A completely redesigned user interface is rolling out from today in a new version of the Opera browser for Android. This will happen gradually, so it may take a little while before you see it on your phone or tablet.

Opera for Android Speed Dial

Design makeover

We’ve given Opera for Android a serious lick of paint: the browser has a new look that’s fresh, modern, and inspired by Android’s material design.
Link to get Opera For Android browser in Google Play

First of all, you’ll notice that the start page has a completely new design. Speed Dial is on the left of the carousel, and on the right is your news feed. Scroll through the channels across the top to see your favorite topics, and tap the + icon on the right to configure your favorite topics: you can easily add and remove them to customize the news you get. The news feed also comes with a reader mode that you can configure in Settings, which will load articles in a snap!

Opera for Android offline pages

Next up, let’s have a look at your personal corner of the browser. Tap on the person icon in the bottom-right corner, and there you can find a handy overview of your offline pages, bookmarks, history and downloads. You can also sign in here to sync your Speed Dial, bookmarks, tabs and typed history across your devices.

You’ll also notice the three-dots menu in the top-right corner of the browser. When you’re on a webpage, this menu has “find in page” and “share” functions. Via the “Add to” option, you can add the current site to your Speed Dial, Android home screen and more. You can also toggle data savings, and of course access browser settings. You’ll notice that we’ve grouped them into an order that’s easier to navigate, and besides the usual data savings options like ad blocker and video compression, you’ll find a lot of advanced start page configuration options as well.

Opera for Android three-dots menu

We are still working on bringing in options to switch between tablet and normal layouts, change the news feed language and select your download folder of choice, among other things. Stay tuned for those updates!

Update: Oct 7

In the latest update, we have added the following features:

✔ a layout switcher: in Settings > Browser, you now find an “App layout” option, allowing you to choose between phone and tablet layout, on any kind of device.
✔ a news country selector: available in Settings > News, the country switcher allows you to pick your country and language of choice for the news that is shown on the home page.
✔ a download location picker: when you download a file, you can now choose where on your phone you want to save it to.

Share your feedback

Take the new Opera for Android for a spin and tell us what you think! Add your thoughts in the comments below or in the forums.

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  • skt.diaz


  • Citizen

    Nice! Love the design change. Think it would be absolutely great if you allowed an option to modify bottom bar icons – I never use BACK and FORWARD icons, would love to be able to have SHARE and EXIT instead.
    Something else I’ve been missing since switching over from other browsers is an option to share link on a website in the tap and hold menu – at the moment the available options are: open in new tab, open in private tab, copy link, copy link text, download. We should have a SHARE LINK option there as well.

    • zlauder

      Great that you’re loving the design change! Thanks for the feedback about the share functionality, and that you want to be able to share content even faster. Taking that input to the product team. At the moment you can find the share button under the three-dots menu in the top-right.

      • Citizen

        Hi, thanks for the reply! I noticed the share button under the three dots menu, it would just be much more convenient (for me) to have it in the bottom bar. Really hope you could implement SHARE LINK option into the tap & hold menu, that would make opera absolutely perfect for me ;D

        • nshr

          It was there during beta, but there was a lot of complaints because not many people are using this feature.

          • Citizen

            Do you mean share icon in the bottom bar, or share link option in tap&hold menu?

            Different people use apps differently, that’s why it would be great to have ability to tweak this to your personal preference. I use sharing a lot and don’t think I used the forward icon even once.

          • nshr

            Share icon in the bottom bar, instead of current forward button.

            I agree, that customization of the bottom bar would be great indeed.

            Back button, btw, also could be replaced because there is a standard android “back” button.

  • Sean Greenhalgh

    Guys, don’t go the trendy simple interface.

    Check-out these designs:

    Simple interfaces are boring!

    • zlauder

      Thanks for sharing your feedback! Is there something particular in the interface design you’re not keen on?

      • Sean Greenhalgh

        Not enough features… You have sacrificed them to make it look cool and clean. Everyone seems to be going down this clean, simple interface route. But I believe that having more features, having the IA organised correctly is just as effective, if done right.

        If you look at the market trends of China, it’s more this way. Some of the most ugliest websites are the most usable. Looks are secondary.

        It’s my personal opinion obviously. When you look at the Yahoo Japan home page, you will know what I’m talking about. Don’t sacrifice complexity.

