Today, we’re releasing Opera 18 for Android. Opera 18 for mobile will have bug fixes and various stabilisation and performance improvements. 

In Opera 18 for Android, we’re introducing the browser to large tablet devices. The browser will have a brand new interface specifically designed for tablet devices. Along with that, the browser will have all the features you see in the mobile version, including: 

Off-Road mode

If you are often on-the-go with your tablet, then Off-Road mode is for you. Off-Road mode compresses websites images and text, helping you stay online when your connection slows down.



With Discover, you get the latest stories right in the browser from the world’s leading magazines and newspapers. You can choose your favourite topics, or view websites available in your selected country.


Speed Dial

Personalise your Speed Dial by adding your favourite sites to it. Sites will appear as large, square buttons, making them easily accessible from your tablet device.


Download Opera 18 for Android

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  • Nekomajin42

    Does it have the same core as the desktop build with optimized GUI for mobile devices?

  • duhduhduh0

    Would had prefer if it was Coast coming out for Android.

    But fingers cross that there will be a version for Android!

  • Ra-Mon

    Big tabs and address bars => Full screen mode (or Coast mode 🙂 ) needed !

  • Poisson

    I do want to know if it have opera link

  • T. B.

    Opera, you should make an auto-hide of the top menu (address box, tabs and so on) once one browses the page.
    Like when you scroll down through the page the menu hides, and once you need it back you scroll up and it appears like it’s done in safari

    For example Nexus 7(2012), notification line, then Opera’s tabs and address bar, then navigation buttons of Android 4.X all it takes like 25 percent of the screen!

    I know you guys are innovating more than anyone, like you did with Opera mini at some point, when data-traffic was too expensive, now it is time of minimalism and preservation of free space on the screen so one can stay mobile. You had this function I believe even in opera mini or mobile. bring it back! please.

  • Elly Kerry

    greta post