉

          • Toshiyuki Saito

            Hi, Kai. It is possible to have that, if you install this Extension –

          • Kai Ockendorf

            Thank you! But it’s not working for me (O32), but I guess Opera will implement it one day…I still have hope 🙂

          • Patata

            Of course Opera does not even have the same team anymore after shutting down the Oslo Desktop Team and shifting everything to Poland (to reduce costs) so no one could expect the new browser to be anything like the previous versions.

            As you’ve stated in this blog post, the majority of your users come from Opera MediaWorks, an Ad Serving company that makes money with ads and userdata that’s the opposite from what Opera ASA used to be

          • Ruth_opera

            The ads side of the business is, in practice, quite separate from our browser/app side. If you want to give feedback about our browser that’s cool but it has nothing to do with the other side of the business.
            On the browser side we still have really passionate teams working hard to work on a product they are proud of and works well. Yes, not the same as before but that’s not our goal. We still have a big userbase for all our browsers and our goal is to make browsing a stable, easy and fast experience for them.

            C’mon man, don’t take the serious and personal situation of redundancies as a stab at a company. Those are our friends and colleagues.

  • Cryio

    Don’t forget Opera Mini for Windows Phone !

    • Ruth_opera

      Working on updates for it as we speak!

      • shadow118

        Will we ever see the full Opera on Windows Phone?

        • Rj Navendu Kumar

          ruth madam i will be oblige if u update us when opera mini for windows now will be available with book mark synchronization it is now more then one year and still we dont have this feature so what I should presume and when we will get a true assurance that book mark synchronization is coming finally does we need one year to give full and final browser? can u pl update when we will get sycronisation what is use of using browser with full functions?

          • James Randall

            I agree 100% I use Opera as my MAIN browser & ALL my bookmarks are there but they don’t transfer to my Windows Phone. I even have my Bookmarks in 2 folders: Phone & PC

          • Ruth_opera

            Hi Nevandu, we don’t fully know ourselves! 😛 It’s on our list to implement but we wanna make sure it’s done right so it takes time and we don’t start putting a date on things until it’s close to being stable (and even then the date can change as we’re constantly testing to improve it). I don’t want to make promises that can’t be kept!

          • Rj Navendu Kumar

            RUTH MADAM THANKS for ur reply at least update when we will get book mark sycronisation in opera mini for windows now it is one year so when we should expect book mark sycronisation atleast pl update would be very thankful

  • Ильнур Нугманов

    what song is playing in the video?

  • One Ring to rule them all.


  • Kai Ockendorf

    The Logo is really nice! I like it 🙂 but now I’m curious if we’ll see some kind of a redisgn in Opera for desktop as well? Would be great!!

    • VeraLB

      Stay tuned, @kaiockendorf:disqus. The new logo will gradually roll out to all the browser products 🙂 Glad you like the new look.

      • Kai Ockendorf

        Thanks Vera, but I don’t meant only the logo 😉

        • VeraLB

          Ah, yes 🙂 Our desktop team is always hard at work, @kaiockendorf:disqus. Let’s see what’s next from them… 🙂

          • Kai Ockendorf

            Thanks again Vera 🙂 I really hope that we’ll see some of Mr. Hicks magic in there soon!! I’m looking forward to it…and I really hope for a Speeddial redesign as well 🙂

      • It has already has with Opera Mini 11 on iOS

  • Vux777

    you should tweak that curved wireframe in the center (in very logo) to make it solid line
    it really sticks out and looks broken
    everything else looks cool
    colors, anim. and logo design
    just that little tech.detail

  • Ayoub Hamdi

    Don’t remove sylverlight and unity plugin please.

    • Ayoub Hamdi

      keep sylverlight and unity plugin please so we can watch videos and play games online.

  • Виталий Филиппов

    Opera is R.I.P now, at least until you clone the whole old UI (along with mail!). It doesn’t matter for me if it’s Presto or Webkit-based, but the old UI was really great and Opera Mail is the best mailer I’ve used, and it’s very convenient that it’s built into browser, and I still use it.
    Current opera is just another “yandex browser”…

    • Nandop

      The door is open. You can leave right now.

      • Piotr Żółtowski (Piter432)

        Fanboy’s of shitty Chrome’s clone like you can also leave right now 🙂

  • AlexM

    You, guys who killed the REAL Opera, do You really think you can make it alive again just by changing logo?..
    It just can’t be same people who made original one…

    • Eivind Tøllefsen Bårdsen

      Those who started opera have made a new browser

      • Nandop

        Oh! Look! Another spam reply courtesy of fanboys of A COPY.