        • zlauder

          Noted! Are there any particular features you’re missing?

          Glad you’re enjoying the desktop browser, too. 😀

        • Vivaldi might be the browser for you 🙂

        • Andreas Bovens

          There are more customization features and toggles than ever in the Settings, and more are coming. Be sure to have a look!

      • Sean Greenhalgh

        By the way, you guys are doing an awesome job with the PC browser. I really love it. I just switched over from Chrome. I’m loving it! Great work! 😉

        • No, please do continue doing what you’re doing UI-wise. Metro and Material design language styles are trending for a reason. They look great. We call this authentic digital design. Opera is my mobile browser of choice.

  • Irontiger

    Thanks for the update!

    Here are my thoughts:
    1. please give us an option to alwasy use the “thin” version of the address bar… that big one with the red background is just ugly and unnecessary!
    2. The new forward button in button bar is a reload button on the speeddial page with no functionality. Why? Is this a bug? Please replace it with the forward button as well.
    3. Please give us an option to not focus address bar on new tab. I want to see my speed dial directly… It’s extremely annoying this way… 🙁
    4. [BUG]? When you add a new tab the animation shows the new tab on the RIGHT of the last active tab. Now tap a free space to exit the address bar and tap on a speed dial entry. Now add a new tap… You’ll notice that the loaded tab is on the LEFT side of the last acitvate (but the “new” animation shows it on the RIGHT site). That’s quited weird and not intutive.



    • zlauder

      Hi Irontiger! Thanks for taking the time to try out the new browser and share your thoughts with us. Great to get such a thorough and specific list of feedback, that’s really helpful! I’ll make sure our product gurus get it.

      • Irontiger

        Thanks for the fast response and for forwarding my thought 🙂


  • zlauder

    The new version is being rolled out gradually as mentioned above, so it may take a little time before you see it on your device.

  • Vlad T

    Will it be available for Opera Mini?

    • zlauder

      Hi Vlad! We just released a new version of Opera Mini on Tuesday this week. It’s also having a gradual roll out so you might not have it available yet.

  • anonym

    just a small developer question: how to debug pages on opera mobile? there used to be opera://debug but its not working anymore.

    • zlauder

      Hi! When you have to have your phone connected via USB on your computer, go to opera://inspect on the desktop browser. You will see your open Opera for Android tabs there without having to do anything on your phone.

  • Jens

    Automatic cache/history cleaning would be great; the private mode should be faster accessible.
    Add CUSTOM search engines and DuckDuckGo + Startpage/Ixquick + Ecosia + Metager, please!

    • zlauder

      Thanks for sharing your input, Jens! In good news you can indeed add other search engines. Go to any website that has a search bar, long press on the search bar and you’ll see the option to add that website as an additional search engine.

  • gld59

    (As I’ve seen no mention of it, I assume this hasn’t been fixed in the new version.)

    Could you *please* make Opera do a “rescan media” after downloading a file. I’d like to be able to transfer a downloaded file to my computer without having to reboot the phone. (FX File Manager is not consistent in its ability to rescan, so if I discover the hard way a rescan didn’t work, I then have to reboot *both* the phone and the computer to be able to see the file.)

    • zlauder

      Noted! I’m looking into this one for you.

  • SteUeRunG

    First of all the new design looks good! But there are some steps back regarding usability.

    1) I think there should be an option for users on smartphones. I liked the way the old design had the menuoptions (sharing, searching, quit-button etc) on the right downside. You could reach it much better onehanded. Now on the right upside its not ideal for phones i’d say.

    2) I liked it better the old way, when you pressed the homebutton/speeddial-button you got there in the same tap. Now the current tap stays open in background and you have to close all these taps manually. More work closing those taps.

    3) Small thing but I’d prefer bookmarks on first position when you press the person icon. I dont use offline sites but often use booksmarks. Its one click more than on the old design.

    In general some actions in the new design got more complicated than on the old one. At least on mobile phones.

    • zlauder

      Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to get through the revamped browser design, and to send across your feedback. Glad you’re liking the new like, and thanks for listing out your thoughts on the usability and how many clicks it takes to reach things. Making sure the engineering elves get those inputs!

  • Ryszard Krauze

    when, if ever, could opera be available for windows mobile?

