We all have our social side. Whether introverts or extroverts, most of us love to keep up with family and friends. Well … for some of us, it’s more with friends. But, sometimes limited mobile data  or phone storage stands in the way of staying connected on our social-media journey.

Group Of Friends In Cafe Taking Selfie Using Smart Phone And Monopod

Stay in the loop with Facebook notifications in Opera Mini

Joining in the conversation while it is still trending sometimes requires timely notifications . Opera Mini for Android keeps you up to date with its Facebook notifications feature, which lets you know right away when your awesome friends have shared photos or posts. Facebook notifications on Opera Mini for Android allow you to customize your social notifications by choosing when to receive alerts or switching them off when you need that peace and quiet.  To do this, just tap on the “O” menu > Settings >Facebook notifications.   


Don’t let image-heavy social apps eat up your mobile data

We all know Instagram can be a real data hog; it’s great  for sharing all those amazing photos, but the awesomeness can last even longer with Opera Max . Our Android data-management and data-saving app can help you reduce the data usage of video and image-heavy apps running on your phone. Opera Max can save you up to 60% of your mobile data on Instagram and Netflix, 50% on YouTube, and 40% on Google Chrome. You can even cut your data consumption in half on streaming music apps, such as YouTube Music, Pandora, Slacker Radio, Gaana and Saavn.

Be storage savvy

Most sites act like native apps, so why download them? Save space on your Android phone by accessing all your favorite sites from your home screen, via Opera for Android.  While browsing, just tap on the “+” button on the left of the address bar and choose “Add to home screen”. This way, you can free up space for all those videos and pictures you like.



Enjoy being on social media and tell us what you think of these tips on our Twitter and Facebook page 🙂

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  • Aneeqa Ahmed

    pretty nice sharring thankx

  • awesome this feature can reduce usage of data in smartphones

    • Angela Wang

      Try them out!

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  • afizh79

    hi,may i know whether there is a plan for operamax to use http/2. as far as i know,now operamax server using spdy protocol

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  • bolakuu

    waaa.. new information from opera mini.. and now we can use opera mini for connected to our social media.. 🙂

  • Ravinder Pratap

    opera mini is great for smart phones never hand at all.

  • Shahab Ahmadi

    It’s So cool.i like it

  • Wow Very information. Thank you
    Check out this article: California wants to ban daylight saving time.

  • Muhammed ÇELİK

    opera is best for saving data ty opera!

  • Don Joe

    Whatever you do with Opera Max, make sure you never try to Freeze it using root-access apps like Titanium Backup or SD Maid – you may completely destroy the networking setup of your Android system and end up having to restore from a system image (hasn’t worked for me) or even reinstall the whole ROM from scratch to get it working again. Opera Max is no joke, I would even say it’s too risky an app to be allowed on the market in the first place. You have been warned.

    • Angela Wang

      Hey Don,

      We’re sorry to hear that your Android installation has issues.

      Opera Max does not officially support custom ROMs nor the Xposed Framework. If you use either one you may have to search if there aren’t any known VPN issues with it.

      Opera Max sets up a VPN connection which can easily be taken down by the user (or any other app) at any moment, hence we take great care to ensure that we don’t leave anything behind even if the app crashes, is killed or interfered in any other way.

      If any tip is helpful, a full partition clone for restoring is easy with TWRP. /Angela

      • Don Joe

        Strangely enough, restoring System+Data with TWRP did not resolve my problem – your proxy settings in the APN section were left behind and made it impossible for me to connect to the Internet until I remembered there was such a thing as an APN (I always forget after I initially set it up and then just have it working for months or years). I don’t know why this part wasn’t in my backup, maybe something to do with CyanogenMod 12.1 storing some things in wrong places.

        Regardless, you should do more to emphasize where it is that you’re making important changes to the system and what the user needs to do to revert those changes, since obviously the uninstall process doesn’t always tacitly restore everything that was changed.

  • saya suka dengan Opera Mini.