        • Blue9

          Copy ? LOL New Opera has not so much to copy (; Vivaldi has features which Opera can’t offer, so what should Vivaldi copy ?

          Btw: Vivaldis Jon von Tetzchner is the original Opera co-founder, the whole original team in Oslo is gone and new people are building the Browser. It has nothing do with Opera, it’s orioginal developers, the origins and Operas philosophy.

          It’s like a band which consists after years of completely different people and exists only as a brand, has nothing to do with it’s real soul. Just a brand.

          What makes Opera unique ? Chrome has it all for example.

          I like the new logo and style, very futuristic.

          • Ruth_opera

            Cheers for the feedback Blue9, glad you like the logo! I wish Vivaldi all the luck in their pursuits and, you’re right, neither browser needs to copy one another.
            We may be moving towards different missions with regards to what features the browser has etc but we have some very passionate, dedicated and talented people here working hard to not only create a quality, stable product but to help work towards better and progressive web standards as a whole. This is why we’re more than just a brand in my eyes 🙂

        • Well, Opera was the one who discarded features and customization features

          Vivaldi – even if a “copy” has for sure more of the old Opera flavor than new Opera.

          Why is everyone thinking these days that minimalism and simplicity is the only thing which counts? Instead guys and gals should try to learn again how computer related stuff works instead of demanding that everything is being turned into Fisher Price ware!

        • Piotr Żółtowski (Piter432)

          Oh! Look! Spammer and ChrOpera’s fanboy can’t stand that his crappy “browser” is worst even than Vivaldi or Polish Otter ;(

          • What we need is again more software for educated adults instead of kiddie ware which bows down to the most recent shiny trends (minimalism, less features, nice design only) – if companies do not believe in the ability of the user and therefor remove just to be on the safe side all more complex advanced options, something like Chrome, Australis or Opera new is the result.

            And for advanced users, that is simply a big annoyance, as most of the time we are the one who pay the price for creating the perfect “average Joe or Jane” browser!

            I expected that Opera itself wanted to be much more than that! Seems i and others have been wrong in that!

      • Philip

        Opera 12.16 Platform x64 on System Windows 7 and Linux were and are good. I liked the link I will check it out on a Windows system I cannot use it on my Linux system, because I have to make sure it is trustworthy first. My Linux, system is a clean system tight security a work system.

        Opera 12.16 had some minor privacy problems like Google search regenerating and feeding Google. You had to use opera:config in the address bar to to remove Google and replace it with a privacy search engine. And then go to preferences and disable (enable search suggestions” which would have been Google again. And then disable password manager which allowed data mining from GCHQ and NSA.

        I still use my customised version of Opera 12.16 I will try your link and see what that version is like on an unsafe system before putting any trust in it.

        A browser sees everything logons bank details everything. A browser must be trusted.

  • Looks great, congrats on a successful rebrand that makes sense!

  • Vikont

    Forget the new Opera logo (very nice, BTW) – it’s the logo on the coffee cup (on the picture) that matters 🙂 Go Sens! Thanks for cross-promoting the Senators.

    • Sean D’Arcy

      Haha! Good catch!

  • B. Gigi

    It’s a f. ring!

  • Christian Büte

    This is the most beautiful redesign for a browser’s identity I’ve ever seen! I hope that Opera itself will be this much beautiful. Anyway, keep up the good work guys, I can’t wait to see what you’re coming up with next time! 🙂

    • Sean D’Arcy

      Thanks for the compliment!

  • Cqoicebordel

    You retouched before putting it in the animation ? Why ?

  • catup

    Such a red ring! We need take some time to get used to it.

  • ted

    I can’t believe you messed up the best and most innovative browser. I’ve used Opera from the first time I ever got a pc until Opera 12 which was great, despite the weird engine.

  • Nico

    All the best for the future! The new logo looks quite fitting, good job. Can’t wait to see it on the rest of your products as well.

    • Ruth_opera

      Thanks for your support Nico! Bringing them to the other products too with some new updates 🙂

  • I love the new logo 😉

  • jerry2286

    I didn’t even realize Opera browser was still around.

