Bookmark syncing is here! Following the release of shareable, visual bookmarks, today we’re giving you Opera 28, which allows you to sync bookmarks across computers, phones and tablets.

Synchronization has been one of the top priorities on our feature list, and it’s been one of the most requested features.  So, we’re excited to take the first step in bringing you a complete data-syncing experience. We hope you like our new, improved synchronization feature.

How to sync bookmarks

Bookmark synchronization is available on Opera for computers, Opera Mini for iOS and Opera for Android. Opera synchronizes bookmarks across all your devices, merging bookmarks from each device you sign in with. To use this option, click the sync icon or select Settings from the main menu; then, create an Opera account or sign into your existing one.

Sync bookmarks for a seamless experience

In a recent study, we found that surfing frequency and preferences for content are very similar across devices. The percentage of Opera for computers users who are active at least five days a week is only slightly higher than the percentage of those users who browse with Opera on mobile, with mobile users more active during weekends. A key finding is that users tend to look for the same content on different devices, which is where the ability to sync bookmarks can enhance the browsing experience. You can check out more findings from this study in this post.

Can I sync other data??

We are still working on a full synchronization solution. We’ve started with bookmarks, and additional data-synchronization options will be implemented in phases. Stay tuned, as we are working hard to release them soon.

What does Opera 28 offer?

We’ve incorporated bookmarks into the search suggestions in the combined search and address bar. Opera 28 also brings a better integration with Mac OS, as “vibrancy” of the address field and improved Mac fullscreen mode have been added. Last, but not least, we’ve updated a bundled themes selection, to give you a fresh look for your start page.

Download Opera 28

Opera 28 for Windows
Opera 28 for Mac
Opera 28 for Linux

Take a look at the Opera 28 changelog.
Opera’s option-rich bookmarks let you do more than any other browser. Let us know what you think about all the latest improvements, below.

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  • nanana1

    Thanks, Zhenis, for the hard work by the Opera Team to give us Opera 28 Final version with bookmark syncing !

    • @disqus_1XVlhRqEIm:disqus, Thank you very much for your warm words. It is finally out, so one more tick on the todo list 😉

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Zhenis, thanks for the announcement, and congrats to the Opera’s developers due to the promotion of the Opera 28 to the stable channel 😉

    • Hi @L33t4opera:disqus, Thanks for following us and replying to people – who have question about browser – faster than we could read them.

  • dzek

    Only took 2 years, cool!

    • Yes, 2 years of hard work. And we are proud to deliver you the solution.

    • bwat47

      When it comes to sync its important to take time to implement the backend correctly so that it works reliably, otherwise you could end up with something like firefox’s sync that is architected poorly and randomly scrambles bookmarks around:

      • Vux777

        chrome does it too

  • aminiesta

    Thank you team.

    • Thank you, @aminiesta:disqus, for following us for good and bad 🙂

  • Dima S

    Thanks, Opera Team! Can we expect additional “vibrancy” for Mac OS to come?

    • You are welcome, @Dima S:disqus. We usually don’t promise things. We made two exceptions for Linux and Sync. Follow our blog and you will be the most informed about what is happening in our product.

  • Kurt Zon

    “My Opera browser has been updated!”

    Great stuff – thanks to all for ur hard work..

    • @kurtzon:disqus, Thank you for following us. We do it for you.

  • estebanR

    Recently switched back and been having a great experience with Opera, both desktop and mobile.
    How is the bookmark sync handled? I mean… how is the data stored? are there daily snapshots? Is/will be there a way to go back or use a previous set? I understand that “sync” would try to, by definition, have the same data across devices and locations, but what I’m thinking is about mobile: devices get lost and stolen all the time, and even though loosing some bookmarks (or other info) in the future wouldn’t be catastrophic, how would data tampering be avoided? Would there be a feature to ask the user to sync new changes? Or make a mobile sync-read-only? All this because, currently, I see nothing more than basic info account for opera services, and it used to be a deeper experience.

    Thanks again! Can’t wait to see all the improvements that I know will be faster to do now that you’ve built a solid ground base.

    Best regards.

    • Hi @estebanR:disqus,

      It is on the fly synchronization, so it should appear on-the-go on all devices you have. Some data are synced as a blog, some will be synced by device.

      I hope it explains a little bit.

      • estebanR

        I’ll be careful with management on mobile then. :S

  • Максимка


    У меня 2 вопроса к Вам и разработчикам.

    1. Функция синхронизации. Если у меня были закладки, страницы на Speed Dial, и я только что вошел со своего аккаунта Opera — все эти данные будут доступны на сервере у вас? Могу ли я их восстановить, если пересяду на другой компьютер или переустановлю систему, и тд?

    2. Как вернуть старую (новую) Speed Dial. В флагах Experimental start page уже не помогает. Снова какие-то скриншоты страниц в старом виде, когда красивый текст был удобнее. Очень сложно ориентироваться.

