There are times when you don’t want your browsing history recorded. Like when you’re logging in to your email or social-media profiles using a friend’s computer or when you’re accessing your online bank in an internet café.

We at Opera take your online security and privacy seriously. When you don’t want your online sessions recorded, remember to open a private window and browse incognito from there. Once you’ve closed all the private windows after your browsing session, your data, such as history, cache and cookies, will be erased.

How to start browsing incognito in a private window

It’s easy to open a private window in Opera for computers. You can either go through the menu: File > New Private Window. Or, you can use keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+N for Windows and ⌘+Shift+N for Mac.

Easily recognize which Opera window is private

Private windows in Opera for computers are also easier to recognize. If you’re multi-tasking and you also have a normal window open, you’ll know which window is private, because it’s darker than a normal window.
Browse incognito with private window in Opera for computers

Private windows might be especially handy when you’re browsing from a public or a shared computer. You won’t leave any personal browsing data behind. But keep in mind that once you close a private browsing window, you won’t be able to retrieve it from Recently closed tabs.

If you want to learn more about private windows, head on over to our help page. And, if you don’t have Opera for computers yet, it’s a free download. Try it today. 🙂

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  • x a

    Right, “private” sessions com handy in various situations.

    Anyway, the experience would be more natural, if there was one private sandbox per private window, ie the sandbox being shared among multiple “private” windows can come surprising for users…

  • the_nuts

    How to get that dark skin??

    • sidspacewalker

      I would love to know as well. It looks beautiful.

  • If private session would actually look exactly as shown in this post (and requested by me with mockups more than once) than everybody would easily be able to distinguish them from normal ones and private tabs would also be possible as there’s no way users would get confused.

    I hereby vote for coloring private windows like depicted and re-introducing private tabs following this clear color scheme.

  • Prevedovich

    Does this “private window” makes SiteCheck on Google server? If so, it is not really private. Opera is the only browser that does not have option to turn it off.

  • Jedy

    How about an option to have Opera launch in a private window? It is a bit irritating to have to use ‘New Private Window’ after launching the browser. Also what about an option to clear browsing data automatically when you close the browser. Theses are features Firefox has that I like. I don’t however want to go back to Firefox!

  • Hadley Zedras

    VERY Cool, loving the added Opera security while banking online 🙂