New Opera Mini for Java and BlackBerry


We have a new version of Opera Mini for Java and BlackBerry phones (BlackBerry OS). We’ve been working on this one for a long time. The last time we had a blog post about Opera Mini was for version 4.5 and we got chocolate cake then. Still not sure how we’ll celebrate this one, but marzipan cake is very popular here in Norway. Enough talk about sweets. Here are the real treats:

New look and feel
Yup, Opera Mini 8 comes with a brand-new design. We think it looks pretty good.

Private browsing
Select private browsing if you want to be private.gfx1_private-browsing-good_NEW 

Night mode
Staying up late? Turn on night mode to dim your phone’s display. We’ve listened to your requests — now, you have a better way to browse at night. This is especially helpful for those with devices that don’t support automatic dimming.

Accessing tabs on phones with keypads Tab access has also improved for phones with keypads. Try it out: push the arrow up button to get a new tab. Here are other shortcuts that you can use in Opera Mini: Opera Mini quick tips: # 0 to reload a page. # 2 to search Google. # 3 to find text on a page. # 5 to access your bookmarks. # * to activate Night Mode.

Last, but not least: Opera Mini gives you a lot of data savings We call Opera Mini the “King of Compression”. Our browser can help you save up to 90% of your data usage. The data usage overview has also been given a facelift, with more details how we save you data. Take a look:


  • inDigazzZ

    Good job! Will we see Opera Mini for Android?

  • Sean Steinfeger

    A new Opera Mini for Android would be nice, as Opera Mobile is just a slow rebranding of Chrome.

    • Cristian Otegui

      Opera Browser works better and faster than Chrome. It is a great browser for Android. I used Opera mini in Java phone and a cheap android phone with Froyo.

  • Ernesto Monasterio

    Are you going to release a Windows Phone app? Thanks.

    • veralb

      We’re currently not working on Windows Phone. If we start working on it, we will let you know.

      • Ernesto Monasterio

        Thanks! I find it odd that you’re still developing for Blackberry and not for Windows Phone, since the former now has less marketshare than the last.

        Also, are you still developing for iOS? Opera Mini for iOS hasn’t been updated in months…

        • An_dz

          Windows Phone 7 & 8 don’t let developers use their browser engines (Presto/Blink/Gecko), only IE Trident. That’s why you don’t see any Chrome, Opera or Firefox for WP. If you want to blame someone, blame Microsoft.

          Even though you may think that all processing is made server-side (when Turbo is on), someone needs to render client-side. And changing an engine is not that easy, it is not only paste in the code, you need to adapt everything. Think the engine as a car one, you can’t just place a Mitsubishi engine in a Subaru, you have to adapt it.

          I can’t understand how EU has not yet sued Microsoft and Apple (Yeah they do the same with WebKit) for this abusive and anti-competitive business tactic.

          • Pookiewood

            Soooo what about Maxthon Browser on Windows Phone then?

          • An_dz

            Maxthon on WP uses Trident. Just like UC. They are basically “IE skins”. They adapted their ‘cars’ with the new ‘engine’. I’m pretty sure they hated to do so and was hard.

            Windows Mobile did not had such restriction. So it was “easier” to port to Windows Mobile. More like “just compile” for it.

          • Christian Uribe

            This is a very interesting topic and it is great to see it discussed at this high level. You both touch upon the very subjects we have to consider when we make a decision about which platforms we support. It never ceases to amaze me the technical understanding and quality of our users :)

          • senja1

            Why you discussing about engines? Opera Mini has no engine! Maxthon on WP is server based browser too, like Opera Mini, with compression.

          • An_dz

            Of course it has, it has a Presto based engine to read OBML (Opera Binary Markup Language).

            For Maxthon I guess they send a compressed html/css/js to be read by WP web SDK. Or maybe it uses a similar technique but a little less compressed.

          • Ernesto Monasterio

            I know. But, as you said, Apple is doing the same with WebKit, and we still have Opera Mini for iOS (although the last update was a year ago or so).

            So, if they can develop an iOS version, even with all the platform limitations, why can’t they do the same for Windows Phone?

          • An_dz

            First because iOS has/had a strong force. So it is/was a must for Opera to create one. They had to port it for the big public in this new system. Also, Webkit is ‘open-source’ while Trident is closed.

            And for Opera Coasts, it was made from zero based in the new Blink based Opera, which is basically Webkit.

            And have you seen any updates For Opera in iOS recently? No, because of this restriction, too much work for low gain.

            I have not said that they can’t do Opera for Windows Phone, I’m explaining it’s a stupid thing, too much work for basically nothing back. Maybe when WP gets more market share they will start work for it. But still it will be a major task and resources will be drained for porting rather then innovating.

          • Ernesto Monasterio

            You’re contradicting yourself, and using wrong facts. In first place, Opera Mini on iOS doesn’t relies on WebKit, it uses server-side renderization. Also, the iOS version of WebKit isn’t open source, and Apple doesn’t provides the same rendering that Safari uses for third party apps (the one provided by the SDK is a slower one).