    Версия: 28.0.1750.40


  • Sidney Moraes

    We could see profile icon on sync toolbar icon, just a suggestion. That applies to Opera browser for Android. Other thing: I believe Opera beta download page should be updated. Opera beta for computers could have the same icon of Opera beta for Android.

  • Lacedaemon

    This version does not have that annoying white blinking of accessing already pre-loaded tabs with dark backgrounds (opened previously in the background) as reported numerous times…. I wonder why, since O28 beta has that problem, as well as O29 dev. I’m switching from dev/beta to stable because of it. Please keep it that way.

    Other problem: solved.

  • Radik Gradenko

    Thanks, this was way overdue. Now all we need is speed dial sync and tab groups 😉

    • @Radik Gradenko:disqus,
      Follow our blog. What can I say more than that?

  • Hecc-MA

    On the real Opera too!!! I mean, on mobile.

    • Rutha_opera

      Already available on Opera Browser for Android, Opera Mini beta for Android and Opera Mini iOS. If you’re referring to Opera Classic then that is no longer being developed. Hope that answers your question /Ruth

      • Hecc-MA

        No, I meant mobile, I said so.

  • petval

    Hi, why not also on Opera Mini on Android (at least the beta one)? Including access to tabs from other Operas on Opera Mini and vice versa. Mini’s tabs are not available in Recent tabs feature od desktop yet.

    I have to substitute it with Pushbullet if I want to send a link one way or the other.

    • Rutha_opera

      Hi @disqus_yQgDrtXrsC:disqus sync is already available in Opera Mini beta for Android (we just didn’t make a big announcement about it since it’s still being tested beta-style). It will be available in stable version (for android 2.3 users an higher) in the near future 🙂 /Ruth

      • petval

        Hi, thanks. Although I am logged in Mini beta (from Google Play) I haven’t figured a way how to access the tabs from Opera Developer in Mini or from Mini in O. Dev.

        Would be great if it could sync even the place on the page so we could continue reading where we stopped.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          It’s not possible. Opera Mini (also Opera Mobile) doesn’t sync tabs.

  • Gianni

    hi, when it will be possible to export bookmarks without having to synchronize?

    • You can do it already today. Make a folder of all your bookmarks. Click share and have access from any device and/or browser you want. It won’t be dynamic, but we will take care to keep it live for you for 2 weeks.

      • Guest

        It would also be nice to be able to export bookmarks to an html file for easy import into other browsers 🙂

        • If it is a webpage, it is already html file, isn’t it?

          • bwat47

            Yeah but it could be more intuitive to the user and with less steps (for the use case of exporting bookmarks to import into another browser, the share function is fine for social sharing of bookmarks etc…), if there was a menu item to automatically export all bookmarks to an html file in one step, rather than the extra steps of creating a folder, putting all your bookmarks in it, sharing it, accessing the share link, and then saving the html file 😉

          • We are not going to invest our time to make it easier to migrate to another browser. That’s job of those ‘other’ guys 😉

          • estebanR

            I don’t think migrating is the real issue with this.
            It’s like saying: Import your data to Opera. Good luck getting it out. Don’t you think?

          • Bjarne Bertelsen

            “export bookmarks”, as I see it, is a standard feature in all browsers and should be so in Opera also. The reason that you would use it can be for a lot of things, and is impossible to predict like that.

          • Herr Pietrus

            Don’t worry, if we decide to migrate to FF or something else (Spartan in the future?), we can simply install Chrome and export Bookmarks in it.

          • Vux777

            that’s kinda lame…
            first, users don’t need export only for migrating to another browser (and no, I’m not gonna give you examples, it’s your job to know it)
            second, even if they do, they are the owners of those bookmarks (data) and it’s a value of good app to give them option to do it…
            Literally, every other browser has that feature (not used very often, but when needed…if there isn’t any-> frustration)

          • András Ács

            That’s not how it works in my opinion. One of the first things we added to our product is data export, because:
            – users are more willing to try and invest _their_ time in the software, knowing they can safely jump ship any time
            – we want to keep users by making sure our software works the best, not by adding frustration making harder to leave (ensuring they never return again).

            Your stance on this comes off as arrogant to me as a user (and I mean no offense personally).


      • Gianni

        I hope that soon introduciate export as in chrome ( weird not being able to put , because OP is based on it ) , I find it much more comfortable and usable , since I do not want to have to store my favorites on your server , I hope one day to be possible ..

  • Hecc-MA

    I’m starting to like it, but Opera still jumps to the top of page on Facebook.

    • I need more info or a film to raise an issue in our bug tracking system. Because I don’t get what you mean by that.

      • Hecc-MA

        Enter FB scroll down, share anything in your wall, after you click on share it will jump back to the top of the page.

        • I see it also, I work around it by opening (right click on the time of the post and click open in new tab) what I will share in a new tab and then sharing it

          • Hecc-MA

            Valid, but not an excuse, it shouldn’t happen.

          • I think it is a Facebook issue not sure tho

          • Hecc-MA

            It doesn’t happen in Firefox or Chrome.

