Changelog for 105

105.0.4970.48 – 2023-12-12 blog post

  • DNA-112522 ‘Find in page’ option does not show text cursor

105.0.4970.34 – 2023-12-05 blog post

  • DNA-112796 [Import] Import bookmarks and history don`t work
  • DNA-113147 Add strength setting for Lucid Mode
  • DNA-113148 Update ‘Lucid Mode’ button on videos to enable / disable split preview
  • DNA-113287 Add strength setting for Lucid Mode in Easy Setup
  • DNA-113310 Remove Lucid Mode for Images
  • DNA-113360 [Lucid Mode] Shadow around lucid mode button
  • DNA-113447 Split preview line should be white
  • DNA-113630 Lucid Mode strength should default to highest (in desktop)

105.0.4970.29 – 2023-11-30 blog post

  • CHR-9416 Updating Chromium on desktop-stable-* branches
  • DNA-112273 [Mac] Additional border in sidepanel
  • DNA-113292 Extension icons not shown after restart

105.0.4970.21 – 2023-11-22 blog post

  • DNA-112425 Choosing Workspace Icons doesn’t work as expected
  • DNA-112787 glow around tiles in Top Sites section in BABE in dark theme

☣ = bugfix

105.0.4970.16 – 2023-11-17 blog post

  • CHR-9416 Updating Chromium on desktop-stable-* branches
  • DNA-111903 [Lin] [Component-based-scrollbar] Old design is displayed on Ubuntu 20.04
  • DNA-112914 Visual glitch with HWA enabled in some random places
  • DNA-113137 [WinLin][Sidebar autohide] Sidebar panel is not connected with sidebar

105.0.4970.13 – 2023-11-14 blog post

  • CHR-9416 Updating Chromium on desktop-stable-* branches
  • DNA-111885 [Address bar] Hover effect on padlock icon is not rounded
  • DNA-112411 Active Tab in Tab Island in Dark Mode should have different colour
  • DNA-112431 Dragging tab quickly past last island on the right, causes tab to be dropped at the end of tab strip instead of at location of the cursor
  • DNA-112692 [Windows] Not possible to scroll by moving cursor to right edge of maximized browser window and dragging scrollbar
  • DNA-112878 [Tab strip] Detached tab not restored after restarting browser
  • DNA-112900 Crash at opera::component_based::ComponentTabDragController::StopViewDragging
  • DNA-112996 Translations for O105
  • DNA-113016 [macOS arm] There is a glitch when new tab is open
  • DNA-113213 Promote 105 to stable

105.0.4970.10 – 2023-11-09 blog post

  • CHR-9504 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-119-4970 to 119.0.6045.105
  • DNA-111938 Option “Automatically hide sidebar’ and Full screen makes Opera freeze
  • DNA-112241 Stuttering video on some systems with OOP SW H.264 decoding
  • DNA-112836 [Win] Sidepanel does not match the length of the sidebar
  • DNA-112856 Crash on closing tab with detached videoconferencing popout
  • DNA-112862 Crash at extensions::BookmarksPrivateAPI::OnListenerAdded(extensions::EventListenerInfo const&)
  • DNA-112990 Crash when closing tab tooltip and opening Search tabs

105.0.4970.6 – 2023-11-02 blog post

  • CHR-9482 Update Chromium on master to 119.0.6045.9
  • DNA-111521 [ReactDropdown] First press of PageUp key has no effect
  • DNA-111707 Adjust to changes to login flow in Opera Account
  • DNA-112270 “Delete suggestion” (x) button stays focused after suggestion is deleted
  • DNA-112391 [Mac] [Lin] Sidepanel does not match the length of the sidebar
  • DNA-112443 [VPN] Map not displayed in popup in dark mode
  • DNA-112452 CoB/ CoS section is missing paddings
  • DNA-112454 [Start Page] No context menu in Search bar using right button of mouse
  • DNA-112602 Workspace emoji icons in context menu not displayed properly
  • DNA-112636 [Tab strip] Detach button on meeting tabs moves on hover and is replaced by close tab
  • DNA-112644 Add permission for Opera Background worker
  • DNA-112684 Store remote schedule locally to have something from the start
  • DNA-112696 Create empty project for React ‘Rate this feature’ dialog
  • DNA-112712 Remove duplicated HTML file for react projects
  • DNA-112742 Remove duplicated Web UI setup codes for react projects
  • DNA-112757 [Tab close button] Close button is cutted when a lot tabs are opened
  • DNA-112765 [Opera account] The Opera account menu is cut at the bottom.
  • DNA-112770 [Tab island] Unable to restore tabs closed as tab island
  • DNA-112776 Crash on closing browser with detached video conference window in different workspace
  • DNA-112841 Promote 105.0 to beta

