Keep in sync with Opera for Android 60 and new Opera desktop

Hello readers! We’ve added some exciting new features to the latest version of Opera for Android and to Opera for desktop. This time around we have improved the ways you can safely access your data, whether you are on the go or in front of your computer, making your browsing more portable and personalized.

Meanwhile, Opera for Desktop is shipping with the brand new Easy Files feature that makes it easier to attach recently-downloaded files to emails, Opera’s built-in messengers, or anywhere online.

We are releasing these two new versions of our browsers in parallel to celebrate the completely redesigned sync capabilities between them.

Synchronization, simplified

With Opera for Android 60, syncing data between your devices is easier. Simply open your QR scanner in Opera for Android, and scan a code on your other device. There’s no signup required, and no passwords to remember. Sync lets you access speed dials and open tabs on your other devices, as well as keep a shared set of bookmarks, typed history and passwords – all in line with your preferences.

The syncing feature in Opera for Android has been around for a long time, but we have now made signup smooth and easy. To make things even better, we have also included Flow, previously only available between Opera Touch and Opera on your computer.

Removing the need for login credentials makes this feature much more convenient. However, there is also the option to add your email and password, allowing you to restore data onto a new device if you’ve lost or wiped your other connected devices. Many users have discovered the usefulness of Sync as a backup tool, which is why we are keeping the option to login on a single device as well, just to get your data safely and securely backed up.

Flow – your personal portable notebook

A frequent request from our users has been to add the appreciated Flow feature – a safe and encrypted space shared between Opera Touch and Opera for computers. This is an awesome feature for keeping notes, articles, recipes, travel ideas and links, as well as sharing images or other files between your computer and your mobile devices. With version 60, as part of the revamped Sync feature, we are introducing Flow in Opera for Android. 

Easy Files provides a visual way of attaching files on desktop

When you download a file, most browsers don’t remember it. This means that when you upload or attach a file, you have to go hunting through folders without any help. Well, we’ve fixed that.

The newest Opera desktop browser comes with the useful Easy Files feature. When attaching files in the Opera browser, Easy Files provides a visual display of your most recently downloaded, helping you select the desired files quickly, without having to search through folders or remember the files’ names. Simple yet game-changing!

A new addition to the home page

Back to Opera for Android now. Ever since pioneering the Speed Dial feature we have faithfully kept it front and center on the home page of Opera for Android. We are not planning to change this, but we know that users who don’t wish to manage their Speed Dial themselves feel that it can get a bit static over time. At the same time, we know that users who are more active in managing their Speed Dial prefer that we have a hands-off approach in that area, to avoid disturbing their setup. 

To address this we are introducing a new section below the Speed Dial that we call Suggested sites. This section features much more dynamic content that adapts to the user’s browsing habits, providing quick access to commonly visited sites, open tabs on other devices, offline content when out of connectivity, and fresh items of potential interest. Opera for Android 60 comes with a first version of this feature, but we will continue improving the way items are selected to provide highly relevant and interesting content. As always, your feedback is highly appreciated, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of this feature!

This release also includes a lot of minor improvements that you may or may not spot, along with various stability and compatibility tweaks. We hope you enjoy this new release. Until next time, happy browsing!

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