Saving the stuff I find and like just got jazzed up with Opera bookmarks.

It’s easier to remember and recognize which bookmark is which. And, I can choose however I want my bookmark folders to look like.

Bookmark by color

Take, for example, bookmarking by color. My favorite color is red, so I save websites with a red layout, stories about the color red and images with a red theme.

Try the new Opera bookmarks today and bookmark by color

Bookmark by interest

Speaking of images, the internet is a treasure box of visual art – from publicly shared photos to digital artwork. A folder of photos I love is perfect in Opera’s bookmark manager. Going back to that folder is an enjoyable experience in itself because I see photo previews of the websites I’ve saved.
Try the new Opera bookmarks today and bookmark by interest

Bookmark by humor

How about bookmarking by humor? Think funny animals. I have not yet decided if I’m a dog person or a cat person, but this doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy videos and photos of fluffy fun from pet owners around the world.
Try the new Opera bookmarks today and bookmark by funny animal photos

I’m on to my eighth bookmark folder. How about you? Have you used Opera bookmarks yet? How many folders do you have and what’s your style of bookmarking the web?

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  • yoloswag

    Hey I think the new visual bookmarks feature looks pretty cool, to make organizing faster I’d like to suggest adding ability to drag and drop multiple bookmarks into a folder at a time which could work the select button.

    • Tarulia

      Yeah same for me. It’s weird because you can already select multiple bookmarks, but what’s the point if you can’t do anythingwith it 🙂

  • 15 folders, up 3 folder levels, total: +600 bookmarks.

    Personally if sorted by name or use, is enough. I haven’t enough time to sort them individually.

    Lack a little polishing the options and usability of bookmarks.

  • thanks for your great bookmarking post led light bulbs

  • Lovely graphics in this blog post. <3

  • masrooy45
  • oscar

    Look! if you get a virus and you have to format the hard disk what are you gonna do with the bookmarks.

    I think we need an option to back the bookmarks up!!!!!!!

  • Boyitqnu
  • George

    Cross on the left of bookmarks folder, for exploring them and puting bookmarks directly on subfolders?

  • George

    I can not save a new bookmark directly to a specific sub-folder of my favorite folders like the old nice opera… ctl+d opened the last played. On the top of the folder had the choise of bookmarking the current address in the folder… Also can’t separate bookmarks from sub-folders, when they are in the same folder.For example I want to see sub-folders on top, and after the bookmarks. And I can not check with the box all folders and move them on the top.Even if I check all of them, I can move only one…

    any answer???

  • George

    resently closed button on address bar? and delete all…

  • Ian Cheesbrough

    56 top-level bookmarks, nesting up to 4 levels, total of 969 bookmarks. I don’t need to be able to attach an image to a bookmark when the favicon.ico and page title are enough to remind me which bookmark is relevant. The only bookmark manager that’s any good is still way back in version 12. I’m pretty tired of all the propaganda trying to convince me that Opera is anything like as useful as when the Presto renderer was still being used. Rendering-wise, I have no issue with webkit/chromium but it’s taken 15 months for Opera even to publish a bookmark manager.

  • how can i add this to my bookmarks.. Gurgaon Call Girls, Call Girls in Delhi

  • Randy
  • ailsa swan
  • Bookmark always a helpful feature, these new style of bookmarking sounding very nice. I love to make it and selecting most relevant. 🙂 Kajri Gurgaon love this.