This year marks the 10th anniversary of Opera Mini. Throughout the past decade, Opera Mini has evolved alongside the world’s mobile tech. Before we travel back in time and look at how Opera Mini has transformed, let me introduce the new Opera Mini for Android:

The new Opera Mini is built for Android, with a native look and feel made for your touchscreen. The app’s visual Speed Dial start page lets you easily add and manage bookmarks and shortcuts to your favorite sites. And of course, you can save a ton of data with Opera’s compression technology.

2005: The first Opera Mini

We started with a vision to make the internet available on any device, and 10 years ago many saw that as only a fantasy.

Why was it difficult, you ask. There were over 10 different operating systems (OS’s) on mobile phones, and each mobile phone manufacturer had its own view on how content should be displayed in the time of restricted WAP access. We dared to dream, and declared that bringing a full internet experience to mobile devices was a dream worth fighting for.

Mobile internet before smartphones

Remember these? Before smartphones, there were these basic, “feature” phones. They had one thing in common – they could all run Java applications. In 2005, Opera Mini became the first browser that brought users the full web on these mobile phones and allowed people around the world to access the internet in a way that was only possible on PCs before. Simply put, Opera Mini was the killer app to have on every basic phone.

After basic phones, both Microsoft and Nokia had a go at more powerful OS(WindowsMobile and Symbian), which were in many ways the precursors of the modern smartphone. Opera Mini joined these platforms too.

The arrival of smartphones

In 2007, Apple debuted the iPhone and iOS. Shortly after, Google released the first version of Android. In the beginning, there were rough edges. To deliver the same functionalities, we developed our browsers using our own user interfaces.

Today, these OS’s have matured and become the dominant mobile platforms. Millions of people around the globe got used to their look and feel. So, we started taking advantage of the simplicity of their native user interfaces. This process was first done on Opera Mini for iOS, and today we launched a native Opera Mini on Android, using the same idea.

The next 10 years

Just like our phones, we’re not done evolving. The past decade has taught us that we can continue to develop new and exciting ways to make browsing the web simpler, safer, and faster. Our vision is still the same: get the web into the hands of everyone, regardless of their device.

We can’t wait to see what the next 10 years brings us.

Download Opera Mini from the Google Play store. It’s free. Take it for a spin! 🙂

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  • Reon

    Opera, please reply. Why did you stop using your own Web engine and started using Chromium. I tried but Opera is not the same like 10 years ago. Evolving is good but be different too. Now type is nothing special about Opera anymore.

    • muratservan

      You asked to Opera but I think I can answer too.
      Presto was outdated. It was working heavily (you could see it on facebook and on other lazy load web sites). Sometimes you have to work on new one instead of patching on old and saving the day. That’s the point of Chromium. Its open-sourced. Opera’s old CEO is also working on a new browser (Vivaldi) based on chromium.
      I trully agree that Opera isn’t like old. We are on 28th version and there is no notes, full sync and etc. Still better than all.

      • Reon

        Presto was old. No doubt about that. But options are good and Chromium is not for me. And Opera shouldn’t have just started using a open-source engine. That’s not Opera. It should have developed one of its own, that’s what Opera has been always. And it’s not me, many people are just down with Chromium, we need something better. And something better in Web browsing can always be expected from everyone’s Brower of Choice.

        • muratservan

          It’d be very good but I am pretty sure they’ve thought on every option.

          • Reon

            Now it just feels like a third party UI for Chrome.

        • muratservan

          Actually looking from that perspective we can say Chrome is a third party UI of Opera (or Comodo Dragon or Yandex Browser or Vivaldi).
          I was thinking just like you. Opera is 98% of my entire web life. I just could not accept the new Opera then suddenly realised Blink, Chromium, Webkit… all these stuffs are open-sourced. This means you can see every single code written. You can develop a browser which answers all of your needs. At this stuaiton what’s the point of using Opera instead of using Chrome or othert browsers? Opera respects your privacy. Opera is user friendly.
          Opera is still the most efficent browser I think. I never seen Opera invaded by annoying viruses. Never seen it crashed like Mozilla and Chrome. As I said still better than all.

          • Reon

            Virus invading browsers, especially on mobile? On computer it’s mostly cause Opera doesn’t supports plug-ins.

          • muratservan

            I’ve talked about PC mostly. There is a lot of confusing mobile browser from Opera.

          • Reon

            Never really liked Opera for Windows.

          • muratservan

            Tastes. I can’t judge but Opera does not give less than others. Except Sync.

          • Reon

            And add-ons.

  • Great Dude

    I have also one question.
    Why did you removed the old Opera Mini from Play Store?
    Why not stayed with that app, a lot of people won’t even notice the update by that way.

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  • Robert Andrew

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  • I remember scrolling thru the list of phones supported on the Opera Mini download site (there is a lot of phones listed)

  • Hasan

    you can visit my web site with opera 🙂 🙂

  • Really hope you guys have an app for iOS 9 beta. I hate safari on iPhone and i just registered for the beta at

  • Boris NevermorE

    Get your lazy team to work more and better for Opera Mini (or maybe in the future Opera Mobile) for Windows Phone 8.1.x. I mean you are company, have resources, and 2 people from Switzerland made the maybe best WP browser in the Store (Surfy) and you can’t? What’s wrong with you? If your answer is that you are developing new Opera Mini but for W10 instead of W8.1 then i will forgive you and will wait. 🙂

    • Ruth_opera

      Hi Boris, our committed and passionate teams are working hard to bring the stable version of Opera Mini to Windows Phone (not just waiting for version 10) which will be released in the near future.
      No need for the negativity 🙂 /Ruth

      • Boris NevermorE

        Is that how i sound? Rude? Damn, thousand apologies, because that was not my intention. My comment was meant to be funny, like when you’re talking to a close buddy. Cuz that’s what Opera and Opera people are to me with years. I’m an Opera fan through and through since the beginning of Opera. I use Opera with years on my desktop. Then it was my main browser on my feature phones (v3.x and v4.4), then on my Windows Mobile 6.5.x (Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10) and today is on my Windows Phone. It’s just that I am eager to see Opera browser on WP platform to reach the highs like it was with Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10 on Windows mobile platform 🙂

        • Ruth_opera

          Haha no worries at all Boris 😛 My dry British sense of humour if often misunderstood also!
          I must say, thanks so much for being part of the Opera family for so long that’s really great! And your feedback is genuinely wanted.
          When the stable version comes out (soon soon soon!) be sure to let us know what you think and keep in touch with us about your experience. We want to make sure it lives up to the expectations of a long-term Opera user such as yourself 🙂

          Thanks for your unending support, it’s a big motivator for us and we’ll keep working hard for you.

  • Kaya Man

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  • Marleena

    Am I the only person who has had a bad experience with the Opera moderators? Is it just my imagination or are they the most rude, unprofessional “moderators” on the planet? A friend of mine got attacked for expressing they change how their themes are set up. You know, so they show up on the front of the page instead of only under the settings. If the full version of Vivaldi is any good, Opera’s out for me.

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