We have been busy this summer working on a new feature for Opera Mini for Android. Now, your large downloads can be set to download only when you are on a WiFi!

In the spirit of Opera Mini, this feature avoids eating up your mobile data and can help save you money. Now, Opera Mini detects if you are downloading a file that is larger than 15MB, then asks if you want to download it now or wait until you are on WiFi. Tap Wait and continue browsing. Later, when you get to your favorite coffee spot and connect to WiFi, Opera Mini will resume the download and notify you when it’s all done. It’s that simple!
download-wifi-only-opera-mini-androidWe’ve also implemented support for HTML5 video, giving you access to more video sites.

Some of you will be our first testers for the Discover feature that is already available on Opera for Windows and Mac, Opera for Android and Opera Mini for iOS. The Discover feature brings you the top news, entertainment and sports from around the globe, right in your browser. It lets you lean back and read regional content from your country in your language.

If you’re one of the lucky few, when you open Opera Mini, you will see the Discover feature. Currently, we’re testing it out in these areas: India, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Vietnam, Turkey, US, South Africa, Ukraine, Mexico, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

Other improvements in the updated Opera Mini for Android include:
– An enhanced installation screen
– An option to opt-out of Google Analytics
– Various stability and performance issues fixes

You can get Opera Mini for Android in the Google Play store.

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  • SQL

    “Some of you will be our first testers for the Discover feature that is already available on Opera for Windows and Mac”
    You forgot Linux there :p

  • Indera Sadana Wibawa

    I do not see any new features: discover on my opera mini 7.6 why?

    • Indera Sadana Wibawa

      after I check again. my country Indonesia, does not yet support the discover feature. and when I put the IP US, discover features appear. when I mentioned that the country is included.

      • veralb

        Thanks for the report, Indera. We’ll look into this.

        • Indera Sadana Wibawa

          thanks veralb for response

      • it will be supported in the new future Indera.

  • I am not one of the lucky person as well 🙁

  • Emmanuel Hansen

    what about Ghana

  • Indera Sadana Wibawa

    if you want to try can be accessed by typing in the URL opera:discover, but no guarantee can be run. because it requires access from your respective countries

  • mina saher

    i would like to see the turbo feature like in opera classic, because viewing pages rendered by opera mini oR the off-road mode in opera for android, ain’t always a pleaure,

  • toitures

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  • Simon

    How do I download stuff that is over 15mb without Wi-Fi – it says download failed if it’s higher than 15mb – I have unlimited internet but no Wi-Fi

  • helpo

    First of all browse through the download page. Then tap and hold on the download link to open menu.
    Tap Open in New Tab. Now tap the Reload like screenshot given below.
    The download page will start reloading. In the mean time opera will prompt you to save the file. Wait wait… Don’t tap the save button before the reload gets completed (otherwise you will ruin the trick).
    After download page finish it’s reloading just tap Save.
    That’s it. Your download should be started soon.
    Have a look at the below screenshot to make sure that Reload trick is a working trick.
    thanks 🙂