      • Bjarne Bertelsen

        Opera has been behaving very weird on facebook now for a long time. Sometimes when you click to open something, instead the page moves to a different post etc. Very annoying.
        (But thank you very much for the new sync function. Super!)

    • Leonardo Gomes

      As far as I know this is due to a flag but I don’t remember which one exactly atm. I’ll have to check later.

    • SQL

      Please check if you have opera://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features enabled. Disabling that fixed it for me.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Do you have opera://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features enabled by chance?

      • Hecc-MA

        I think that’s the cause, I just tested and it works. thank you.

  • Shion

    Is it absolutely necessary to have that new sync icon there at all times?

    • Good question. However, it will stay there for now, so you have a visual clue that it is synced or not.

      • hspdion

        I would really appreciate the option to at least position the sync icon *before* all the extension icons. Or perhaps the ability to put it instead on the new sidebar menu in the developer build.

    • Cyrris

      A background service should be able to run in the background without cluttering the interface. Looking forward to when that becomes the case here. No-brainer.

  • I am wondering when I can move my imported bookmarks (O 12 bookmarks) back to the Bookmark menu?

  • Rudolf

    Will Opera for Windows Phone get the Sync-feature in the future too?

    • Rutha_opera

      Hey @disqus_pgifuW1uoq:disqus yes sync feature will be coming to Opera Mini for Windows Phone, will most likely see it for the release of stable in the near future /Ruth

  • Saskatchewan

    @Zhenis Beisekov: Hi Zhenis! Sorry for off-topic, but I can see that you’re actively answering all the questions here.

    You wrote in the entry about 55 million desktop users that you cannot refer to the statistics provided by Gemius. I asked if you could give us some info about where do your numbers come from, but you didn’t answer. Could you say something about it? I think that it’s an interesting question. Is it, for example data from autoupdate or something else?

    • @Saskatchewann:disqus, Sorry, I’ve not seen the previous question.
      Yes, we count users, when browser checks for the auto-update.

  • I’m sorry, but the new experimental speed dial page looks AWFUL, it’s difficult to find web pages quickly now, since you no longer have the icons representing them, like in the previous version (even the old Opera with Presto had an extension that allowed you to show icons for every web page instead of screenshots). Those white labels also look terrible. I feel like I’m back in 2008…

    You have totally ruined the only thing that made this browser usable for me. I want to downgrade to 27 now. I can’t stand this new ugly speed dial… x(

    • Simply turn it off then…

      • I don’t see any reason to do this, with experimental page disabled the thumbnails don’t fit in my view-port any more. And it looks just as terrible as the new experimental speed dial page. I feel like a downgrade is my only option here

    • Bjarne Bertelsen

      I agree. Doesn’t look good. Go to – opera://flags/ – And deactivate “experimental start page” then it will look as before.

      • No, it looks even worse than the experimental. The thumbnails are too large, they don’t fit in my view-port any more. The previous experimental speed dial (I think it was in 26) was pretty good for me. In 27 they made folders less transparent, but it was still good enough. But now it is just the worst…

        • Bjarne Bertelsen

          Well, I have unchecked “show big thumbnails” (or whatever it,s called in english, I have swedish version) in settings, so they are quite small. You also have to check the zoom factor. ctrl-0 (command-0) to get default.

          • I can’t find such setting (I have the advanced settings enabled). I know that I can zoom the speed dial page and it does not affect the opened web page, but everything is scaled along with the thumbnails, making it look weird.

          • Bjarne Bertelsen

            Well, maybe we’re not talking about the same thing, but here a picture of what I mean. It’s the second row from the bottom of the image, “Använd stora snabbvalsminiatyrer”.

          • Bjarne Bertelsen
          • You’re on MacOS. We have different settings then. Here is mine:

            As for the speed dial – with the experimental one I have to scale down the page (I click [CTRL]+[-] once), to fit all of the items in the view-port. Though it look terrible:

            When I turn off the experimental page it looks like this: It’s worse, because I have to scroll down the page to access some of my bookmarks and it’s very inconvenient…

          • Lacedaemon

            Impossible that you don’t have Advanced Settings, it’s the last one down in the Settings page. Tick it and then look 2-3 lines above it there’s some extra lines with a grey dot on the left. One of them is the entry “use big thumbnails”. You can further do this:

          • Patriĉk Bateman

            Ok, thanks for the tip. I enabled super power settings, now can you please help me to bring back start page like in 26-27 version of Opera? I mean experimental one.

          • Lacedaemon

            I don’t remember how it looked like since I’ve never used it but you can copy paste this to your address bar, opera://flags/#experimental-start-page and select “Enable” for a start.

          • Patriĉk Bateman

            I have it enabled, I would like to have it like this

          • Lacedaemon

            Not possible, yet. They ‘ve moved the Navigation Bar to the bottom and they won’t listen a thing about it, and they are working on a new Speed Dial that is going to have the Bookmark’s architecture where you can choose its thumbnail from a handful ones. No info if they will bring back those Coast like icons though. Check the developer stream for info & features.

