Monthly archive for: February 2016

Solution to mobile-internet problems, Opera Mini

One look around and we can all relate to the diversity of culture and languages in our country. At the same time, there are many things which bind us together, like cricket, Bollywood and discussing politics, to name just a few. I’d like to add “frustration related to mobile internet” to that list. Mobile-internet woes...

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Students enjoying free Wi-Fi

Google gave a breather to millions of netizens as it launched a free, public Wi-Fi service at the Mumbai Central Station, making it India’s first public Wi-Fi-enabled railway station. The move follows Google CEO Sunder Pichai’s announcement to enable 100 railway stations with Wi-Fi connectivity during his India visit in December 2015. Free access to...

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Faster internet with Opera Mini

We all crave for a faster internet, especially when browsing from mobile phones. However, sometimes a faster internet connection could also mean a expensive data plan. To make the most out of your existing mobile data plan, your best bet is to switch to the Opera Mini web browser, which uses a unique compression technology...

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