2013 was a year of change for us. So much happened! We completely overhauled our desktop and mobile browsers, released new products and now serve more and more users around the world.  Here are last year’s highlights:

In February, we reached more than 300 million monthly users on our browser products. Today, our user base continues to grow – especially as more mobile users choose our products in emerging markets, thanks to  Off-Road mode, our unique compression technology!

In May, we released our completely new mobile browser, Opera for AndroidIt was re-built from the ground up,  with new features and a completely new user interface.

In Junewe released a new version of Opera Mini for non-smartphones. Opera Mini 4.5 came with a privacy mode, a new download manager, and UI enhancements for touch devices.

In July, we announced and released our newest desktop browser, Opera 15  for Windows and Mac. While the new desktop browser comes with the new features Speed Dial, Stash, and Discover, it still came with Opera’s best-loved features like Off-Road Mode (previously called Turbo).

We also announced a new release cycle for desktop, giving users three streams to monitor our development. Our Stable stream is now at version 18, the Next stream is at 19, and the Developer stream is at 20.

In August, we joined other top technology companies, like Facebook, in the project. aims to connect the next 5 billion people online. Opera brings the world’s best compression technology to the table along with our browser expertise, so more people can connect online and share ideas.

In the same month, Opera turned 18 years old. It is a milestone we are happy to share with you, and we thank you for all the support you’ve given us!

In September, we finished a new tablet browser. Coast by Opera, which offers a completely new way to navigate the web on the iPad. The idea for Coast was born in a Norwegian cabin in the mind of a Dutch guy. And, today, the result is available in Apple’s App Store. Say farewell to buttons in your iPad browser, and say hello to Coast.

In Octoberwe expanded our base in Silicon Valley. It’s now one of our biggest offices, and we’re  proud to continue to be one of the world’s leading mobile advertisement platforms.

In the same month, our consumer blog moved to t! We hope  you will continue to follow us here in our new home . We’re excited about the news we’ll be sharing with you this year.

October is also when the Opera Mobile Store hit the milestone 75 million monthly users. Opera Mobile Store, the fifth-largest app store in the world, has over 140,000 apps.

In November, we updated Opera for Android , adding a brand-new interface  for tablet devices.

In Decemberwe announced Opera Max, our newest product yet . It is an easy-to-use app that can save you data on a limited data plan by compressing the video, images and text accessed across your device. A beta version of Opera Max is available now on Android versions 4.0 and higher. We look forward to rolling Opera Max out to more countries in the coming year.

And, to wrap up the year, our Facebook page has hit 6 million fans!

2014 has just begun, and we’re already  back at work  creating the best products and services for you to get online and  access the content you want, when you want it.

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  • Congratualtions and hope 2014 will bring us some nice Opera features…:)

    • RonaldoTT

      I hope that Ms. Lasam-Bergtun can tell us exactly when the most important Opera feature remaining will be implemented: support for Linux.

      We’ve been waiting a very, very long time for a Linux version of the new desktop Opera. Even if it is not ready yet, at the very least it would be respectful to tell us when Linux will be supported.

      Many of us Linux users have also been loyal Opera users for many years. Many of us even paid for it, back when that was an option. Many of us recommend it to friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers. To not offer a Linux build after so many months feels like a cold, hard slap in the face to us. To not even offer any planned availability date feels like yet another cold, hard slap in the face.

      Please, Ms. Lasam-Bergtun, give us the exact date when we can expect the new versions of desktop Opera to support Linux. Not “in the future”, or even “soon”, but an actual date. We would very much appreciate it!

      • L33t4opera

        Opera’s Developers, please give a little love for penguins, I’m sure, that they deserve for it also, and not only Norwegian foxes 😉

  • Кристофър Теодулу

    Congratualtions, I hope there are some updates for iPhone coming out

  • Chas4


  • Jarrit

    Native Jolla browser with bookmarks, please.

    18 already. I remember I used pay for some of the early versions.

  • RonaldoTT

    2013 was a year of little change for us Linux users. Very little happened! Opera made a big change in their desktop browser, but it does not support Linux, and so the new versions of Opera are unusable for me and many other users around the world. Here’s a look at the lowlights of last year:

    In February, Opera announced that they’d be using WebKit instead of Presto for their desktop browser.

    In May, a beta version of Opera 15 was released. But it only supported Windows and OS X, so us Linux users could not use it.

    In June, Opera’s new desktop browser did not support Linux. We Linux users could still not use it.

    In July, Opera 15 was released. It still did not support Linux. We Linux users still could not use it.

    In August, Opera’s new desktop browser still did not support Linux. We Linux users still could not use it.

    In September, Opera’s new desktop browser still did not support Linux. We Linux users still could not use it.

    In October, Opera’s new desktop browser still did not support Linux. We Linux users still could not use it.

    In November, Opera’s new desktop browser still did not support Linux. We Linux users still could not use it.

    In December, Opera’s new desktop browser still did not support Linux. We Linux users still could not use it.

    2014 has just started, and there’s nothing to suggest that Opera’s desktop browser will support Linux any time soon. We Linux users are still very disappointed, and unable to use these new versions of Opera.

  • Maselli Luca

    hello everybody, sorry for my english. I’m Luca from Italy!
    Let’s incoming a petition for to implement all wonderful features of opera?
    BOOKMARKS AS 12.16!

    Oh sh*t! Was programmers drunken when decided to change Opera?
    If i want chrome, I download it! 🙁
    Opera users want usability!
    notes, bookmarks with folder ect. has made opera a wonderful browser, now is a browser for jocks!

    Contact me for petition, I can write Italian version, but English version I need help!


  • Vadim Pletnyakov

    I’m joining many smart words from comments… Why so chrome? Don’t copy stupid things! Where sidebar, where .mht saving(experimental functon?!)?
    Don’t make your browser smaller than it was!

  • gacek

    And how about linux version? I’m starting to experience major problems with some newer pages, Trello sometimes crashes opera, editing files on GitHub is a mess…
    When you will respect your linux users enough to tell us clear: are you planning to provide us with new opera for linux, or we just can start a switch to other browser?

  • Krasen Ivanov

    too bad the new browser does not support this site – :/

  • ossen

    Opera is dead!!!

  • gandhi1974

    And Windows Phone 8 Opera mini versions?