          • Patriĉk Bateman

            Ok, thanks. Will have to downgrade to 27. Nevermind with sidebar location, but I really enjoyed colored thumbnails.
            Already disabled Opera autoupdate on my laptop. Now it’s just to downgrade my desktop.

          • Have you even looked at the first screenshot I provided? You would notice that I have in deed the advanced settings enabled, as I mentioned before. And there is nothing about the thumbnails size.
            I didn’t know about the Konami code though, but it added only two new settings – an option to remove the search bar from the speed dial page (wich I very much appreciate) and delay settings for tabs preview (I don’t use this feature). Maybe it adds more settings in 28, but since I downgraded to 27, I don’t really care…

          • Vux777

            depends on experimental start page flag. When you disable it, you will have that option

          • You’re right, I can set custom thumbnail size now, thanks!

          • Lacedaemon

            That’s because you have enabled the experimental startpage, with the old one it’s there. The new startpage does not (yet I suppose) support it since it is made with the bookmarks backend so it works like just another bookmark folder. Also, that huge Google search bar is very annoying I’m surprised how you haven’t looked for disabling it in the internet in the first place, it’s the 1st thing I did 2 years ago 🙂

          • With 8 browsers installed and the old Opera 12 used as the main browser I didn’t really care about the new one (which was there since ver. 15 came out). I was using it rarely and the Google’s search bar didn’t concerned me that much, so I would go and look for a way to get rid of it. 😛
            Only recently have I started to use the new Opera more frequently and now I’m trying to make it the main browser, but it still lack a lot of features that made me choose Opera almost 10 years ago…

    • Herr Pietrus

      O yeah, FORTUNATELY they have “ruined” it!

      • Maybe for you. Somebody already compared those two versions – just look how awful this new one looks compared to the previous one:

    • Fortunately the 27 folder was not removed, I just had to edit installation_status.xml file and replace the new version build number with the old one and now I’m back on 27. Yay! ^^

      • Patriĉk Bateman

        Can you please share what exactly you did? I would like to downgrade as well. Thanks in advance!

          • Patriĉk Bateman

            Thanks, but can you please dumb it down for me. So I open that .xml file, and what line do I have to change exactly? And to replace with what value?

            Thanks, again.

          • Patriĉk Bateman

            Ok, got it. Just replaced all 28…. with 27…. in that file. Opera asks for update anyway. But at least start page is usable again.

    • bwat47

      the experimental speed dial flag is just that, experimental, its still undergoing significant changes.

      In the upcoming opera 29, you can see where they are taking the new speed dial, it will let you choose the thumbnail type from the heart menu, including the test based tiles (you can see this in the latest dev build):

      • I’ve seen it and it still looks poor compared to the old Opera 12, where you have been able to add custom images as thumbnails using this extension:

        • bwat47

          personally I think this:

          Looks a lot better than that opera 12 screenshot (aside from the huge search bar which I just hadn’t got around to disabling yet, screenshot was taken on a clean install), but ymmv of course 🙂 The white labels I could take it or leave it but they don’t bother me

          and btw, that opera 12 screenshot you posted also has white labels on the bottom… just look at the facebook tile… Its just less noticeable because most of the custom icons in that screenshot also have white backgrounds and the speed dial itself has a light background…

          • I’m not talking about the looks of the old tiles, because it’s irrelevant here (I know they looked awful). I’m talking about the customizability (since you’ve focused on this aspect in your comment) and that IMO is “poor” in the new Opera (even in the dev build), when compared to the old browser.

  • On I am getting an strange scroll bar in the update info as I can scroll to the right (don’t think that should happen)

    Opera 28.0.1750.40
    OS X 10.10.2

  • I guess I’m just gonna have to get used to the XP blue tab bar on my Vista laptop… 🙁

    • Lacedaemon

      It sucks and there is no excuse since Vista is just a heavier Windows 7 without the superbar, not XP.

    • Same case happens to the Chromium/Chrome interface (the UI convergence just works since Windows 7 until Windows 8.1, and Windows Vista ends their support in 2017).

      • Thanks for that information. Pity someone from Opera couldn’t have mentioned this long ago.

  • Sitting idle on Opera is using a approx constant 9% cpu just for that tab

    Opera 28.0.1750.40
    OS X 10.10.2

  • Hi to everyone! This new version works fine in my computer, the new themes and Opera Synchronization is the best! I’ve waited for this feature many time and finally is here 😀 I have a question: I use Opera Mini 4.5 y 8 in my Nokia Asha and the bookmarks are synchronized, but I cannot find in Opera Desktop. This is just an error or is intentional? Leaving this, the browser is better every day 😀

    • ayespy

      Mini and new Desktop Opera use totally different servers and protocols to sync. They will never see each other’s data.

      • Thank you for answer! For me is not %100 important, I proved entering in and the Mini’s bookmarks are still there and that’s sufficient for me 🙂 Again, thank you!

  • Radik Gradenko

    Okay, so far the following sites are broken for me since upgrading to 28:

    – InoReader: the articles just won’t load.
    – Jenkins: I can’t submit job modifications, it just loads till eternity.