  • Buddy Milkshake
  • jedy123

    Nice logo. I haven’t had the updated iOS Opera Mini for long enough to know if it still crashes often or whether this has been fixed. I cannot log into Disqus from Opera Mini – after entering login details it just stays on the loading screen. Can you look into this? There seem to be no new features of note in this update (I use an iPad). I’d like to have an option to select a default search engine. Also more privacy options would be great like disabling 3rd party cookies and starting the browser in private mode. Please let us know if there’s more Opera Mini iOS work in the pipeline.

    • jedy123

      Just had Opera crash and I was reading an online newspaper so not doing anything too taxing. When will Opera finally fix the bugs?

  • bob e

    i use red hat .. opera works great for me on my computer. i’m happy with the
    linux software browser provided. thamks guys ..

    • VeraLB

      Thanks back, @disqus_WXruTzTT3N:disqus

  • chaladi

    You people are the first in most of the features used by modernbrowsers today. Tabbed Browsing, Themes, Plugins, inbuilt email (I miss this very much), context menu links-searchs-dictonary etc.

    I am a fan of tabbed browsing of old opera where we can tile, cascade, arrange in all one window. With screens going big n big now this is what I want seriously. Who dont want to check updates on 4 tabs arranged 4 corners of the window, absolutly beautiful. I want my old opera back. Not current bullshit.

    As Виталий Филиппов quoted bring back old UI, It doesn’t matter for me if it’s Presto or Webkit-based.

  • The new logo looks beautiful guys great job!

  • Nice. I like it!

  • samson


  • Simen Mangseth

    Is there a flat version (without gradients) for this logo?

  • Rao Hammas Hussain

    Logo is just PERFECT !! <3

  • manicho


  • Bob

    I hope they return to something like version 12.17… I don’t like Chrome-based Opera at all.

  • Andrew

    The new logo is awesome and Opera is definitely my favourite browser on Windows and Android!

    • Sean D’Arcy

      Much appreciated! Thanks for your support.

  • Nandop

    I just love it! Can’t wait to have it on my browser 😛

  • that’s the real opera! so cool!

  • Aminur Rahmaan

    I am trying to using the new version of opera…. BT i can’t using that….. I am Downloading BT it comes old version…. What can i do?

  • Jerry

    @Opera I have used Opera for a long time I like the Browser but am disappointed with some sudden shift from old Opera to the new version… At least some old features either replaced with new like private new tab now it only offers private window, Notes, the Opera Mail feature I have always liked is no longer available … you need to integrate all those features with the new version….

  • Jerry

    And thanks for the awesome Wallpaper,. The Logo looks nice…. !!

  • LAMBDA471

    Last update brought animated themes… useless.
    Now the logo is changing, I bet that Opera’s development won’t change even after this. I’m just waiting for Microsoft Edge to start supporting extensions or Vivaldi to become usable, after that I will have no reason to use Opera any longer.

  • nice black square on the top. are you sure that author of article have used #opera !? #html5 #mp4

  • Love it!

  • Ali

    People complaining about Opera’s move to Chromium based browser…. Know that it is a good move by Opera from the developer and future perspective. Our browsers are not unified enough which makes a developer’s life hell. If Opera continued to support its older version then almost all Web developers would have had to ensure the website doesn’t break on opera. Opera is already struggling a bit to gain users. If they make developers lives hell then websites will start breaking on opera and then ALL of you would be here complaining “what happened? Why is opera not working? Chrome is better. Blah blah blah” Opera is a smart company. Just use it or shut up.

    • Olli

      There are web standards. Opera was the first major browser that was 100 % standard compliant. Still, developers don’t care for standards, they script for the most POPULAR browsers which mostly were not 100 % standard compliant a few years ago. And when they became compliant, they came with features, that went above the standards so developers began to use these, breaking compatibility to browsers that didn’t support these features. Opera hat to fix these incompatibilities all the time, that’s why they switched. The web developers are the problem…in the end, it’ll be their fault, that there’ll only be one browser engine left: Blink. All other engines are already, more or less, dead. The browser wars are over and everyone, excepting Google, lost.

    • Piotr Żółtowski (Piter432)

      Vivaldi is MUCH smaller than Opera, and their browser looks better and it’s more configurable that ChrOpera and they did MUCH quicker 🙂

  • Tim

    What this logo communicates is that Opera is now a company that specializes in cock rings. Interesting shift though.

  • Marc-Antoine Roy

    Nice work. Those stock video shots in the video really don’t do it for me. Feels disconnected.

  • Royi

    I was wondering, why doesn’t Google Hangout work on Opera out of the box and requires Plug In?
    Shouldn’t it work using WebRTC like Google Chrome?

    Thank You.

