As you may know, today we said “Hello” to our new, modernized brand identity, with a swish new look that reflects our growth in this ever-changing internet landscape.

We also have some new updates to Opera Mini iOS for you. If you have updated the app, you have likely also noticed the new Opera logo. 🙂

Turn on night mode under the “O” menu

Not long ago, we also added night mode, which makes it easier for you to get a better night’s sleep after all that late-night browsing.


After listening to your feedback about how much you liked it but wanted easier access to this option, we have moved the night mode setting right under the “O” menu.

This means you can activate night mode with just two quick taps of the screen and you’re all set.

1-tap to save a bookmark

We want Opera Mini to help you browse faster and more easily, that’s why we added a quick, one-tap access point for saving all your favorite sites either as bookmarks, on your Speed Dial or by saving them for offline reading for iPhone users.

Simply go to the website of your choice and tap the new star icon to the left of the address & search bar.


From there, you can decide what you want to do with the page in just two taps!

We also did a bunch of under-the-hood work to improve performance and squash bugs.

Happy browsing with Opera Mini! Thoughts and suggestions? Please let us know by commenting below or get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • jedy123

    How about a 1-tap option for the iPad version? Also letting us select a default search engine (I don’t use Google) as manually selecting from the list every time is quite tedious.

  • This one goes to 11 (to reference old Opera 11 (desktop))

    Where did the custom searches go? (I have around 20 some synced from Opera desktop)

  • Dark Magician

    Ad changing of search engine, I use mostly Firefox on mobile just for that reason.

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