    Works fine in Firefox.

    Edit: after a few Opera restarts it solved itself lol.

  • Goran

    Thumb up for bookmark sync, and thumb down for new experimental start page. On developer version I got some default sites at speed dial and it looks OK, but on stable where I have around 20 sites and almost all are in folders, it looks too small and it is hard to find what I like.

    Because there is a lot speculation on speed dial, why not leave UI to the users? Make speed dial to be an extension, and then can be multiple types of speed dials and user can install what ever he like.

    For example look at:

    There is half million users using this extension!!!

    • Lacedaemon

      Use the konami code (google it) in the settings page (move the cursor away from the textfield first) to unlock the… “super advanced settings” and set the width & height of the thumbnails to your liking. I know, it’s stupid. It’s like that since O16 or 17…

    • Herr Pietrus

      What is “too small”?
      Fortunately they gave us thumbnails, not only that stupid captions…
      And they can be made bigger, but I agree, in very unintuitive way…

  • Lacedaemon

    The fonts of tabs which are in the background are looking blurred and bold for many builds now in Vista Home Basic. Is that intended? Because it looks awful.

  • The download icon doesn’t work with touch

  • netwolf

    Nice 🙂 Now if you add bookmark nicknames from 12.17 to recent versions, bookmarks become handy again 😉

  • Everything is great except for one thing. Why did all my bookmarks change colors? They used to reflect the scheme of websites and now they are totally random. Not good. Google used to be blue now its green, yahoo used to be purple now its red, engadget used to be blue now it’s brown.

    EDIT: Supposed to look like this:
    But looks like this instead:

    Any way to fix this? Looks ugly as hell…

    • Lacedaemon

      Why have you enabled the opera://flags/#experimental-start-page? Aren’t you supposed to have thumbnails?

      • I did not enable anything. All my bookmarks started to look like that after the update. The other screenshot is from OperaDev version. The colors are fine there. If anyone knows how to fix this please help it’s really bothering me.

        • Lacedaemon

          Forgive me I thought you meant the Speed Dial items…. %-)

  • Patriĉk Bateman

    OH C’mon! Again my start page is ruined! How to bring back the view like in 26-27? Experimental one?? Why you always change something, and not letting user to customize Start page by themselves??

    • Testostyrannosaurus™

      In the address bar, type “about://flags”, scroll down until you see “Experimental Start Page”, then enable it.

      • Patriĉk Bateman

        I did, had it enabled anyways, but I would like to have Experimental one form Opera ver 26-27. Like this:

        • Sidney Moraes

          The new speed dial will let you edit thumbnails and synchronize it. Check Opera developer 29

          • Patriĉk Bateman

            Thanks, I am just afraid to use Dev (alfa) version of browser.

    • Testostyrannosaurus™

      Never mind, they fucked it up.

    • bwat47

      It was an experimental flag, by nature those flags can and will change. speed dial is currently undergoing a re-design, you can see the direction its moving in in the latest dev build (its being integrated into the bookmarks manager and they are adding the ability to be able to change thumbnails for dials like you can with bookmarks currently, as well as adding speed dial sync).

      With the new dial in opera 29 you can manually select the coast like tiles from the heart menu:

  • Skanker

    Font rendering is bugged in this version, win 8.1 no flags changed.
    Look at this comparison with previus stable version

    • Jay

      It seems that Opera changed the way UI fonts are rendered to Chromium’s default DirectWrite, while the old one was handled by system. It’s blurry as hell compared to whatever you had earlier (I had pixel fonts, without AA)

  • Rj Navendu Kumar

    i would like to know few things for new book marks what is the scene for opera mini for Symbian and will opera link will continue to work same pl clarify as bringing out new version does not mean u withdraw for old so pl clarify opera link will continue to work same for opera browser for symbain 2) if that is continued we have no issue 3) opera mini for windows phone will work on opera link or new sycronisation method pl clarify all these points so we are updated with our queries waiting for response

    • ayespy

      I should think Opera Link will be abandoned in the long run, as there will be no desktop client for it. If you HAVE to stay with Symbian, perhaps you should move your bookmarks to Google’s cloud bookmark system, or something.

  • Trying to install Opera 28 from Debian Wheezy, and the results are the same: nothing.

    • Andrew Andreyuk

      Wait for Jessie

      • I’ve installed Debian Jessie in my Desktop PC, but in my netbook, i still working with Wheezy in case of emergencies.

  • I know this comment will have nothing about with this topic, but Opera Team, Do you have something new for Opera Mail? I like it a lot, but I think is very old looking style. We need something fresh. Please response. (Sorry for my english)

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Opera Mail is no longer being developed.

  • Where is that beautiful Norwegian fjord gone? Damn those updates… 😉

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, if you want, you can open this link, right click on the page, and select “Use Image as Theme” from the context menu 😉

  • What’s the proper way of bringing bookmarks back in ? doesn’t have any export option, and O28 didn’t import it automatically.

