Installing ad blocker extensions for your phone and computer? Why not try one for free that’s built right into your browser.
Link to get Opera Mini browser for Android in Google Play

Opera for computers and Opera Mini for Android now come with integrated ad-blocking technology, so you can browse faster and more smoothly.

The ad blocker in Opera Mini means you save time while browsing, loading webpages 40% faster than without the ad blocker technology.

If you are on a limited data plan, browsing with limited ads also helps you save data. This is in addition to Opera Mini’s compression technology, which already reduces your data usage from a webpage by as much as 90%.

Faster browsing with built-in ad blocker

With its native ad blocker, Opera for computers speeds up page loading by as much as 89%, compared to browsing without ad blocking, and up to 45% compared to browsers with third-party ad-blocking extensions.

How to enable ad blocker in Opera

Opera Mini:

Under the “O” menu in Opera Mini, tap the data-savings summary. On iOS, ad blocking is available in Opera Turbo savings mode, and, on Android, it is available in both savings modes. From there, simply toggle “Block ads” on or off.

The built-in ad blocker can be enabled with a single click in settings. To deactivate it for a specific website, click the shield icon in the search and address bar and flip the switch. The dialog shows statistics on how many ads you’ve blocked overall, as well as on the current page. You can also compare the webpage’s load speed with and without blocking.

Join our Twitter game!

For three days, starting today, we’re hosting a fun, giveaway activity on our Twitter profile, where you can send your screenshots to show how much faster you’ve browsed with Opera for computers.

Stay tuned for the giveaway details from @opera on Twitter.

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  • Hi, But some time browser don’t attach any file when we want to attached file in gmail. Why?

  • D⍽␢

    Will this be coming to Opera on Android? (not Mini)

    • VeraLB

      Hi. I can’t really say for now, but will pass on the question to the team working on Opera for Android.

    • Kiran Dhillon

      Hi Will, did you update your Opera browser on Android. It now has ad blocking.

      • DubDub

        Yes, I did. Thank you for the heads up!

  • Flavoi

    Hi Opera Team, is there any chance of seeing a native ad blocker for iOS anytime soon? Thanks!

  • David Challinor

    With this update now when you download a page your presented with a FLASHING on / off page loading icon. THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION WHERE THIS SORT OF IMAGE CAN INDUCE FITS!!! I can’t believe know body at Opera thought about this SERIOUS!!! issue. It’s bad enough that you have turned loading a page phychodelic with the different colours. Opera need to stop this before they end up on the news for the wrong reasons.

  • David Challinor

    Thank you for you quick response and reply.
    I just wanted to be clear for you, when I say “flashing’ it’s not a technical fault with the app it’s the way you have decided to inform a user the page is Loading. The name of the site loading goes in and out for bad sites this can be 8-10 secs.
    Imagine I came to your office a turned the lights in and off while you were trying to do your work, how distracting and irritating would that be not to mention damage to your eyes.
    I found myself having to look away or to the top loading bar to distract me, I’M SORRY!!! but it’s terrible it’s like slot machines at the circus, what were you thinking????
    Xperia Z5 Compact.
    Marshmallow 6.0

    • VeraLB

      Hi @david_challinor:disqus. Sorry for to hear this, I’ll be sure to pass to our mobile team. Taking notes of all the details you’ve given here.

  • Albin

    I see a greyed out “coming soon” area for a built-in VPN for the browser. In Canada, I use Hola on other browsers, doesn’t seem supported on Opera. I’d be curious about the time-frame and terms of service for Opera’s own VPN. (Hola takes a bit of user bandwidth and resells it to third party clients – is that Operas plan?)

  • Mario

    What about adding custom domains, rules etc. ?

    • Licaon_Kter
      • Mario

        Hi, thanks for the reply, but I was asking about desktop version of opera. For example, in uBlock, AdBlock etc. You are able to define Your own blocking rules, or add some custom, local adserver domains, which are not in common black lists. I was using uBlock, and I’m glad that there is build in adblocking in opera which is much faster, but it doesn’t block as much as uBlock does, because of lack of custom options.

        @veralb:disqus, could You please let me know?

        • Licaon_Kter

          The desktop version (at least the Developer one) already has custom lists support.

          Also you’d be better to ask there:

          • Mario

            Hi @Licaon_Kter:disqus

            Your’e right, there is something like custom lists support in developer version, I didn’t know. It would be cool, if it’s more flexible, but it’s a good direction anyways.


  • MacielLucas

    Create a native extension download videos…. pse ?

  • Raymond Chuang

    I wonder will this be incorporated into the Opera Coast web browser for iOS.

  • fcjan

    Any way to remove Start page button next to URL? I don’t really use speed dial tbh

    • Thomas Pierson

      You should count yourself lucky that you have bookmarks; opera has always been about the speed dial (a feature I love, personally) and book marks were only added after a great deal of pressure from users. You can alter your start page in the settings, but you can’t actually “get rid” of the start page.

  • Trọng Hiếu

    just wonder, is is possible for the built-in adblocker to recognize the adblock plus block file

  • Piyush K

    death of all publisher!!!!

  • pumpernikiel

    Too bad I won’t get the new Opera on Vista 🙁 Will have to think about using another browser. I really liked the red O 🙁

    • Dex4Sure

      About time to upgrade if you are on Vista still. 10 is a good choice despite many people cry about it (mostly just less intelligent people). Although if you’re planning to use the new OS on your current Vista running PC then 7 might be a better choice.

      • pumpernikiel

        Believe me – I would update to Windows 10, but there’s no free upgrade for me. Win 10 would run without problems on my computer.

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  • thank u

  • I really like opera very much Now its more favorite to me as its fast and get small memory on running now add blocker is added what is more good for me.

  • ZamYar

    how we can add ads to block by opera?(similar “Block this ad” in right click for AdBlock)

  • アアン タミム

    then opera ad blocker will hurt revenue website?
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  • slamet

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  • Lt_Ellis

    Ihave enabled it but still get ads from which block the entire screen and can’t be taken off.

    • stirfry

      It appears that the ad blocker for Android is bogus

  • Obrien Megan

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  • dian

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  • アアン タミム

    publisher revenue will get down if any browser use adblock 🙁