The Opera browser for Android hit a new record of 80 million MAUs during Q4-2020

Hey readers! In this first blog of the year dedicated to the Opera browser for Android, we want to take the opportunity to share some of the great achievements we had last year, and give you a heads up on what’s coming next. 

First off, we are thrilled to announce that towards the end of Q4-2020, we reached a new record in the user base of our flagship browser for Android. That’s nearly 80 million monthly active users (MAU) in Q4-2020, out of Opera’s global user base of 380 million MAUs. This means that this product has just about doubled in 2.5 years, something we are happy and humbled about.

We’ve identified that the rapid growth in our user base has been mainly driven by two factors. 1) Android users are searching for alternative browsers to those that come preinstalled on their devices, and 2) Opera for Android offers a complete browser experience, where they can browse the web faster and more securely with an excellent and personal companion for their Opera browser on PC & Mac

Building a personal browser for your Android device

We built the Opera browser for Android following one principle; to create your personal browser. We believe everything you do on the web is personal, whether you search for cat images, google how to use a drill, or simply want to keep your passwords safe, the Opera browser for Android has features that do the job for you. 

Over time we have introduced features into the Opera browser for Android that provide a personal browsing experience. Two years ago, we introduced a free and no log built-in VPN into Opera for Android. Once enabled, you can be sure that your traffic is encrypted even on public Wi-fi networks, reducing the chances that third parties could hack your personal information, such as bank account details. 

Last summer, we revamped the Sync functionality of Opera for Android by integrating a QR-code scanner that pairs with your Opera browser for PC & Mac. This is a perfect example of the personal browser principle, as syncing your mobile and desktop Opera browsers completes your browsing experience. It gives you seamless connectivity with your bookmarks, passwords, typed history and even your open tabs available to you on both devices. 

Together with the Sync revamp, we also introduced Flow, a handy feature that helps you send messages to yourself. With Flow, you can keep articles, shopping lists, images and videos in a personal space that you can access whenever you need from Opera on your computer or phone. 

The Opera browser for Android also comes with a built-in Crypto Wallet. This asset holds your Bitcoins, Ethereum and collectibles in one place, keeping them clean and organized. It’s digital, unchangeable and encrypted – only you can access it, as well as top it up whenever you want in most of Europe, the US and the UK. 

On top of all the personalization settings of the browser, you can also find a bunch of great features that enhance your browsing experience. These include a Password Manager, saving your credit card information, Reader Mode, WebSnap, and Ad blocker with a Cookie dialogue blocker

Welcome version 62! 

We are also thrilled to be rolling out the new version of Opera for Android today. 

In version 62 of the Opera browser for Android, we are making it easier for all users to identify and engage with Flow. When Flow was initially launched, only those who synced their Opera browsers with their PC or Mac were able to see Flow on the main menu. This has been changed so that Flow is now available by default on the main menu for all users.

Looking forward to the future

We read your comments and listen to your feedback across different platforms everyday. Whether it’s in the Google Play Store or on our social media channels, we are thankful for your comments and ideas on how we can improve the Opera browser for Android. 

We have great plans in the pipeline for 2021. Last year, we added over 100 new features and small updates to Opera for Android, so this year we are going for a hundred more! Our goal is to make your browsing experience faster, more personal, and more secure on the web. 

Remember to visit our website and check our blogs often, so you can keep up with new product updates. If you’re still not using Opera on your Android device, you can click here to download it and try it out today. 

Stay safe and happy browsing! 

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