  • Ivan Georgiev

    Guys, when we have typed you over 100k post that “New Opera” is not what we wanted…. you have ignored us and stuck with that red Chrome version you call Opera.
    Change the name of that “browser” and let the real Opera die with some dignity at least!

    • Olli

      I have the impression, that desktop Opera is going to die really soon. Development has slowed down extremely in the last months and has been outsourced to Poland for a large part. Opera 32 came with no new features, Opera 33 will come with no new features and Opera 34 has two small new features (one of them bringing even more advertising to the browser) at this point.

      • bwat47

        “Opera 32 came with no new features”

        Opera 32 introduced password sync and the tree view for the bookmarks manager which are both pretty significant improvements…

        • Olli

          Password sync can be done by third party software, that’s probably why I forgot about it. Yeah tree view is really a gigantic feature really hard to implement, almost as great as the animated themes that were introduced with 32! And I also forgot the great SurfEasy advertisement that was promoted as a great privacy feature! Come on…this is a joke.

          Development has massively slowed down and that’s why three new major versions now contain as many new features as one used to contain before. Also almost the whole old team has left for Vivaldi, so things do really look bad for Opera Desktop.

          • bwat47

            You’re just spreading F.U.D. dude, Opera is still quite actively developed.

          • Olli

            Come on, are you joking? Just look at the facts, development speed, speed of development releases, features etc. – over the summer, development has been near to zero. You don’t have to forget: These guys don’t have to work on the engine, it’s just stuff in the UI they do – and there hasn’t been much stuff in the last months. More things happened under the hood (Chromium project) than in the areas where Opera actually does its own development.

            Window vibrancy is a great example, it has been in Developer builds since over 3 months and it has still not gone final. It has been implemented the wrong way from the beginning (it doesn’t fit any other app with vibrancy on OS X) and they still haven’t changed this and they even told me they don’t plan to. It’s just a small UI thing making use of native APIs – I have no clue how it can take you 3-4 months to implement this. Only explanation is that there are very few developers only working part-time on the desktop browser.

          • bwat47

            No, I’m not joking.

            You’re telling me to ‘look at the facts’, but I don’t see any actual facts to support your argument. At first you were claiming things such as Opera 32 introducing no new features, which definitely wasn’t supported by the facts.

            And your claim that developers are ‘only working part-time on the desktop browser’ is pure speculation and not supported by any facts.

            Regarding Vibrancy, the addition of vibrancy isn’t the only change, the entire toolbar was visually redesigned as well. And Opera is not the only software to implement vibrancy in this way (Firefox does the same thing).

            I will just agree to disagree…

    • Ruth_opera

      “Die with dignity”? C’mon man it’s a browser.
      Yeah Opera is doing something different to what it was and it sucks that the changes weren’t maybe dealt with better or communicated better by the company. But it’s a different thing now.
      We’ve got some awesome, passionate people here working hard to make something that our current users can efficiently browse on.
      If you prefer the older version with those types of features you should check out Vivaldi 🙂

  • James Douglas

    Congratulations. The new design is both beautiful and forward-looking. You’ve come so far in the few years since rewriting the code for your wonderful browser. I look forward to future development and will actively evangelize your products with colleagues, family and friends.

  • James Douglas

    BTW… in scanning a few of the comments below it’s apparent a small group of former users are still actively working to discredit the new Opera. Ignore them. They’re locked in time and incapable of change, preferring an outdated suite like Vivaldi (might as well resurrect Netscape)! Most young users today have moved on so their rants represent an infinitismally small group and can be disregarded.

    You’re moving in the right direction. Best wishes.

    • Really? Then i am happy i am belonging to the old generation because we preferred real features like UI customization and tons of features built inside the browser and no empty shell which just has a nice design!

      It is so sad that it could be actually funny.. Google did first and now companies like Opera and Mozilla running behind them like some addicted puppies!

    • Piotr Żółtowski (Piter432)

      Vivaldi is outdated suite? 😀 Please, don’t make me laugh 😀 ChrOpera don’t have 90% FEATURES of Opera 12 and now both Vivaldi and Otter recreates them and improve them. You really don’t see that? Ah, yes. Fanboy’s of Chrome’s clone with better skin only doesn’t see that :3

      I’d add that Opera is ready to sold in Norway, as I thought 😀

    • Hunk

      Most young users probably have never tried old Opera and they doesn’t know how awesome it was. And It was a great software, simple to use but with the power to change almost everything.

