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5 Reasons why Opera is your best travel partner

best travel partner opera

From uploading your vacation selfies to making sure you’re secure on public Wi-Fi, here are five reasons why Opera can be your best travel partner and help you stay connected online while travelling.

best travel partner opera

1) Upload pictures on social media at top speed while travelling

Travelling in gorgeous, remote locales with limited internet connectivity and low speed can be an absolute killjoy. Frustration is at its paramount when you take a great picture of a beautiful sunset and you want to share it with friends but can’t because it’s taking forever to upload. Speed tests have shown that Opera Mini is the fastest browser when compared to Google Chrome and UC. So, you won’t just access websites faster, you’ll also be able to upload pictures to social media at a higher speed with Opera Mini than on any other browser. Why not do a speed test of your own?

2) Save your internet bill from shooting up during your vacation

While going away for a vacation can be a rejuvenating experience, few things in life can be as nightmarish as looking at your phone bills after returning from one. Internet data costs for roaming can be a total party-ruiner! Solution: one Android app that can help you save tons of internet data while travelling is Opera Max. Select the apps that eat up most of your data – Instagram, Youtube, et al, – and Opera Max will save up to 50% of the data going to these apps. You can also listen to songs on Gaana while trekking and Opera Max will keep your internet bills under control. Did we tell you it also saves your phone’s battery? Best travel partner ever, isn’t it?

3) Stay safe on public Wi-Fi

Opera Max helps you keep your information private when using public Wi-Fi at airports, stations, coffee shops and hotels. So, you don’t have to worry about your data being exposed to hackers. Keep your internet history safe and protected while travelling – your travel partner is here to fight the data-stealers.

4) Stay updated with all the latest news and cricket scores

While distancing yourself from the chaos is often encouraged during vacations, it’s also safe to keep tabs on what’s happening around you, especially the region you are travelling in. So, if you are a news junkie on vacation who just wants a peek at the major headlines, Opera Mini brings you all the latest news and cricket scores right onto its homepage. Say good-bye to the many news apps on your phone and let your browser update you!

5) Save pages offline on Opera Mini to have all your information handy even without internet

It becomes an emergency-like situation when you have to search for important information on your phone while travelling but you have no internet connectivity. This is even more worrisome when you happen to be a solo traveler. So, to take required precautions, it’s better to save all your important websites/pages on Opera Mini for offline use beforehand. Just go to the website or page you want to save and tap on ‘Save for Offline’. To open the pages later, go to your home screen and click on ‘Saved pages’. Now you’re good to go. The pages are there on your phone and won’t require any internet connectivity for viewing. Travel safe. 🙂Travel partner Opera save offline

So, do you think Opera could be your new favourite travel partner? Do share your thoughts in the comments below. And please don’t forget to share your feedback on our apps on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

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