Did you know that the first computer mouse created in the 60s was made of wood?

Here’s another interesting fact about this device: it can do more than your habitual pointing, clicking and scrolling. You can navigate your browser faster by giving it common commands through simple mouse movements.

Try mouse gestures in Opera for quicker navigation

If you want to save time surfing the web, try mouse gestures in Opera for computers. These easy and natural gestures are yet another way Opera helps you browse faster.

To use mouse gestures, hold down your right mouse button, move the mouse a certain direction and release the button. For example, you can navigate one page back by right-clicking and moving the cursor left. Or, you can open a link in a new tab by right-clicking on it and moving the cursor down. Find the full list of gestures in our help pages.

Enable mouse gestures in Opera

Mouse gestures are enabled by default on Windows but these steps can be used to turn them on or off:

  1. Select Settings in the main Opera menu (on Mac, select Opera > Preferences).
  2. Click Browser in the sidebar (this should be the first category you see).
  3. Under Shortcuts, check the Enable mouse gestures box.

Now you’re ready to rock!

Another “navigation hack” you can try in Opera are rocker gestures, a quick way to move forward and backward between pages. Rocker gestures work by rocking your fingers between your left and right mouse buttons. Simply click and hold one button, click the other button, release the first button and let go. It’s that easy! Rocker gestures can be enabled using the same steps as above, except under Shortcuts, check the Enable rocker gestures box.

Practice makes perfect. After some time, these gestures can become a habit for faster navigation. Try them in Opera for computers and share your experience with us!

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  • Kai Ockendorf

    Mouse gestures is one of the reasons why I started to use Opera years ago!! But what I really miss now is the gesture to change tabs (right mouse button + scroll wheel) like in the good old days 🙂 Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yiğit Doğru

      vivaldi browser has that feature. along with many more from old opera.

  • theomni

    I absolutely love mouse gestures. The lack of mouse gestures on the current Opera is the main reason that I don’t use it. Once we get in some of the missing ones (especially right click and scroll for tab selection) and customizable gestures I would love to give Opera another shot.

  • Are there any additions to the chrome mouse gestures so I quarter Oprea? This is a really good solution

  • HaroldTPennington

    ….Some time hit the opera Find Here

  • Cryio

    That’s such a cute and unpractical mouse, haha .