      If you want some feature, like mail or proxy, or cache settings, or mouse gestures, or UI-settings, or Fit-to-Width feature, or zoom slider, etc… just enable it. If you don’t want or don’t know, or don’t care – no problem. The features are there for someone else =)

      The new Opera has taken freedom from users, and new “developer” features looks blank in compare with Opera <12. I personally and many others feel like we were abandoned. But we were with Opera long time, we loved it. Its market share always was tiny but still we used it.

      • Ruth_opera

        Those are fair points. I personally like having more features too but most current Opera users just don’t care about it as they are more average tech users. The main focus of Opera browser now is just being rock solid, stable, fast etc. We’re not in a ‘feature race’ anymore and I guess would rather have a handful of overall popular features that are super stable then 100s that could be buggy.
        I think maybe the freedom to browse whatever you want quickly and easily is more important to most than the freedom of choice of tons of features/settings (you may argue speedily for you would be with features that help with that but I’m talking about the average browser user).
        On the other hand I sympathise with your feelings of abandonment. Past Opera could have communicated better about the changes it was undergoing and the reasons behind it. It’s something we talk about a lot now.
        It’s good that there are lots of browser choices now 🙂 drives the overall web landscape to be better for all types of users.
        Hope you find a couple of browsers you really like!

        • Piotr Żółtowski (Piter432)

          I personally like having more features too but most current Opera users just don’t care about it as they are more average tech users. The main focus of Opera browser now is just being rock solid, stable, fast etc.

          That’s nice to read that, but you know that’s Chrome’s main focus not Opera’s? Opera’s main focus was high customization and many unique features (still I can’t find extension for Firefox which will give me Opera 12’s notes feature [or even better – Vivaldi’s notes feature, which is much better than in Opera 12], which I loved in Opera and doesn’t exits now in ChrOpera) for the users. Of course, fast, stable, etc. was important, but as important as customization and features. That’s why Vivaldi and Polish Otter was created.

          • Vux777

            or even better – Vivaldi’s notes feature, which is much better than in Opera 12

            That’s fallacy .

            in Vivaldi notes user can’t drag and drop, insert note, its not fluid (edit and save for changes?!), opening folders is buggy…
            not even close to presto notes

          • Piotr Żółtowski (Piter432)

            I was meaning about creating screenshots and files into the note or group notes to folder. Did you see that in even in Opera 12 or did you find an extension for Firefox, which adds notes with this Vivaldi’s features?

          • Vux777

            and I meant what I wrote
            basic functionality sucks, while additional features are thrown into it

          • Piotr Żółtowski (Piter432)

            I know, but keep in mind that Vivaldi is currently in ALFA stage (Technical Preview). The should fix bugs like this, when Vivaldi will reach beta stage.

            The fact is even if Vivaldi has bugs in basic functionality in Notes or in different features, you can clearly see that they are focusing on power users like me, but for average users this browser should be okay, because NO ONE is FORCING to use features for powerful users, which was the same with Opera, when Opera was using own engine, not someone’s engine 🙂

          • Vux777

            that’s always the answer, alpha (tp or whatever)
            so, why comparing unfinished product in the first place?
            those features that you mention in one of the previous posts, I guess they gonna be removed when V gets to stable
            did you ever try to upload file into notes?
            it freezes the browser, memory goes sky high, depending on file size
            something similar happens with many notes/images

            they pushed feature that uploads files into notes in base64 dataURIs
            that’s very heavy job to process and mem. consumption
            you can’t organize them, can’t create it where you want, very limited …not comparable in any way with old notes
            and overall sidebar is jerky, slow

            add to this that bookmarks are buggy like hell, moving sometimes works sometimes doesn’t
            Vivaldi needs a lots of work
            and when it hits stable, then we’ll see if it’s really something
            right now, opening Opera after using Vivaldi is refreshing

          • It will be better in beta.

          • Vux777

            …and until that happens, why comparing things?

          • Ruth_opera

            I don’t know Chrome’s business plans well enough to comment but yeah it wouldn’t surprise me if it was same/similar, considering their average user. I don’t see that a bad thing though. Those contributing to the net landscape should always have a focus on those attributes (in my opinion) but of course with differences on top that appeal to difference netizens. It’s only a good thing we have so much choice now.
            You’re right Opera’s focus ‘was’ that but it isn’t anymore.
            I guess it’s about ratios. Current Opera is still working on cool features but now there will always be much heavier weighting on the speed/stability side. It might mean we have less customisation/features than the other 2 you mentioned but that’s not our main goal anymore. And that’s also why it’s a good thing that Vivaldi and Polish Otter (love that name btw) are doing what they’re doing too. We’re never going to have one browser that ‘does it all for everyone’ and it would be pompous to try. Which is why it’s good we have so many players out there giving us so much choice.