    • But if you open Opera 12 (which syncs with you have your bookmarks in it and Opera 28 can import Opera 12 bookmarks.
      If I’m not mistaken…

    • rrzepecki

      Yep, looks like a bug, thanks for reporting it. I will log it internally here.

  • jules

    hallelujah!!! now to be able to sync them with my original bookmarks and speed dials…

    • Andreas Bartels

      Yesterday I updated my 2 Windows PCs to Opera 28.0 and my Iphon 5 with the latest Opera-mini version.

      I signed in with my opera logins to start synchronisation.

      The bookmarks are properly synchronized but the speed-dial tiles are not synced; neither on the PCs nor on my Iphon!

      This is really a pitty.

      Can you please help, what is the problem?

      Thanks Andreas

      • Leonardo Gomes

        There’s no speed dial sync in Opera 28.

  • Guest

    How do you load speed dial extensions in the new start page?

    • t0ken407

      I don’t think is is possible, unfortunately. Has never worked for me.

      • Sidney Moraes

        It is possible in developer 29

  • Tomas

    Option to sync with Opera Coast is not in plans?

    • Rutha_opera

      Hi Tomas, Coast is a separate product line that takes a different approach to experiencing the web than Opera’s other browsers, and as such offers a different set of features. Also, since it is iOS it uses the iCloud for sync. Hope this helps /Ruth

  • pidgin

    Why does lastpass keep logging out every time I close browser?

    Also, excellent work on smart card reader support!

  • MartinG

    Hi, changelog for latest stable verison says: DNA-35369 [Win] With HiDPI 150% UI looks much too small. Is this still an open problem or do you consider it being fixed?

    Due to visual impariment I run DPI 150% in win7 and with an additional launch script “-alt-high-dpi-setting=110” to thin the huge UI borders but keep text size which have worked ok since version 24 I believe.

    Updating from v. 27 to v.28 the overall text size got a lot smaller even without the launch script, forcing me to rollback and use Opera 27 which is a big inconvenience.

    Do you have any additional info on this problem? Thank you in advance

  • Martin

    How can I hide the [+] Speed Dial button in this version? (28.0.1750.40 for linux)

  • Sometimes it happens that I kill the Flash plug-in via the Task Manager.

    In the previous versions (up to 27) on every page with a flash movie appears a notice on the top (The Shockwave Flash plug-in has stopped working on this page), but in this version the notice on each page appears for every flash movie on the page (4 movies, 4 alters; 10 movies, 10 alerts).

    For example, just go here:

    scroll to the bottom of the page (so it loads the movies), then open the Task Manager and kill the process “Plug-in: Shockwave Flash”.

    It happens in Opera 28 stable under Windows 7 Professional 64bit and under Windows 8.1 Pro 32 bit.

    • I’m using Opera 28 in my 32 bits Windows 8 Enterprise, and I opened the page that you posted in your comment, and does not appearsme that bug.

      • You have to kill the process “Plug-in: Shockwave Flash” in Opera Task Manager

  • Leonid

    What’s happen with default search services? Why I can’t add Yandex to default?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Leonid, right click on the address bar, and select “Edit Search Engines”, the Yandex should be visible in the pop-up, within the “Default search engines”, hover your mouse over it, and click the “Make Default” button.

      • Leonid

        Thank you for answer. It’s not so easy.
        I have 2 lists of searches:
        – default
        – and custom.
        Yandex is in custom list. And it’s no hover menu to make it default.

        • L33t4opera

          Yandex should be on the default list (you can set only the engines from the default list, as the default search engine). Please go to the Opera’s menu > About Opera, and copy path to the profile, close the Opera. Open a terminal window, and type cd, press space, and paste the path, press enter, type gedit Local State, and press enter, find the lines: "country": "XX",
          "country_from_server": "XX",
          and check if XX=RU, and if not, replace it with “RU”, save the changes, close the file, and launch the Opera, then go to the default list, and you should be able to set Yandex as the default search engine.

          • Leonid

            I install Opera not in Russia.
            But sustem language is Russian.
            I change it to “RU”, and now it’s ok!
            Thank you!

  • trojanobelix

    On Version:28.0.1750.36 – Opera ist auf dem neuesten Stand
    Betriebssystem:Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)

    I won’t get an autoupdate to 28.0.1750.39

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      The beta stream won’t update to the stable stream.
      Currently the latest public beta is 28.0.1750.36.

      Opera stable 27 will update to Opera stable 28.0.1750.40

      • trojanobelix

        Did not realize, that you announced the stable version within this blog. Thought we still talking about a beta of 28

        • Helge Andre Gjølme

          All stream updates are announced on the desktop team blog 🙂

  • ซะชิกิ วะระชิ

    ยังไม่รองรับ Bookmark จาก Opera Link บน Opera 12.x เลย

  • Manuel Gonzalez

    Thanks once again Opera team for the update, but…
    Is there a way to change the position of the speed dial menu ( The horizontal black bar ) in the version 28?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Manuel, you can disable it in opera:flags#webui-navigation-bar, and restart the Opera – this will bring back the old navigation bar on the top.