    • zlauder

      Hi Ryszard, Opera Mini is available for Windows Mobile (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/opera-mini/9wzdncrdmtk6).

      • Ryszard Krauze

        I’d rather thought about the proper, “normal” Opera if ever would be available for WM users

        • zlauder

          It’ll be Opera Mini, we unfortunately don’t have a team working on that platform.

  • Andreas Bovens

    As Zara said, we’re rolling this out gradually, but if you cannot wait to play with it, try out “Opera browser beta” in Google Play.

    • skt.diaz

      Would be great if it was possible to whitelist some websites in ad blocker

  • Panino, o Manino

    Phone interface on tablets, how do I switch?

    • zlauder

      For something like phone layout, you can hide the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Under the three-dots menu in the top-right corner, tap the cog icon for settings. Under the Browser section, tick “Full screen”, to hide the toolbar while scrolling down the page.

  • Ricardo

    I dislike:
    – Still using jurassic Chrome 50, full of security flaws.
    – New design without proper contrast. Google knows how to do it better.
    – Tab switcher is a pain. Please Tablet mode.
    – Major changes require major version number change.
    – Alpha quality products shouldn’t be released in stable channel; at the best in Beta.

    • zlauder

      Hi Ricardo! Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. The Chromium update is coming, and we monitor for security fixes constantly so that the browser is secure. In good news, the tab switcher from Tablet mode is coming. We tested this version in the beta for a while, and if you come across any stability issues or bugs please do report it in the app so that we can follow it up for you.

      • jho

        So does it mean that Chrome is more secure than Opera mobile?

        • Ricardo

          Obviously because Google updates it with security fixes very often.
          Also on Desktop. Opera takes some time to update its Chromium base. There is another browser based on Chrome that makes sure to release every version using the latest Chrome available: Vivaldi.

          • jho

            I know Vivaldi but I think they spent to much time on theme creation. Who needs that. I prefer Opera at the moment.

          • Ricardo

            I agree. Their interface doesn’t make me feel comfortable either. I’m waiting them finish Mail so I can move from Opera 12 Mail.
            Anyway, keeping up-to-date with Chrome must make them more secure than Opera.

      • Ricardo

        That painful tab switcher doesn’t show shots from tabs already open when browser start.
        About Chrome, if you are patching the 50.x branch with security updates, it would be very welcome a simple number change in the engine build. Really, is it being done? Because Chrome has been updated several times with security fixes since 50 was launched months ago…


    does this version of opera has a inbuild VPN or we have to download a separarte opera VPN apk. ?
    when will the indian users be able this update ?

    • xirit64

      About the 1st one, no. You have to use some other app for that like Opera VPN.

    • zlauder

      Xirit is correct, Opera VPN is a separate app on mobile, not built in to the mobile browser.

      The update is available for all countries, but rolling out gradually to users.

  • Abdulrhman

    Thanks for the update
    Can you let the user to choose the default search engine in the search bar.
    Kind Regards.

    • zlauder

      Hi! You already can. 🙂 Go to any website that has a search bar, long press on the search bar and you’ll see the option to add that website as an additional search engine.

      • Abdulrhman

        Thanks, I did not know that before 🙂

  • taudorinon

    I have no update and manual download from Opera seems also to be the old version. Anybody else with this issue.

    • Gytaro Angel

      yes.I have to same problem.

    • xirit64

      Same. Still waiting to test it out.

    • Andreas Bovens

      We’re doing a gradual rollout. If you want to play around with the latest changes right now, check out the Beta channel in Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opera.browser.beta

      • taudorinon

        Thanks for the information. I was just wondering, because I have seen the news, and even now after 5 days I have no update. I was also wondering that even the Opera Website doesn’t offer the new version as download. Anyhow, I will wait for the update, to come in.

  • Mon

    Why change things that were good?

    1. The new bottom bar reduces space for visibility of the pages and if I enable the full screen option then I have to make scroll for make the bar visible for use it. Why not have an option for the user to choose whether to use the bottom bar or have those buttons in the menu as before?
    2. When I open a new tab, I would like the Speed Dial will be displayed as before.
    3. Before, we can tap on the arrow of a search suggestion for avoid to launch the searching and only put the text on the search box. Why have you removed that?

    I think this new version has no new interesting features and instead is full of drawbacks in usability.

