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Opera’s Crypto Wallet will be coming to iOS soon – sign up now to test it


We are happy to let you know that, after the success of our Crypto Wallet and DApp explorer in Opera for Android, we have decided to bring Opera Touch for iOS to Web 3. We are taking this step in response to popular demand from the Ethereum community. Many of you have asked us to provide the same seamless Web 3 browsing experience in iOS that we have put into Android.

iOS users around the world will soon gain access to a beautifully-designed, full-featured browser with an integrated native Crypto Wallet and Web 3 browsing functionalities.

Become a tester of Opera Touch with Crypto Wallet ahead of others

If you’d like to test how our newest iOS browser with Crypto Wallet and DApp explorer works on iOS, go to and sign up there. We’ll make sure to send you an exclusive invitation as soon as our browser is available for early testers.

Opera’s strategy to make Web 3 access seamless

Opera Touch for iOS will combine easy-to-use Crypto Wallet functionality with support for Ethereum decentralized apps, or DApps.

In December 2018, Opera introduced the Crypto Wallet into the Opera browser for Android.

Introducing Web 3 functionalities to our iOS browser marks a further step in Opera’s plan to remove the hurdles preventing mainstream Web 3 adoption.

We’ve identified the biggest challenge to be the lack of easy-to-use solutions for crypto. Users were forced to install separate wallet apps which didn’t include full-featured browsers. Setting up such wallets was difficult and browsing the web with a wallet app is burdensome. We’ve removed this hurdle by integrating an easy-to-use wallet into our Android browser. Now, we are delivering this seamless experience to iOS users.

A further step slowing down a potential mass adoption of crypto that we have seen was the difficulty of obtaining cryptocurrencies. We have already fixed this issue in Scandinavia through cooperation with the online brokerage company Safello. This means that our users in Denmark, Sweden and Norway can easily top up their crypto wallets in less than 60 seconds.

The next step will be for the Ethereum community to provide relevant DApps for people around the world to love.

Opera Touch comes with a set of handy features and great design

Opera Touch is an innovative web browser which won the Red Dot Design Award for its user interface focused around ease of use on large-display phones. We achieved this by moving the browser navigation to the bottom of the screen.

Our browser comes with a set of useful features including the My Flow function which lets you share websites and notes with yourself across multiple devices.

If you establish a connection between Touch and your Opera PC browser, the adaptive home screen will also display recent tabs from your computer.

Opera Touch is beautiful

Opera Touch features two themes, dark and light, and cutting-edge design visible throughout the app.

We have also recently introduced private mode into the browser to give you more privacy on the web.

Finally, the most recent addition to Opera Touch’s set of features has been the useful cookie dialog blocker. This functionality lets users remove annoying cookie prompts that prevent them from directly accessing content on the web.

Read more about the newest improvements we’ve made to Opera Touch.

Happy testing!

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