With the release of Opera Next, Opera Mail takes its star turn as a dedicated service.

This lean and mean email machine is lightweight, nimble and focused on one thing and one thing only – handling e-mail better than ever. Simple yet powerful, Opera Mail is designed to help you get the better of your inbox.

So much functionality in a free product, you say. Incredible. Take me to the download link immediately!

Just hold on for a second. We haven't even talked about the features.

Opera Mail client

Tabbed interface

Working with tabs, you can have multiple e-mails up at once and quickly switch between them.


With our threaded view you can easily follow any discussions you are a part of. It's super easy to follow up on any parts of the discussion. Once you no longer feel it's relevant for you, choose Ignore Thread to keep it out of sight and out of mind from that moment onward.

Filters and labels

Make use of automatic filters and labels. All mails can easily be set up to auto label or filter based on your own rules.


The new Opera Mail client is available to download from www.opera.com/computer/mail.

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  • UMaster 7

    Should be use this post to report issues? Will there be a separate Opera Mail Blog like http://blogs.opera.com/desktop/?

  • UMaster 7

    could you please add the option to move/show an imap folder to/in a selectable folder in Opera Mail for all folders you sync from this server via imap. It is very important especially if there’re folders like a virus suspect folder as on freenet.de

    Atm you can choose which folder is your inbox, sent, … on your mail server for imap. This feature should work exactly inverse, as written in the first paragraph 😉

  • Neville A. Daniels

    I would love to see Notes back, for both Mail and Browser. 🙂

    • UMaster 7

      Notes and a Calendar for Opera Mail would make sense, if you can sync with gCalendar and more oc

  • UMaster 7

    rendering problems with researchgate newsletters when you only give Opera Mail half the screen on my 14″ @ 1600x900px


  • UMaster 7

    1. more IMAP folders please (drafts)
    2. Any chance to make spam filter more intelligent?
    3. a more modern address book interface would also be nice 🙂

  • UMaster 7

    Could you please add an option to manually set a rss feed’s icon?

  • UMaster 7

    Opera Mail keeps easing some of my messages in my unread folder after restarting the programm.

    Also every time I mark some message (detected as spam) as not spam in order to move it to the unread folder, it also diasppears…


  • Ibrahimoulili
  • The only feature I really need in a Mail client is Exchange. Is there a chance it will be included in future releases?

  • ggeldenhuys

    Why still no FreeBSD version? Opera Mail (as part of Opera 12.x) worked really well.

  • Finally it happened with Opera Mail for Linux?

  • David Lawson

    Opera mail is stupid. Signature below everything and no option except to ‘hack’ the ini file. STUPID. Other email providers knew this a decade ago. What’s wrong with these people????

  • Spyke

    I am Using Opera Mail version 1.0 & I have imported mail from Eudora 7.0, importing was done successfully but when I tried to open email in Opera Mail there are some code showing the makes mail not readable, some emails are converted into HTML format & some attachments are missing also. Please advise what would be the best solution for this. waiting for your earliest response so that I can continue using this. Thanks in advance!