    • zlauder

      Sorry to hear that you’re not enjoying the new version. Thank you for sending across your opinions on it, and also for taking the time to really take the latest version for a spin. I’ve passed on your inputs to the product team.

  • Abdoo Rofa

    any news about opera mini for windows phone ?

    • zlauder

      Hi Abdoo, we unfortunately don’t have a team working on that platform.

  • gromich

    There is two things now, I very strong need in Opera Mobile.
    1. If you exit from Opera, tabs must not close.
    2. I want to set font size of sites in preferences.
    Are you planning to do this finctionality?

    • Herr Pietrus

      2. I want to set font size of sites in preferences.

      Oh yes, although we have force zoom option, font size switching would be great too!

    • Hans Hilfig

      No font size preferences is a showstopper for me. Browser itself is good and fast, but I will not use it without this feature.

      • Herr Pietrus

        And since they use Google’s engine it’s really strange that Chrome has this function and Opera doesn’t.

        • Hans Hilfig

          Yes, strange design decision…

    • jho

      to 1.: No! There is already a popup asking you this. I want to have the tabs closed then I close(!) the browser.

      • gromich

        No. Mobile Opera just notice you about closing tabs.

  • Herr Pietrus

    Is it a joke?
    No alternative layouts… (OK, i know – only temporarily)
    Bookmarks and history hidden in counter-intuitive menus instead of leaving them on the main page…
    Always visible “share” and “save page” icons…
    And still no support for tinted status bar…

    BTW – IMHO top bar should remain red also in compact version

  • xirit64

    @andreasbovens @zlauder Can you please provide a changelog so that we can see what is fixed or not in order to avoid unnecessary bandwidth waste and the build number just like you do with the desktop version?

    Also you give to “gradually” and ” it will take a little ” a whole new meaning, it’s been already a week and nothing yet… :/

  • Luzandro

    First of all: finally the share menu isn’t totally random anymore and it even remembers what you actually use, I already gave up hope this would be fixed.

    Besides that, I really miss the phone-layout. I get it, that phones are getting bigger and some people like the classic layout with a bottom bar, but I don’t. I find it useless, it takes up place for no reason, it’s too bright and looks weird above the system navigation bar, especially with two back buttons that do exactly the same most of the time.

    Private Tabs are too much hidden in the tablet-UI in my opinion. Discoverability would be better, if the ghost-icon is shown even if there aren’t any private tabs open currently. Long press on the plus-icon also doesn’t give you the option to open a private tab anymore.

    Copy and search seems like a decent feature, but can any app read anything I copy to the clipboard in a different app? I haven’t found anything that sounds something like that in the permissions.

    The user-submenu seems a little bit arbitrary to me and to me it made more sense to have for example bookmarks directly available at the toplevel as one of your speeddials. Same goes for history, it’s not really intuitive, why this is hidden under “user”. You could at least add an option to add shortcuts to all of those to your speeddial.

    Sync doesn’t seem to work (Opera Beta 37.1.2192.108355)
    /edit: I just noticed that I was never asked for my Opera Sync passphrase, so it can’t work although it does show me as logged in and just doesn’t sync anything

    When you open news in reader mode, the links show up as api.elysium.opera.com/…. in your history without the option to switch back to the original source.

  • Herr Pietrus

    Oh – really great that in new reader mode we can enlarge the font.

  • Firdaus Ahmad

    Folder for Offline Pages, that would be great if that happens.

  • xirit64

    I tried 3 times to post my opinion after I’ve tried it but it was detected as spam. In case different people see it here and there here is the link: https://forums.opera.com/discussion/comment/15250555#Comment_15250555

  • Cenon M.

    I’m liking the new beautiful design, can’t wait to experience it.

  • Linda Langos

    Hi, I do not understand why you did this update. I notice zero advantages, but the following serious losses:
    – there is no forward button. or I am unbale to find it. this is really a problem, if I have a little free time, I will look for another browser that has one.
    – it looked better before. not everyone likes a boring grey-in-grey design…
    – precious development time is spent that could have been used to address real user needs. example: there is no recently closed tabs section in the history – or I am unable to find it.

  • Dark Magician

    You are really taking a long time to release it to everyone.
    Are there possible issues with the new version?

  • Been 2 weeks still not getting it on play store. Great roll out guys.

