Enjoy an integrated media experience in Opera for Android 61

Hi everyone! Today I want to present a couple of exciting new features that have been added to version 61 of Opera for Android. The features in this release have been on my personal wishlist for quite a while, so I am delighted that we finally got time to include them.

Integrated media player

The headline feature in this release is a custom, integrated media player that provides you with a smooth media experience and removes the need for third party players. This media player includes Play Queue support so that you can watch or listen to your downloaded media in the order you like, while continuing to browse your favorite sites. Picture-in-picture support is of course still there for those that are more adept multitaskers than I am.

Easier sharing with WebSnap

One of the features I use the most in Opera for computers is the page snapshot tool. We have now added a similar feature, WebSnap, to Opera for Android, enabling you to snapshot the current page and add doodles, text, and emojis before sharing it with your friends. You can easily access the snapshot feature in the page context menu (the three-dot menu in the top-right). I highly recommend that you try it out. Get creative!

Easier access to the QR scanner

Seeing that QR codes are becoming more and more common in many markets as a convenient way to reduce contact with restaurant menus and other public items, we decided to move the QR scanner to a more accessible position. It is now available directly in the search box on the start page, as well as on web pages. You can also create a handy shortcut on your device’s home screen by long pressing the Opera app icon and dragging out the QR scanning item. This makes QR scanning a breeze and makes installing a dedicated QR scanner app completely redundant.

In addition, we have made over 300 fixes in this release in order to deliver the best possible browsing experience to our loyal users. Enjoy your browsing, wash your hands, and stay safe out there!

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