Want to know right away when your travel buddies have finally shared those awesome pictures from your trip last summer? Or, would you rather control your notification settings, so you can have a little peace and quiet from your social-network profile?

You can customize your notifications with the Opera Mini for Android browser.


Get Facebook notifications

We’re always trying to evolve Opera Mini to help you do more. That’s why today we’re delivering a new feature that allows you to get the social notifications you want from your Opera Mini for Android, straight to your device’s notification bar.

You can find your notification settings in the Settings menu, under Facebook notifications.

The first time you access this, you will be asked to sign in to your account; once you have done this, Opera Mini will remember your login details and keep you up to date with what’s happening on your account.

Customize your notification settings

You can also tweak the notifications you want to receive by going to Notification settings.

If you want to turn notifications off, simply un-tick the checkbox next to Facebook notifications, and you will stop receiving them. Whenever you switch them back on, you will be automatically logged in to your account again.

If you have any questions about Opera Mini for Android you can check out this handy FAQ or come say “Hi!” on Facebook and Twitter.

And, as always, let us know what you think!


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  • Hridoy


  • What’s the tech behind this?

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  • Why does it say “You have enabled notifications from Facebook” when I never did any such thing? It’s very bad practice to opt your users into something without asking for permission or even notifying them at all. Extremely disappointed by this move. I never authorized Opera to access any of my Facebook information for any reason other than logging me into the site and retrieving pages (as with any other site I access through the browser). DO NOT make new features undisclosed passive opt-out when they involve accessing users’ private information.

    • Sami Jumppanen

      Opera Mini works like that: everything goes through Opera servers for compression/clean up before the browser. Everything. Though I admit having the notification feature enabled by default is a bit strange. It might be better to ask about it when first logging on to FB. Extra popups and questions may just have negative reception.

  • Will this make it on to the iOS Opera Mini?

  • netwolf

    And I try to block that SM-stuff wherever I can… :-p

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  • Gary So

    but still it cannot be used in chromebook

  • NeroWin


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  • Sami Jumppanen

    I like this! Less than a week ago I had to switch to a cheaper phone than I had before, and that was a good reason to try out Opera Mini after a long break. I’d seen a long time ago that FB app is NOT going to be in my Android phone (I had tried it a few times but always came into conclusion that it made the phone behave very badly), so suddenly getting notifications from FB without the app was strange… and good news! So far I haven’t seen resource loss. I’d use Opera Mini anyway for now.

  • Opera Mini works like


  • robot

    And what if someone wants facebook notifications but not the vibrations and beep?

  • Opera Mini works like