The Speed Dial in Opera for computers is a truly strategic spot. For many, it is the first page seen when launching the browser. It lets you easily connect to your most visited sites, and it also looks great with different background themes.

Here are some ways you can customize the Speed Dial in Opera.


Change your background theme

You can add a personal touch to your Speed Dial page by changing the background theme. You can get to the Themes menu in two ways:

  1. Right-click on the Speed Dial background and select Change theme or
  2. Click on Themes in the main menu on Windows (View and Show Themes for Mac).

From there, you can choose one of the default themes, upload your own image, or choose from the wide range of themes we offer. Check out our theme catalog for more options. Shiny cars, stunning nature views, abstract designs – you name it! Pick whatever matches your style and mood best.

Organize favorite sites in folders

Too many Speed Dial entries can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you can place them in folders to make sorting and finding easier. To create a folder, drag one of the Speed Dial entries and drop it on top of another Speed Dial entry that you would like also to be in the folder. To rearrange the existing thumbnails, simply click and hold the Speed Dial entry you would like to move, drag it to a new location and drop it.

You can rename the folder you have created by right-clicking on it and selecting Edit tile. Find which arrangement works best for you, whether you sort them alphabetically, by type of site, by topic, or any other way.

Choose preview icons for your Speed Dial entries

Did you know that you can also change the thumbnail image of Speed Dial entries? From the website of the Speed Dial you wish to change, click on the heart that appears at the end of the search bar. You are then able to scroll through a number of preselected images. For example, you can select the website’s logo, a screenshot of the page or one of the images that appear on the page.

Change the number of Speed Dial columns

Depending on the size of your screen, you might also want to change the number of columns in which your Speed Dial entries are arranged:

  1. Select Settings in the main Opera menu (on Mac, select Opera > Preferences).
  2. Click Browser in the sidebar (this should be the first category you see).
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box Show advanced settings.
  4. Under Start page, you will be able to select the Maximum number of columns. You can choose anywhere between 3 and 11 columns.

Add Speed Dial extensions

Another way to get quick access to important info from your Speed Dial is to add some helpful extensions to it. You can choose them from our add-ons catalog – add the Gmail extension, for example, to receive easy access to your email notifications, or add one of the many weather extensions for a quick update on the conditions outside.

It’s now time for you to make your browsing experience your very own by personalizing Opera. What does your Speed Dial look like? Share it with us!

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  • never think about how to customize the look of opera’s speed dial until now.

  • Awesome

    • akshita

      thanks a lot if you are online please send a reply

  • Jorton

    11 columns never works on my laptop.

    • muratservan

      If you zoom out you can see that it sets itself to more colums. If you have a full hd or more resolution screen it probably sets itself default to 11 colums.

    • Pete S.

      I never get more than six.
      I should not have to change my screen resolution in order to resize the Speed Dial icons. That is just stupid. It worked in Opera 12. Why is this Chrome based thing so inferior?

    • AdrianP

      With Control + -/+ you can change the number of columns.

  • Consing
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  • Great!

  • For many, it is the first page seen when launching the browser.

  • TerrenceACaraballo

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  • Lui

    Speed dial is the reason I stick with opera, but it does slow things down a lot from time to time. But I have recently figured a way around it. When you start your computer open up task manager and leave it open. I found as I progress through my browsing when things start to run slow, I switch over to task manager and the thing is glutted with opera instances. I shut down one or two of them, and the speed gets back to normal.

    • akshita

      thank you
      what a brain?

    • Sahra Rae Taylor

      Frustrating that you need such a workaround, rather than it just working a bit more efficiently, though…

  • Juan Carlos Alpizar Chinchilla

    Choose preview icons for your Speed Dial entries

    Did you know that you can also change the thumbnail image of Speed Dial entries? From the website of the Speed Dial you wish to change, click on the heart that appears at the end of the search bar. You are then able to scroll through a number of preselected images. For example, you can select the website’s logo, a screenshot of the page or one of the images that appear on the page

    This doesn’t work for me, whenever I click on a speed dial page it is not added to bookmarks. Doing this it will save it into bookmarks but won’t reflect the change on speed dial

    • akshita

      oh thanks that you told me

    • nullmodem

      Oh please someone help with this issue:

      I use Opera V38 and can’t find any way to edit the thumbnail-pics/icons on my Speed-Dial 🙁
      This article seems to have outdated/obsolete information, or am I wrong?

      Been using Opera for over 10 years now, and want to regain domination over my web-experience, thus I accepted the odd change to the WebKit engine…

      At the Speed Dial I get lots of useless icons, they sy nothing about the pages, and so the intuitive way of using is not possible…

      • Ruth_opera

        Hey there, when you click the heart icon to add to speed dial do you get the drop down box which allows you to scroll through the icon/pic choices?

        • nullmodem

          Yes, see this screeenshot here:

          I can only edit the URL or the name – also tried the all places, right click and so on. Does it look different in your Installation?

