Opera 105 Stable

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Opera 105 to the stable channel. This update brings several important improvements and bug fixes that enhance your browsing experience. In this blog post, we will highlight the most significant issues addressed in this changelog.

  1. With this update, we have updated the Chromium engine to ensure you have access to the latest browsing technologies and security enhancements. Version: 119.0.6045.124
  2. We have resolved an issue where the hover effect on the padlock icon in the address bar was not displaying correctly.
  3. Our team has addressed a design inconsistency in Dark Mode where the active tab in Tab Island did not have a distinct color. This improvement ensures better visibility and usability in Dark Mode.
  4. We have fixed a usability issue where dragging a tab quickly past the last island on the right would cause the tab to be dropped at the end of the tab strip instead of the intended location.
  5. Our developers have resolved an issue that prevented scrolling by moving the cursor to the right edge of the maximized browser window and dragging the scrollbar. This fix restores the expected scrolling behavior.
  6. We have addressed an issue where a detached tab would not be restored after restarting the browser. This fix ensures that your browsing sessions are restored as expected.
  7. We have included translations for Opera 105 making it more accessible for users worldwide.

We hope you find these improvements valuable and enjoy a better browsing experience with Opera 105. As always, we appreciate your feedback and encourage you to share any suggestions or issues you may encounter. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting features in future releases.

Happy browsing!

Here’s the full changelog for 105 release. Happy browsing!

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