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Guide to buy the best smartphone

best smartphone guide

Thinking of getting yourself a new phone this shopping season? Here’s our guide to finding the best smartphone to help you make the right choice.

best smartphone guide

Buy the best smartphone you can afford

Now, we know budget plays an important role when selecting a new phone, but don’t let the price hinder you from making a good investment. After all, most of us stick to a phone for at least two years, if not longer. Do keep a price range in mind, but if you are getting a better upgrade and the difference in cost is not much, take advantage of that deal. 

Operating system – iOS, Android or Windows?

Before we talk about features, it’s important to decide what kind of phone you really want. Since smartphones lead the category and we don’t want to delve into the world of feature and basic phones, the choice is mostly down to operating system, the most popular being iOS, Android and Windows. All three support apps download but have different ecosystems.

Apple’s iOS is well integrated but makes you quite dependent on the Apple App Store for your content. Android, on the other hand, provides more flexibility and customisation. Windows phones are reasonably priced and are helpful if you want to use Microsoft’s other services on your smartphone. So, choose the best smartphone for yourself by choosing the most suitable operating system for your needs – a must-check on the list.

Camera – it’s not just about megapixels

Yep, we know, we all want great pictures and we want our phone camera to do that job. Quite a few smartphones on the market do live up to our expectations and can easily replace traditional cameras. However, there’s more to a phone camera than just megapixels. Laser autofocus, camera sensitivity and ISO are a few things that you should check. These features decide how your pictures turn out in low-light conditions. So, don’t limit yourself to the idea of “the higher the megapixels, the better the camera”. Make a more informed choice.

Screen size

Large, medium or small – take a look at the display models available at mobile stores and make your pick. Smartphone screens are getting bigger, some with screen size 5.5 inch or bigger, are now being called “phablets”. These make it easier for you to watch films and read e-books. The good part? Cost constraint doesn’t play a role here. Even budget phones boast of 6-inch screens. Some people, however, do prefer medium or small screens for portability purposes – easier to carry and scroll. At the end of the day, there’s no ‘best smartphone screen size’ and the selection depends entirely on your personal preference.


Last, but definitely not the least, is battery life! What’s the point of owning a jazzy smartphone if it conks off every four hours and you can’t use it during emergencies? A phone’s battery life plays a critical role in making it the best smartphone for you. Battery performance is listed in terms of talk time, standby time, and how many hours you can expect your smartphone to work if you use excessive internet. A phone with 3000+ mAH capacity battery is a good buy!

There are many other factors for you to take into consideration before buying the best smartphone for you: processor, design, brand durability and 4G compatibility, for example. Since your smartphone is a significant investment – not just financially but emotionally too – make sure you check out the display models at mobile stores and make a good judgement call. Happy shopping! 🙂


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