  • ouzowtf

    What I miss currently is to _quickly_ open a page or URL in a new private tab.
    When I switch to the “private” section in tab view, why not directly open a new tab if there are currently no other tabs?
    Or even better would be to have the possibility to open a copied URL in a new private tab instead of a normal tab when copy and search is activated.

    Another thing that would be helpful is the possibility to whitelist specific websites for ad blocking.

  • Len Minders

    Still no update

  • Vilveroz Z

    Opera, please

    since this article posted i still cant find the “new look” opera on playstore, i dont understand what is going on, on my playstore its still june 2016 update,

    not only opera browser, but also opera max which is released, but i cant find the update.

    the beta channel has no problem.

    why cant release update for all country ? or opera only prioritize some country ?

    • Ruth_opera

      Hi there, it is being rolled out to users bit by bit 🙂 not everyone can access them yet

      • x a

        While doing your graaaaaaaaaaadual™ roll-out: Do you know, that old-look Opera for Android 37.0.2192.105088 in this case) does not sync to desktop developer Opera (42.0.2374.0 e.g.)? Does it even sync to stable Opera desktop, as you purportedly have changed some security modalities after the latest sync server security breach…

    • xirit64

      It was mostly a showcase/forced launch because the latest update was back in June and people wondered why such a delay, and because some things weren’t working that good they ‘ve postponed it a bit, since they are still working on them in the beta stream, check the beta changes in the play store for more info.

  • xirit64

    Thanks for the update. I have a question, why can’t I see the logo of these sites on my SD while they are perfectly being shown in the suggestions?


    P.S. Tried to post it to the forums several times but the forum is borked…

  • x a

    It’s starting to get kind of confusing:

    There is (A) new-UI Opera “Opera browser news & search” [id=com.opera.browser] (only rolled out to a fragment of users), both (B) “Opera News” (sometimes labeled “Lab”) [id=com.opera.android.browser] and (C) “FeedNews” [id=com.opera.android.news] officially only rolled out to certain countries (but side-loadable)… (Plus there are of course Opera Mini, Opera Max, Opera VPN,… and the Betas.)

    Supposedly (B) is (A) with a stronger focus on the news discovery thingy; and (C) is (B) stripped of its full blown browser UI? Or will (A) com.opera.browser installations be migrated to (B) com.opera.andriod.browser ones – is that, why can’t I find com.opera.browser APKs released more recently than June 16th (37.0.2192.105088)?

  • Uzma Zareen

    i am currently using opera 37.1.2192.108356 but i do not received any update why ?

  • Jose Iglesias

    hmmm interesting , but what about add-ons are the followers going to be able to add extension and add or example Ublock origin like firefox ??

  • philips9179

    Please could opera officially answer this;

    When will opera compile and sync complete browsing history between the desktop and iOS???

    Thank you

  • xirit64

    Guys, any news on an ETA? 🙂 It’s been already a month since the announcement and still no sign on play store 🙂 Did that corporate restructuring affect you so much? Your colleagues @Opera Desktop are working on 3 different streams and every week the pigs that are sniffing for truffles (® by @ralfbrinkmann) are always happy, what have we done to deserve this? 😛

  • Ricardo

    Best Opera could do is using Android System WebView as the engine instead of trying (and failing) to maintain an integrated copy of Chrome.

  • Please give us a better ability to control the website notifications. Allow and don’t allow is not enough. Let us mute them etc.

  • miki

    Please tell me how to turn off – you recommend icon

  • miki

    how to disable speed dial icons

  • bilgisayartamirhanesi
  • Andrea

    It’s normal that in Italian Play store the last version of opera mobile is 37.0.2192.105088 15 June 2016? There is no new layout.

    • xirit64

      Unfortunately yes.

      • Andrea

        Ah .. great !! xD

  • Daivy Merlijs

    Still not available in Belgium. When is it coming?

    • xirit64

      I wonder actually if there is somebody in whole Europe that got it, I suspect the chinese takeover and company restructuring (in real words… the layoffs) had an immense impact of getting no update for 5 months now 🙁

  • rblanca

    Right now…i’m using lastest opera beta…and i can say…opera its becoming a bloated browser…that News Service keeps Opera app on execution on first plane and never go to background so the ram by opera (wich is a lot) never get free if you dont kill the process. Even when you disabled all News options (by the way who use this thing on a Android Browser)