  • Yiğit Doğru

    i think this is the fear of the brand new vivaldi browser.

    we wanted this feature for years. for… years… that’s a shame of you. really. helloo, it’s 2015! isn’t it too late a bit?

    i was in love with opera, but i think it was not with me. with us, actually, the old users of it. lovers of opera with presto.

    anyways… waiting for vivaldi guys. all of us. sorry ’bout that..

    • Sidney Moraes

      Don’t be so dramatic, you’ve just waited 2 years like everybody else, like me!

  • Oleg

    What about speed dial extensions for new speed dial page?
    For now this extensions doesn’t work(for example: gmail notifications, weather, etc) with new Speed Dial. Any plans for fixing or reworking this in future versions? Because, this extensions is really important for me and its its only one thing keeping me from using new speed dial, which is I like more than old one.

  • Vlado

    Is it possible bookmark synchronization between new and old Opera?

  • Shion

    I’m getting a lot of crashes with this update. Can’t point out the reason yet, but 6 crashed tabs within 5 minutes on 3 different sites is far from stable.

    • Shion

      And here’s another crash. Happened when downloading an exe file. I’m using Downloadr Chrome Extension, and at the moment the crash happened (3 tabs crashed simultaneously) it was unable to show downloaded files icons. Is there a way to rollback to previous STABLE version of Opera and keep it until I decide to update?

  • Chill

    Is there a client side encryption option, that prevents my bookmark-syncing to be abused to collect, generate and accumulate data on my interest, sites, browsing and location as well as the devices I do the same with?

  • Miranda Kardinal

    Finally. I really love the new sync. Great work, so far, but could you please add support for tree view on the left navigation bar and during bookmarking also?

    Cause i got all my bookmarks nestled in folders, which is currently quite hard to manage to move pages to it
    + Leasure Time
    ++ Movies
    +++ Horror Movies
    +++ Comedies
    +++ Anime
    +++ Youtube Movies
    +++ Other Movies
    ++ Music
    +++ Concerts
    +++ Youtube Music
    ++ Traveling
    + Work
    ++ Company1
    + ….
    if i got now a bookmark in the unsorted folder it takes years until i can manage to move it to a folder in the lower levels.

    Additionally it would be good when adding a new bookmark to be able to specify also subfolders

  • Andrew Nagle

    I’m not sure if this is the best place to ask, but can you guys add something to the bookmark extensions API to get one of the “special” nodes, such as My Folders or Shared Bookmarks? Right now I can get them by looping over the root node and get the first folder with the same name, but that’s not i18n-friendly in the least bit.

    I tried using the IDs, but the Bookmarks Bar and Other Bookmarks folders are the only ones that seem to have statically defined IDs.

    • I was informed that our developers use chrome.bookmarks.getRootByName, name being one of “bookmarks_bar”, “other”, “mobile”, “unsorted”, “user_root”, “shared”, “trash”, “speed_dial”. Does this work for you?

      • Andrew Nagle

        That works amazingly, thank you!

        Side note, this method doesn’t seem to be listed in the API documentation. Seems like something worth adding.

      • Vux777

        is there a also method for undo delete from trash?

  • elpirata

    Nice work, thanks a lot. Anyway, is it possible to make opera remember its previous window size again? (I know there is somewhere a bug report, forgot the ID though). Its kinda annoying that I need to enlarge the window each time I open the browser.
    And I also experience problems on some sites, e.g. researchgate. Some pop-up like windows (java-script?) are loading forever. It is the same for the comments section here on the blog. Don’t know if others have the same thing, didn’t read anything in the net. I use Linux btw.

  • On opera://plugins/ Flash Player has a strange name “Shockwave Flash” I don’t think that was every used and Shockwave Player is a different plug in (both PPAPI & NPAPI are listed strangle)

    Flash Player
    Opera 28.0.1750.40
    OS X 10.10.2

    • Confirmed, but no idea if that is something new with Adobe Flash 17. No big issue (if at all), though.

      • It is an old issue (dating back to before Adobe bought Flash Player), Shockwave Player is a different Plug in from Flash Player

    • So far, the actual flash Player haves components that share with Shockwave Player due to the actual Adobe Flash SDK just keep some components of Shockware SDK throught ActionScript 3.0.

  • rek

    Noy sure if already mentioned: I always get duplicates of all my bookmarks when I log out and log in again.

    • 1. do you have more than one browser for synchronization?
      2. it happens also for default folders like Videos or Shopping?

      • rek

        Yes 2
        No just my own folders and just the bookmarks within not the folders themself. But nevermind, after deleting them for the third time it seems to be fine now. No idea what caused it.

  • Bronco_Buster

    I’m not sure if anyone has this problem, but on certain pages, this included, I can continue to scroll to the right where there’s nothing at all, just white space.
    Also happens on some pages if I scroll to the bottom.