☣ = bugfix

105.0.4963.0 – 2023-10-24 blog post

  • CHR-9461 Update Chromium on master to 119.0.6034.6
  • DNA-109384 Crash at static void content::`anonymous namespace”::GetContextLost(class scoped_refptr, class base::WaitableEvent*, bool*)
  • DNA-110465 [Scrollable tab strip] Weird animation when closing tab
  • DNA-111989 Favicons are displayed too close to titles in history menu
  • DNA-112272 Last position in history is cut in half
  • DNA-112461 Fix ExtensionTabsTest.CreatePinned
  • DNA-112462 Crash at opera::SidebarItemViewImpl::StateChanged(views::Button::ButtonState)
  • DNA-112464 Crash at `anonymous namespace”::SwitchToTabButton::OnThemeChanged()
  • DNA-112482 [macOS] Option File – New Tab in Tab Island should be disabled when no tabs opened
  • DNA-112653 Crash at opera::sync::OperaSyncStateImpl::GetSyncMechanismState() const

105.0.4957.0 – 2023-10-18 blog post

  • DNA-111807 [SpeedDials] Animation on middle click
  • DNA-111884 [Context menu] Tab group handler might not be visible when highlighted
  • DNA-111893 [macOS Sonoma] Opera developer name is Opera (developer is not displayed)
  • DNA-111964 Provide creation time for groups returned by tabGroups.query/get
  • DNA-112068 Imported browser history from other browser is not visible in the sidebar history
  • DNA-112222 Tab in island not marked as active
  • DNA-112238 Support shader as a custom hover animation on Start Page
  • DNA-112253 [Drag multiple tabs] Dragging tab causes other tab to become active
  • DNA-112266 Handle empty file names in pre-install additional config
  • DNA-112301 Crash at extensions::ExtensionTabUtil::OpenTab(ExtensionFunction*, extensions::ExtensionTabUtil::OpenTabParams const&, bool)
  • DNA-112304 [Autohide] Sidepanel is cut with enabled DevTools for Mobile View
  • DNA-112312 Turn on #wallet-selector on all streams
  • DNA-112313 Enable #pinboard-popup-refresh on all streams
  • DNA-111295 Improve the visuals of dragged island
  • DNA-112021 Favicons disappear from history after being hovered over

105.0.4950.0 – 2023-10-11 blog post

  • DNA-111873 [Tab islands] The tab islands are not rolled up after close and open browser
  • DNA-111878 Highlighting of tabs and bookmarks in dark mode is almost invisible.
  • DNA-111883 [Address bar] Hover effect on page is placed too high
  • DNA-111940 OMenu text displaced to the right without any indentation
  • DNA-111955 Reduce colors used in Opera as much as possible
  • DNA-111963 Show duplicate indicator when hovering tab in tab tooltip
  • DNA-112026 Refresh weather dialogs
  • DNA-112041 [Extensions] Extensions icon is not displayed
  • DNA-112045 [Speed Dials] Folder tiles blend with background color
  • DNA-112053 Context menu is too large on Mac
  • DNA-112071 Translations for O104
  • DNA-112075 Rename palette colors in theme for better reusability
  • DNA-112081 Fix sizing in edit tile modal
  • DNA-112103 [Weather] Tab opens as new tab in tab island
  • DNA-112112 Wallpaper takeover should enable custom wallpaper
  • DNA-112122 Duplicate indicator on hovering link
  • DNA-112128 First tab switch should not animate
  • DNA-112200 Crash at Browser::OnTabStripModelChanged(TabStripModel*, TabStripModelChange const&, TabStripSelectionChange const&)

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