            Re; notes: Hmm I’m hoping Opera’s sidebar extension will prompt more dev on the notes extensions we have. We shall see!

          • Vux777

            Hmm I’m hoping Opera’s sidebar extension will prompt more dev on the notes extensions we have. We shall see!

            anything specific?

        • Christian Büte

          I definitely can agree with your points. I better use a rocksolid, fast and stable browser – with sync functionality, of course, that’s still important for me – than a feature bloated one. Opera achieved this goal with changing to Blink engine, but in a very optimized way. Version 34 is just like what I expect from a web browser, because where Opera is not about the feature race anymore, Chrome is not about good resource management and this is what we need more: better RAM usage, better browsing experience and this is why Opera was always forward opposite to the competition.

          For example when Firefox had larger release cycles around version 4, they were very lightweight, but Opera still could go under that resource usage. And this is the case nowadays, too. So I really don’t understand why people can’t just simply appreciate this fact.

          Even if the mail client is separate, I can’t say that it’s a bad thing. Most of the people went to the cloud anyways, but those who still need a desktop application, the tool is there. It takes just a few simple steps to download and configure it. Isn’t that enough? But never mind… there are always some guys who have to complain about everything. But I’m positive about Opera’s future, so I don’t care. 😀

  • astechman

    I have used Opera and Vivaldi, Vivaldi not recently. The reason that I no longer use either is essentially that I own a Macintosh computer and neither of the two above browsers integrate well with Mac apps, Mail, Contacts (BusyContacts) and iCal (BusyCal). For this reason I am staying with Safari, and happy to do so. Also, some Corporations, principally government agencies, don’t recognize any other than the Big 3 or 4! Good luck to Opera and Vivaldi, I will keep looking in from time to time to see if you van get any closer to my Mac!

  • Ronei de Sousa

    What is the name of the song?

  • unacomn

    Article about new logo, instead of new features. Hipster meter has hit peek.

    10 years of using Opera, loved 8 of them, tolerated the new one.

    I’m out.

    Keeping the old Opera installed for old time’s sake and about 600 bookmarks. The new one is just a pointless reskin of Chrome.

  • Jason Smith

    I use Opera for 3 years. very nice. But why It can not load the images well when I open this site with opera, and it workds well on Chrome,any one knows?

  • Javier Bastardo

    I was really surprised by the new logo, considering is more circular than the classic oval “O” we are used to, at first I wasn’t sold. But the more I see it, the more I like it. It’s simple, and obviously flat, yet it has depth, form and some sense of motion to it.

    I get it, is a portal, a portal to a better web, a portal for all, to get the best out of the Internet.

    I’m already rocking the wallpaper on my elementary OS (that’s a GNU/Linux distro). And I cant wait to get the update on it, Windows 10 and my Android device (that has installed Opera, Opera Mini and Opera Max).

    By the way, I’m writing this using Midori browser. Opera is my main browser overall, but I can’t avoid supporting the Mozilla Foundation and their work (mainly Firefox and Firefox OS), Midori (light and small but promising) and even Edge; strangely enough, I’ve been using Chrome/Chromium less and less down to a minimum, I only keep it around for the Chrome Remote Desktop. I consider myself a browser enthusiast, and spaming and dedicated browser’s blog with criticism, and praise for another browser, is both childish and ridiculous.

    Great work Opera team! Here in Venezuela you have a dedicated user/supporter. Please, let me change my default search engine on Opera Mini to DuckDuckGo 😉

    • Ruth_opera

      Cheers for your feedback Javier 🙂 I think what Mozilla is doing is really admirable. It’s good that there is so much choice of browser out there, it makes us all work harder to make the net in general better for everyone. Plus no one browser encompasses everything for everyone!

      As a fan of DuckDuckGo myself I will give an extra push for this on your behalf 😛 haha

      Happy browsing to you!

  • nihal

    new user ..

  • Miffed

    Yesterday I was freaked out when my Hisense TV (which has Opera Store preloaded) suddenly announced the new Opera brand using the mp4 as appears at the top of this blog.

    What freaked me out was that I had no idea what Opera was, I have never used the Opera Store and since I was using the tv as my computer monitor at the time, I thought that this graphic was a virus, or at the very least an unwanted software easter egg.

