Opera Touch two ways to navigate
Opera Touch lets you choose your preferred navigation


We have just introduced a major update to Opera Touch which you might find quite helpful. Our design-award-winning browser was created with those of you in mind who have smartphones with large displays. As phones aren’t getting any smaller, Opera Touch comes in handy with its navigation located at the bottom of the screen—perfect for the new iPhone 11 Pro Max and large Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Up to this release, you could navigate in the browser using the Fast Action Button, but many of you asked us to also introduce more standard-looking navigation. That’s what we did.

Opera Touch lets you choose the preferred navigation
Opera Touch lets you choose the preferred navigation

Starting today, you can go to your browser’s settings and choose your preferred way of navigating the web—with the Fast Action Button at the bottom of the screen or with our new navigation.

Both functionalities let you access your most recent tabs, go back to the previous page you visited or perform a search.

Opera Touch is available on both Android and iOS.

Happy browsing!

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