        • nico_itsuo

          i miss the old feature where you could change the thumbnail in the speed dial, but thank you for your help 🙂

        • nullmodem

          Oh YES! I got it – need to open the specific site an the click the Heart on the right next to the URL – there I am allowe to chose between the basic-icon the the aktual screenshot. Works with most sites!

          Here the screenshot:

          Possibly it would be more advanced to be able to pic an custom Icon, for those who really like to customize, if I knew the place where the pic is stored in Opera’s file System I could change by hand…

          THX anyway – got to read more precisely which heart you mean next time 😉

  • Cryio

    “Customize the look of the Speed Dial”.

    Yes. Please make it not horrible.

    • akshita

      i dont get meaning what do you want to say

  • Chas Grant

    I would like the option to change the size of the Speed Dial icons and to have screenshots of the websites instead of those dreadful Windows 8-style icons.

    • akshita

      it is very simple, first go to destop and right click and choose ‘sort by’ and click on size the icons will become larger

      • Chas Grant

        How does right-clicking on the desktop have any effect on Opera’s Speed Dial icons?

  • George Ali Blackburn

    I’m on my desktop and I can use ‘other speed dials’ to see the speed dial I have on my laptop. How can I import the laptop speed dial to my desktop? Is it possible to then keep them synced?

    • akshita

      yes this is possible, after sometime i will post you how to do it

  • akshita

    how to change the profile pic of the opera account?i try very much but however i cant so please help me……………..

  • Jamie Sayre

    Yes! please make available the option to RESIZE the speed dial thumbnails. Opera 12.xx, I miss you my beautiful!!.

  • Capelini

    Hello!! I would like to know if you have how to save and back up or dial peed?


  • vijer

    Is there any way we can hide the ugly and useless navigation bar at the bottom of the speeddial screen?

    And hide the search bar, who needs it when we can search from the address bar?

    And remove the pointless banner at the bottom of each tile?

    And choose a custom image for each tile?

    BASICALLY EVERYTHING Foxtab does in Chrome.

    • Ruth_opera

      Hey there

      1) Nope

      2) Try this

      3) We’re experimenting with different styles but will go on most popular choice in the end, appreciate your feedback.

      4) If you mean beyond the choices auto detected when you first save from the website, then no, not at this time. But if you can use the Foxtab addon (and want to use it here) in Chrome then you can use it in Opera via

      Sorry I can’t be more help at the moment. Hope it answers some of your Qs anyway 🙂

      • vijer

        Thanks for the reply.

        1. Sad
        2. What a horrific way to get to advanced options.
        3. You have my vote, remove bottom menu and the banners on each tile.
        4. Well both extensions INSTALL but nothing seems to change. Is there another hidden convoluted way to make the extension work?

        • Ruth_opera

          Hey again

          1) Sorry 🙁
          2) It’s not an officially public advanced option and, for maybe obvious reasons, it’s not meant to be shared much…but here I am haha
          3) *thumbs up*
          4) Hmm strange. If it’s officially supported by Chrome then the Chrome extension add-on should allow in ours….but I guess like with all extensions much of it is down to the creator. I’ll ask around but not sure I can help more here.

          Might not be your thing, but if you’re interested in the kind of directions Opera is headed in in the future you can check out our Developer version

          • vijer

            Oh please, you can hardly call those advanced options. Besides, the lemmings are using IE or Edge, they didn’t search for and install a better browser. Stop trying to protect little ol us.

            Thanks, I’ll check out the developer link.

          • Ruth_opera

            No problem, if you have any other questions you can email me at (my Disqus notifications are a little unpredictable)

  • Theoderic Braun

    Pity you can’t change the thumbnail size.

  • nullmodem

    “Choose preview icons for your Speed Dial entries” – not for me??

    As I try to find I way to get rid of useless preview-thumbs i get stuck: Can’t edit the icons in the Speed Dial, neither at the “heart” section…

    Only able to edt the name or the adress.

    Is it my fault, or is the V38 not capable of adjusting?

  • eictome

    Is it possible for webmaster to make his site having logo instead of screenshot ?

  • Sahra Rae Taylor

    Resizing speed dial thumbnails
    having a transparency setting on speed dial thumbnails
    Free movement of speed dial thumbnails
    Change the colout of the thumbnails

    Basically, more options 😉

    • Rob Brockerman

      how do you resize? my 1 year old was playing with my computer and made all the icons so small you can hardly see them,

  • Archbishop Cactus

    It’d be good if we could set an image that doesn’t appear on the website as the Speed Dial icon. I have bookmarks for a few fighter game characters’ movesets and it would be good if I could distinguish them easily.

  • sugarpinkk

    in the speed dial for the bookmarks, could you make it so that we’re able to add in custom images instead of selecting preselected ones?

  • willbtnow

    Pleeeeze! Someone tell me how to view the “other” speed dial(s) referenced in the “Bookmark this site” dialogue. It’s driving me crazy. How do I SEE it?
    (I do see it it when saving to “other” speed dial, but when using browser as per a normal day, I can’t seem to find a way to just SEE the “other.”)
    I’m on a desktop Mac running OSX El Capitan.