    The fact that Opera can take over my Hisense TV at any time for such an announcement is intrusive, and I would like to strongly suggest that the marketing department at Opera stop this type of advertising immediately.

  • ichifish

    The pretty graphics have done nothing to convince me that I should invest my time trying the browser.

  • Łukasz Langa

    Beautiful redesign indeed. I noticed that gateway metaphor on my phone before I read this post. I’m quite a happy user of both Opera 32 on the Mac and Opera Mini on iOS

    I have a question regarding the billion monthly users. How is this measured? Opera browsers are measured to have between 1% – 5% usage share, depending on who you’re asking [1]. Clearly 100% here wouldn’t sum up to the planet’s population.

    [1] Based on

  • James Milks

    Very nice. As is the Sens mug you are holding in the photo.

  • Tim Smith

    Saw this the other day when Mini updated on my iPhone. I like the new logo a lot but I love Opera more. Fast, data frugal and easy to use.

  • nanana1

    Can the Opera Desktop Team provide a 256 x256 png (with transparent background) file of the new Opera to use as an icon ? Thanks!

  • Diego F.

    Hello Opera team.Over a year ago I use your browser and performs very well 🙂 I like the new image of the new logo, I see good changes on the horizon. I congratulate them for your work, By the way, what is the name of the song in the background? I really like, like its logo 🙂

  • qusdis

    I have to say, the new Opera logo works nicely. Much better than the new Google logo, which I think looks not as good.

    • Vux777

      especially google favicon on tabs
      looks ugly even on chrome

  • Kimberly Putney

    Apps with attitude!! Loving everything Opera.. Data management works like a dream in conjunction with opera mini browser. Saved me a great deal of data so that I can now watch hours more video and browse the web thoroughly. Keep up the excellent work and BTW, I am really digging your new 3D O for Opera. A nice touch to a reliable and highly useful set of Apps. Peace all. Kimberly Putney

  • Mariusz Czelusniak

    3D logo in 2015, really? This looks dated already.

  • Very beautiful, thank you! It means that I no longer have to replace the icon, for example on a smartphone.

  • beboblid

    I like the new identity, it’s really stylish. But why Opera interface not so sexy and looks pretty standard (old in my POV)?

  • shadow118

    With the new logo, will there also be a redesign of the browser itself? It would be nice to atleast have a dark theme

  • The new identity looks friendlier. Great work!

  • Your new logo plain rocks. I’m SO glad is not flat.

  • valey

    What this song name?

  • don’t_make_angry

    Nice logo on itself, but does against the trend of flattening. iOS, Android, Windows, Google’s new logo and so on. Not sure if a 3D app icon will look good between all other apps or stand out in a positive way. It might even look outdated. Plus it is very western oriented. The orientation is not that natural for right-to-left languages. The flat icon is much more neutral. Maybe hiring a local firm is not the best idea for such a international orientated brand as Opera.

  • Personally I don’t like the slogan, it is not original. By the way, At least opera accept itself as not a software company.

  • senna_4ever

    i like the new design and the commercial. Great 😀

  • onizukasensei2

    Love the new icon. Can the users expect for the icon in the browser menu button to be updated soon? It doesn’t make sense to keep using the old icon in the browser.

  • Agudeza

    1st: The new logo is exceptional. Very impressive.
    2nd: Nobody should take this personally. I am identifying with some of the people here and just felt like saying….

    Some people had a very deep passion for original Opera. It’s hard to fathom that a web browser meant so much to so many individuals. But I can see how some those users would rehash their feelings when they read opening exerpts from articles like this that say

    Opera has evolved a lot since we started our journey as a browser company 20 years ago.

    The truth is, that statement alone isn’t even proper. New Opera did not begin their journey until about 5 years ago and Old Opera was on a completely different plane. I never seen so many people so deeply affected as they were when old Opera was completely abandoned. That should tell you something. I doubt you would ever see that type of reaction if this new Opera would meet a similar fate

    Old Opera was somewhat of an anomally. Back in the day, the big names were
    IE, CHROME, & FireFox. Old Opera did not have a very large percentage of users when compared to the other big browsers. But, for some reason, that small percetage of users shared a deeper passion for their Opera browser than users of other browsers.

