Is background data devouring your data plan? Get free Opera Max app!

Did you know that around 30% of your mobile data is lost to background data? Background data is when apps pre-fetch data like ads, even when you’re not using the app.

We got fed up with this sneaky, unwanted behavior. So, to help you out, we’ve added a Smart Alerts feature to Opera Max, our free data-management and data-savings Android app.

Smart Alerts tell you when Opera Max catches any apps using a high amount of data in the background.
When you get a notification from Opera Max, you can choose to block an app’s background data. You can still use all your apps normally, and you’ll still receive your notifications even when the app isn’t open. The only difference is that, thanks to the background-data blocker, these apps will only use data when you tell them to.

So, whether you just want to monitor apps, completely block them from using mobile data or selectively manage your data usage, Opera Max has your back.

Three ways Opera Max can be your best Android buddy:

1. Monitor your data. (The observer)

If you’re lucky enough to be sporting an unlimited data plan, then restricting your apps may not be the name of the game. But, most of us would agree that knowing what activity is happening on our phones and how our apps are behaving (especially when we think they are closed!) is important. Whether it’s privacy, RAM use, battery consumption or data savings, knowledge is power!

Without any setup required, Opera Max helps you track all the data your apps are using.

2. Block all data on the apps you choose. (The authoritarian)

On the flip side, some of you prefer to keep a firm hand on your apps. Especially, when you need to stretch your data plan. The best way to stop apps from draining your data allowance is to temporarily block them from accessing mobile data completely. Just tap the app you want to block, and Opera Max will make sure no data gets through.

3. Keep background data usage in check. (The captain)

And, now, there’s a new, game-changing option for those of us who want to keep using our apps, without letting them gobble up data in the background without our knowing. You can make sure you always know what you’re spending data for, instead of it going toward sneaky ads or refreshing content you haven’t asked to see, not to mention things tracking your data usage on the sly.

Download Opera Max and tell us what kind of data saver you’d like to be?

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