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Good news today for everyone who loves bookmarks! Recently, we introduced visual bookmarks and easy bookmark sharing. Today, we’ve launched another useful feature – the ability to sync bookmarks across computers, phones and tablets, so you can access your web favorites on any device. Bookmark synchronization is available on Opera for computers, Opera Mini for iOS and Opera for Android.

To sync bookmarks in Opera and see them across your devices, select Settings from the main menu, and create an Opera account or sign into your existing one.

Bookmark synchronization is a natural next step for Opera’s bookmark evolution, and we are happy to help you simplify your online life.

Mobile and computer surfing — Neck and neck

For Opera users, web browsing frequency and preferences for content are remarkably similar across devices – you don’t let screen size impact your surfing habits. We’ve looked into how users like to browse and this is what we found:

  • 45% of Opera for computers users surf the web at least five days a week.
  • Quite similarly, 40% of Opera mobile users browse at least five days a week.
  • In some countries, like Germany and Russia, these mobile and desktop numbers are almost identical to each other.

This suggests that, despite the mobile boom, surfing via a computer remains popular in many places across the globe. We see this especially during weekdays in the browsing data, and that mobile users are more active during weekends.
Sync bookmarks in Opera for computers and mobile devices

Content across devices — Same same, and not so different

One surprising finding from our study is that our users tend to look for the same content on different devices, as we can see from the most popular topics viewed in Opera’s Discover feature which automatically gathers interesting stories from different publications and topics.

The most popular Discover categories among mobile users worldwide are News, Entertainment, Technology, Sports, Lifestyle, Science, Business, Motoring, Health and Art. Think people browse different content on their computer vs handset? Think again! The top-ten list for computer users looks exactly the same, except for Sports, which moves up from 4th to 3rd position.

This list varies in different locations, but there are no significant differences between the top ten topics across computer and mobile users. For instance, in the United States, the only significant difference is – again – Sports, which is ranked 5th in the mobile list, and 3rd in the computer one.

So, despite the hype about the dominance of mobile and the rapid decline of computers, we’re seeing people browsing the web in remarkably similar ways across their favorite devices. That’s why we’re giving you a more seamless, multi-screen experience, with bookmark synchronization. Now, your must-have content is always at your fingertips – whether you’re on your computer, phone or tablet.

Happy browsing — and enjoy bookmark syncing!
Visit our Desktop and Mobile team blogs to get more details.

Take our new sync functionality for a spin in Opera for computers, Opera for Android and Opera Mini for iOS.

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