Good news today for everyone who loves bookmarks! Recently, we introduced visual bookmarks and easy bookmark sharing. Today, we’ve launched another useful feature – the ability to sync bookmarks across computers, phones and tablets, so you can access your web favorites on any device. Bookmark synchronization is available on Opera for computers, Opera Mini for iOS and Opera for Android.

To sync bookmarks in Opera and see them across your devices, select Settings from the main menu, and create an Opera account or sign into your existing one.

Bookmark synchronization is a natural next step for Opera’s bookmark evolution, and we are happy to help you simplify your online life.

Mobile and computer surfing — Neck and neck

For Opera users, web browsing frequency and preferences for content are remarkably similar across devices – you don’t let screen size impact your surfing habits. We’ve looked into how users like to browse and this is what we found:

  • 45% of Opera for computers users surf the web at least five days a week.
  • Quite similarly, 40% of Opera mobile users browse at least five days a week.
  • In some countries, like Germany and Russia, these mobile and desktop numbers are almost identical to each other.

This suggests that, despite the mobile boom, surfing via a computer remains popular in many places across the globe. We see this especially during weekdays in the browsing data, and that mobile users are more active during weekends.
Sync bookmarks in Opera for computers and mobile devices

Content across devices — Same same, and not so different

One surprising finding from our study is that our users tend to look for the same content on different devices, as we can see from the most popular topics viewed in Opera’s Discover feature which automatically gathers interesting stories from different publications and topics.

The most popular Discover categories among mobile users worldwide are News, Entertainment, Technology, Sports, Lifestyle, Science, Business, Motoring, Health and Art. Think people browse different content on their computer vs handset? Think again! The top-ten list for computer users looks exactly the same, except for Sports, which moves up from 4th to 3rd position.

This list varies in different locations, but there are no significant differences between the top ten topics across computer and mobile users. For instance, in the United States, the only significant difference is – again – Sports, which is ranked 5th in the mobile list, and 3rd in the computer one.

So, despite the hype about the dominance of mobile and the rapid decline of computers, we’re seeing people browsing the web in remarkably similar ways across their favorite devices. That’s why we’re giving you a more seamless, multi-screen experience, with bookmark synchronization. Now, your must-have content is always at your fingertips – whether you’re on your computer, phone or tablet.

Happy browsing — and enjoy bookmark syncing!
Visit our Desktop and Mobile team blogs to get more details.

Take our new sync functionality for a spin in Opera for computers, Opera for Android and Opera Mini for iOS.

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  • Guest

    We could see profile icon on sync toolbar icon, just a suggestion. That applies to Opera browser for Android.

  • Ягор

    Will tab sync be the next step?

    • Gustav Ekner

      It is available in the latest Opera Developer version. Open speed dial, and in the bar at the button, switch to “Tabs”.

  • Pat Gardner

    So what happened to opera link? Now all my old bookmarks are inaccessible. Why couldn’t we carry them over into the new system? Idiots.

    • Rutha_opera

      Hi Pat, sorry for any confusion. You can get your old bookmarks from Link and import them to your current browser version, then log in to the new opera log in and everything should sync across. Hope that helps! /Ruth

  • Operatic

    I need tab syncing !!!

    • Gustav Ekner

      It is available in the latest Opera developer version. Open speed dial, and in the bar at the button, switch to “Tabs”.

      • Rutha_opera

        Beat me to it Gustav!
        @operatic:disqus – Bookmarks sync is just the first step, tabs to come in future update 🙂

        • Karol Wyszyński

          Any precise information when we can expect this? Because it is useful thing for some people (maybe not for your million secret users). Or maybe now it is again time to work on look of Speed Dial for 4-5 next versions? :]

          • Rutha_opera

            We think tab sync would be useful for a lot of people, that’s why we’re bringing it back :] (just because they’re not ‘loud’ doesn’t mean they’re “secret”, not to use anyway!). Can’t give exact date but we’ve aimed for the next two or three versions so long as we can get it up to the quality we want. Working on lots of other things atm so stay tuned :]

          • Karol Wyszyński

            It is nice that you are replying so late. I really admire it 😉 For most of mods here, I should wait for answer till tomorrow. But of course it is rational as it is just a work 😉
            But returning to the topic:
            – because they are not screaming they are secret for me. It is like with Pareto principle. 80% of Opera users are simple one and they are using browser just to browse Internet (they are not using advance function, they are not requiring addons, they are accepting browser as it is). Rest of users (those 20%) are bringing new view (some of them are creating addons, some of them are screaming and pointing bugs or weak points, some of them are giving you ideas how to improve your browser etc.)
            What is now? Opera is focusing on those 80% and according to marketing and management ideas you are not efficient. You are making general browser to please more people. To do it, you must remove choice and simplicity everything (what we have now). But who I am to tell you what to do… If Opera bosses are happy with it, let’s go for it. Just be patience for such a stubborn heads like me that wants to (let’s say) help you to grow and improve. Soon they might disappear (there was a game with same attitude to user like Opera -> Warhammer Online) 😀
            – why did I asked for details or future plans? As with current shape nothing is sure in Opera. We (users who care) do not know what you are planning and what you want to implement. In that case it might look like you do not have idea where to go… What I feel browsing Internat is that there is hard to find any PR action made in my country (Poland, where you have some offices/quarter even, aye?) for computer sites about changes/improvements/news/plans etc.
            That’s why according to company which is measuring you are not gaining new market share in PL (as most of people didn’t heard about this browser or something) – link was given by someone few weeks ago and Opera’s mod answer: we do not know how they measured it…
            – I am tuned as my browser is not asking me for this. It is just updating. Not even giving a information that it is done and what was fixed and improved. Just changed number and most probably Speed Dial site is changed again 😛
            After that I am going to this blog to read about changes (not even given in detail for someone who is interested – as according to Pareto again: from 20% who cares about changes of Opera, 80% wouldn’t read about changes and 20% would dig to find those modification)
            But let’s leave this topic… I am tired of sharing round and round same view with other users and seeing that nothing is changing for real.