    Using 28.0.1750.40, on OS X 10.10.2

    • I see it sometimes also

  • Mat M

    I didn’t scan the whole thread of discussion, but I am lacking an off-site bookmarks bar like you did for Speed Dial.
    Bookmark bar is for fast access and customized differnetly on each device. Could you add a checkbox to disable sync of address bar ?
    Currently I will not sync my 2 dektop operas because of that.

    Kind regards

  • duhduhduh0

    Will by existing bookmarks from Opera 12+ be imported and overwrite the existing bookmarks?

    • marwerno

      Doesn’t seem to be the case. I am currently searching how I actually can get my Opera 12 Bookmarks in the new browser. They seem not to be syncing over to Opera 28,… frustrating. Importing seems to be a lossy option (via importing first in IE than to the new Opera it seems to be better, but haven’t tried yet)

  • Goran

    Why so hard to install flash pluggin on Linux?

    • Rômulo

      It is not. You just have to search for Pepper Flash in your Software Center and install it.

  • Tim Barrett

    I would VERY much like a setting to open links in a new tab like Old Opera had. I’m so used to it being automatic it’s very annoying to always have to right click >open in new tab> to keep from losing the page I’m on. Everything else about New Opera I’m adjusting to but this continues to make me crazy!

  • Click to Play is broken on (Norweigan Forest Cat)

    They use a strange Youtube embed (the only way to get it to play is to add a manually override to the click to play list), it also breaks in Safari 8.0.3

    Opera 28.0.1750.40
    OS X 10.10.2

  • Daniel

    It would be very nice to have a narrower tab bar on mac, screen is so small

    • Dima S

      I’ve asked them for the same thing somewhere in this thread. I hope they will listen to us.

  • eXzentrik

    Opera 28 is blocking the search function of since today. The main page is loading normally, but as soon as I search for any term (e. g. doom, f1 2014 or geforce), the warning page occurs. Is this a false positive or why are parts of on the blocklist?

  • Shion

    Update on DNA-35837 – crash-bug happens all the time right after downloading any new exe-file with an icon and bringing up Downloadr popup to see it. Crashes all tabs that were open within last few minutes. Very disappointing, because I finaly found an acceptable downloads extension that doesn’t steal tab focus and at the same time looks normal. Stop breaking good things already! It’s not like you have a lot of them.

  • Tim Barrett

    Opera 28 is giving me a malware alert on a discussion forum I’ve been on for nearly ten years with no problems. No other browser gives me any warnings and neither does My Avast premium. Is there any way to turn this off? I’ve never experienced anything like it. There’s a lot to like in Opera 28 but all in all with the loss of many functions of previous operas and so many issues to deal with I never had to deal with before combined with the loss of total customizability is making me want to go back to Opera 12.

  • L33t4opera

    New update for the Opera stable: 28.0.1750.48.

    • In my case, the Opera Stable version is actually the 28.0.1750.40, and the PPAPI flash plugin works wonderfully.

  • Anyone can confirm overlapping extension-icons in the address-bar?

    I see this issue with the following extensions:
    RSS Detector

    Server Details

    The RSS Detector icon gets overlapped by the icon of Server Details. Sometimes it needs a few refreshes (F5) to see this issue. This issue disappears when switching the tabs or clicking on the address-bar (probably because the address-bar gets repainted or something).

    Maybe it is related to the site, too. I have seen that issue on the following pages:

    All three have a “Feed” and Apache as webserver.

  • Bahrul Alamz

    Update on DNA-35837 – crash-bug happens all the time right after
    downloading any new exe-file with an icon and bringing up Downloadr
    popup to see it. Crashes all tabs that were open within last few
    minutes. Very disappointing, because I finaly found an acceptable
    downloads extension that doesn’t steal tab focus and at the same time
    looks normal. Stop breaking good things already! It’s not like you have a
    lot of them.

    I didn’t scan the whole thread of discussion, but I am lacking an off-site bookmarks bar like you did for Speed Dial.
    bar is for fast access and customized differnetly on each device. Could
    you add a checkbox to disable sync of address bar ?
    Currently I will not sync my 2 dektop operas because of that.

    my website is very bad on operamini browser , see it :

  • Ash Conlon

    Anyway to sync speed dial? The pages on my pc speed dial aren’t coming through to my phone but my bookmarks are?

    • Lacedaemon

      You have to wait for Opera 29 that is coming soon (maybe next week) to upgrade Opera 28.

  • CiprianHanga

    Even with the 29 version, Opera still doesn’t synchronize the Speed Dial page. Bummer.

  • Charlie

    Poor product management or unrealistic company goals. I cannot find any place to export the bookmarks into an HTML file from
    Opera 33.0
    Made to discoverVersion informationVersion:33.0.1990.58 – Opera is up to dateUpdate stream:StableSystem:Mac OS X 10.11.0 64-bit

  • Si

    Bookmark don’t keep updating after initial synchronization, any way to fix this?

  • FiMurca

    I would totally use Opera if it could sync with Chrome. I use an iPhone and the iCloud client syncs bookmarks with Chrome and IE, so I’m going to use Chrome. If it could sync with Chrome, then it’s something I would use. But I need to sync with my phone bookmarks.