Add a bit of fun to your weekend browsing with different themes. Changing  themes in the Opera browser for desktop is easier and quicker. We have several themes in the Add-ons catalog, but we know that you also come across more images online, so we’ve added a little touch of sweetness for you.

It’s just a matter of right-clicking on an image:

To get you started, here’s a list of sites you can visit to find theme choices:

1. Reddit
2. imagebase
3. deviantART
4. Vladstudio
5. CSS Author
6. Hubble Site
8. Social Wallpapering
9. Unprofound
10. Your own photos — why not use the photos you’ve shared in Facebook, Pinterest or Flickr?


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  • Vux777

    what happened to [Web UI Pages] ?
    is this gonna stay in opera? …because, everywhere i see some O-themes subject/discussion, nobody is telling users that they can do it that way… almost like you hiding it from users 🙂
    probably many of them don’t even know about it

    • veralb

      The possibility to set individual backgrounds for different pages is not going away, it will only improve. We are not hiding information, we are spreading it around: posting information for developers at and for users — at 🙂

      • Vux777

        I hope improvement will include UI elements too (color etc.)
        that pale beige…ughhh ツ

  • Deqn G.

    For more minimalistic style you can use or , but you need Tile option for the image like in Version 12.16

  • Maselli Luca

    You come back old features! bookmarks folder in sidepanel and NOTES like version 12.16!!!! >:(

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  • rohit

    There is no exit button option in this app. The app continues to run in background Pls add exit button

  • Dilshad Ali

    Hope that Technology improvement will include more features in it and color features too…

    thanks to post

    Ali Dilshad

  • Namma

    These aren’t themes or skins. This is LAZY. Even in Chrome I can get a theme that changes the color of the title bar, etc. Opera BORROWS from the OS. Lazy, lazy lazy and stupid. You should have left a way for USERS to customize their experience and not play “god” and decide we didn’t need it. And oh yes, not everyone is using browsers on phones – only the stupid ones. The rest of us are waiting for decent tablets, etc., and WILL want customization you lazy buzztards.