    If you were to have a funeral for any web browser out there, you would not see such a great sadness or sense of loss by the majority of the user base like that of old Opera. You certainly wouldn’t see that type of reaction for this new Opera. It’s just a browser. It works. It does what it needs to do. New Opera would have gotten more acceptance from old opera users had they shown more consideration when they made the changes. Original Opera users were abandoned and left with no way to migrate and despite their pleas for help I read one support response that literally told the person to just manually enter the information, drop the notes because it’s not going to happen, embrace change and get over it. It was pretty cold. How would you feel if new Opera would not address a major concern that affected you and the way you have to use your browser and it literally left you crippled? Abandoning and changing ideas and directions is one thing. But abandoning your users with arrogance is another.

    New Opera is not and never will be a result of a vision that started 20 years ago. If they want to take credit for being a great browser back in 1996, then take responsibility for the arrogance that was displayed when old Opera users were abandoned and treated with disrespect when they needed solutions to migrate. And new Opera did NOTHING for all of those users. I’d probably have a permanent case of anger too. If you weren’t affected by the change in this way, you can’t understand why people still make thse comments.

    Back in 1995, the vision was that of the original founder and CEO, Tetzchner, & since he left in 2011, the new vision has changes and it eventually pushed all those original Opera users, who were part of the original vision, to other browsers. I’m OK with letting it go. But I believe that comment about how “Opera has evolved a lot since “”WE”” started our journey as a browser company 20 years ago” should be revised.

    • Javo

      Yup. In some way a little piece of me died along with Opera 12.xx

  • jorge gonzalez-larramendi

    you guys ROCK.
    works fantastically well on my Nokya/Windows 920.
    i highly recommend Opera. flexibility, ease, data savings.
    the history function is super. fast. time saver.
    very thoughtful. very well thought.

  • Andrew Newmont

    When new icon will be on Mac version?

  • JH

    The logo is okay, but since the last usable version of Opera (for me) is 12.17, I’m not going to see it. Not on my desktop at least. When Opera 12.17 dies, I’ll make the definitive switch to either Vivaldi or Firefox. I used Opera for many years, but since Opera is no more (only ChrOpera), I’ll have to find another browser, unfortunately.

  • Millionmileman

    When do we get the new O icon for Opera Stable? I only have it for Developer and Beta versions.

  • Johannes

    I always like when logos are “hotted up”. So also in this case. The new logo looks great! But… aren’t things in general going towards more of a flat design (for all operating systems), i.e. doesn’t this new logo maybe seem a little inconsistent with modern design patterns?

  • Dmytro92

    I like new logo, but I think its to complex, and first logo 1995 looks good for me)

  • I love Opera Beta for Android’s new logo, half white, half red..

  • Levierina

    Firstly, idea for the design is quite neat and interesting. It does explain the changes well.

    But, secondly, this redesign does NOT look well on the taskbar (Win 7). It is very foggy and illegible, it’s smudged and looks unhealthy. Like if I was constantly drunk while using internet.

    Please, make it at least a little bit more clean.

  • Kele

    It’s a big step back. The old one was a lot more better in my opinion. Every other company is moving towards a simplistic, minimalistic direction, while this looks like a design from the early 2000s.

    I love the browser btw 😉

  • Osvaldo Gabriel Rodríguez Coll

    The logo is amazing but I really need the name of the video’s song.

  • Norbert

    This is the most overused logo concept I’ve ever seen, and I cannot recognise the Opera brand anymore by looking at it.

  • Arturo Toledo


  • Jae Anthony

    i really love the new Opera, and i really love the redesign, its truly incredible, the new Opera is very fast, secure, and brilliant and i love the look and feel, and now the redesign to go along with it is pure brilliance

  • F Rifqa Ghaffar

    I love the new look of Opera. Well advanced. Shine Like a Diamond Opera!!!!

  • Miracle Ojo

    Design an exclusive professional logo, your Business Identity 2D / 3D Logo at

  • Hannu Nevanlinna

    Congratulations! Your advertising agency just copy pasted the logo profile from Microsoft Office…

    • Piotr Żółtowski (Piter432)

      Nothing unusual 🙂 Almost all things in their “browser” is from Chrome.

  • Danny Higgins

    Well, my Opera “O” is now black and my menu tab is a dull grey and nothing can be changed.WHY? BIG FAIL on your part ver 36.0.2130.46

  • Brian

    can i get the wallpaper without the logo

  • very nice and clean- would love to know more about what research you did to get there.

  • Kekly

    I’ve stuck with Firefox for years and even I’ll say thats one kick-ass identity redesign. I’ve been trying out opera for iOS and it works great, keep up the good work.