            This update was good. Finally it bring some old function what was missing. Of course more is required, but only time will say if you will not abandon this idea also 😉

            May the Friday be with you 😉

          • Rutha_opera

            Appreciate your view point (and the read!) but yes difficult feeling going round and round and these discussions are much easier/better in certain places and times, beer helps too.
            We’re still building this new browser up and I have a feeling (call me an optimist?) that we will positively surprise you in the future. If you’re not already, you might want to check out our Developer build and we’d be sure to want your feedback there too. It also might give you a clearer idea of the general path we’re heading down with the browser 🙂
            I’d like to try to convince you of our appreciation for the ‘20%’ you refer to but actions speak louder than words so I’ll let our browser show it in future versions (plus discussions like these take focus away from the blog topic…and we’re both in agreement this update was good :P)

            Happy imminent-Friday and happy browsing to you! /Ruth

          • Karol Wyszyński

            I am really waiting for new versions. I wish that Opera would be again leader of innovation (such a implementing tabs in past), setting unique way and be a browser which is better and better and at the end giving options if I can use some function or not 😉
            Of course tomorrow is Friday (I didn’t expect your answer today:P). I was to quick with that 😛 But as you said it is: imminent 😀

  • pryrolutra

    Much ado about nothing.
    What’s the use in deleting my complete folder structure and putting my 768 bookmarks in one list. Didn’t anybody think that far?
    Time to stop using Opera for good.

  • Marek Babinčák

    And what about sync stored users/passwords?

    • Rutha_opera

      Hi Marek, this is just the first step of the sync capabilities. More to come 🙂 /Ruth

      • Marek Babinčák

        But experimental sync from opera://flags was working fine with everything :).

        Another question. Why update of Opera is in separate folder version? After forced automatic update which I hate, I had to save passwords for some sites again, there wasn’t history which was in previous version, I had to login again on webpages. This is not good.

  • Milkboy

    Is bookmark syncing coming to WP with the new Opera mini? Also what about password and speeddial?

    • Guest

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    • Slawomir Sochaj

      We are still working on a full synchronization solution. Other data-synchronization options will be implemented in phases. Stay tuned, as we are working hard to release them soon.

    • VeraLB

      Hi @disqus_f1KsaDA2Ff:disqus 🙂
      We’re still working on full synchronization. Other data-synchronization options will be implemented in phases. Stay tuned, as we’re working hard to release them soon.

  • Mỹ Huyền Võ Thị
  • Rundelhaus

    Give us a one-way synchronization with Opera Link, please!
    Your most loyal customers literally waited YEARS for a rework of the Link system. Now you want to dumb them entirely?

  • Thanks SO much for this Slawomir – it’s really great to see that you can achieve so much (because your photos are consistently good) in a relatively straightforward way. Great links, too

  • Quinlan M

    So they added bookmark syncing after they removed it in 13+, and broke the nice modern speed dial in the process.

    Opera Devs: Read your own forums!

    • Rutha_opera

      Hey Quinlan thanks for the feedback. We never ‘removed’ sync as such, it was more a case of building the browser from scratch thus seeing it now. With regards to speed dial we’ve been experimenting with different looks (the modern speed dial was only temporary to get user feedback) so it’s really useful to know what you think and I’ll be sure to pass it on 🙂
      P.S Can promise you, on our devs behalf, they are readers of the forums!

      • Quinlan M

        Alright, because I really liked the modern speed dial.
        I also think it would be useful if there was an easy way to disable automatic updates, I like to wait and read the new features and check that my extensions are compatible before updating anything.

        • Karol Wyszyński

          Not even a chance… It is something, what some people call choice. Opera devs doesn’t want you do give choice 😛 Choice is bad if you still don’t know :]
          This is what I learnt reading this blog! So unless you don’t accept the reality and wait what Opera decide to give and take back, you will got crazy 😉

  • Spider Jerusalem

    Ignore – found the option to disable buried in flags. Opt-in is nice, Opt-out via obscure settings is not.

    • Bahrul Alamz

      its same with me, and i have a problem with opera, why my website check this>>> can’t view a hover menu.

  • kik1n

    Yhh~ I love it.
    Opera Rocks 😀

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  • How do I activate Tab syncing?

  • drago
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  • true_soul

    i syncronized opera on my laptop and had a clean install of windows thinking when i download and login my account i will have my bookmarks and settings imported automatically but nothing …..why Opera why ??

  • SunnySky

    “…select Settings from the main menu…”
    Which menu? Trying to get bookmarks from prior ohine to new phone. After teading the comments,it looks impossible. Hope I’m wrong!