            Coast isn’t based on Blink, it uses the SDK provided rendering engine. Opera can justify to develop a crippled browser for only one device, but not to address a whole growing platform (Windows Phone), or update it’s full featured apps (Opera Mini for iOS). That doesn’t make any sense.

            Also, my point was that they’re still developing for BlackBerry, when this platform no longer haves a strong force. Heck, it doesn’t have force at all, they are as good as dead. Meanwhile, more and more developers are jumping into the Windows Phone platform, the Lumia 520 was a huge success, in many countries it’s already the second platform, and it’s now the indisputable third platform worldwide.

            I understand the technical limitations and whatnot. But they’re exactly the same ones they faced when developing Opera Mini for iOS. There’s no technical excuse to avoid addressing a growing platform.

            Also, Opera is now the default browser in Nokia’s own X series. One would think that, having reached that agreement, they would start developing for Windows Phone, considering that the X series are just gateway phones for Lumia’s smartphones…

          • An_dz

            iOS WebKit is not open-source but still is based in Webkit which is open-source, it’s not a totally different stuff. You’re right about Coasts in iOS. I’m not familiar with iOS, my bad. But you are wrong on Opera Mini, there really has a server-side rendering, but a client-side is needed too, and iOS Webkit SDK do so. Unless Opera Mini servers send a weird code to Opera Mini that somehow converts it to a web look.

            But as you said in your last paragraph, Opera USED to be.
            I don’t agree with this new approach either but I’m explaining the facts following how Opera is now. I do think they should do a WP even if it’s a “IE skin”, but it would be easier and would run better if Microsoft did not had such stupid limitation. Same applies with Apple.

          • majed_66

            I really like your point
            and if that’s true I may blame Microsoft, but the question is how the hell does the iPhone system “ios” have chrome, opera etc while it has its browser Safari

            I hope Windows Phone 8.1 update fix everything it lacks

          • An_dz

            Chrome is Blink which is basically Webkit a little better. Almost all other browsers now uses Webkit or Blink, like Opera, UC, Maxthon, Lunascape and much more, so it’s a little basic change to use Webkit.

            There’s a little more explanation in my other reply below.

            And if you don’t know: on iOS other browsers can’t use the same JavaScript engine Safari uses, they can only use a slower engine.

          • Emiliano Magliocca

            yes you’re right


            for the same reason why EU has not yet sued android to impose his browser on all android devices…android has a dominant market share like windows on pc … but only on windows pc EU decided to sue MS and impose ballot screen

            BTW ie 10/11 it’s a really good browser, nothing to compare with the past

          • Joshua

            This is factually wrong. You are confusing it with iOS which only allows WebKit browsers.
            The only Limitation there is, is about JIT compilation of Javascript to Machine Code. This has an impact on the Performance of JavaScript execution, obviously. But you also have to understand that iOS has the same limitation but Google/Opera still made to iOS regardless.
            The more realistic thinking would be that Opera doesn’t create a WP yet because the userbase is not big enough for them to make the effort of porting.
            source: WP developer

      • woj_tek
  • Mağruf Çolakoğlu

    Thanks for new release. It was being waited since long time. Thanks.

  • João Gonçalves

    No love for Symbian? Is it being developed or should I just install this java version instead?

  • Dominik Schulze

    No Opera for Windows Phone? This is sad Opera, very sad.
    Have a nice day!

  • Royal Güvenlik

    Thanks Thanks Opera

  • Arnaud Lefort

    In the BlackBerry World, it’s It’s always the old version ( ) and the Download link doesn’t work in BlackBerry OS 10.

    • Bla1ze

      It’s not for BlackBerry 10.

    • Christian Uribe

      It takes a bit longer to get the builds distributed to the different app stores, the BB builds should be early next week.
      And this version is for OS6 (Blackberry classic)

  • b100dian

    I installed the Java version on my 808 and looks awesome and loads pages faster than the 7.1 one. Will a native symbian mini 8th version come next?

  • NimeshT

    Great options added in the new version!!! when is it coming to Android?
    What is the indicator for private browsing – top left icon from the screenshot?

    • An_dz

      The whole skin turns black when private is on.

  • An_dz

    Great work Opera, the new design is beautiful and Night mode is great specially with a shortcut. It’s also really fast.

    But if there’s one thing I hated is that you can’t delete the search engines that comes with it, now I have to scroll a lot to use duckduckgo because of those searches I’ll never use. And you could have also included notes as like Mini 4.5.

    Oh, and there’s a bug when you change the font casing, the text showing the case is shown inside the text-area and the floating box is empty.

  • Nik

    Is a BB10 version in the works?

    • pokemon17007

      Looking for that too, I have installed android version, but its still 7.5

  • peter allen

    Hi just downloaded Opera mini 8 on Blackberry 9900 and
    9700 very nice,still many bbos phones out there,
    also running Opera for Android on BB10 Z10 works very well
    thanks to the Opera team.

  • garry

    Wow nice work. It’s great to see Opera produce something for a platform other than Android. I was begining to think Google had secretly bought Opera Software.

    it’s just a shame there isn’t an Opera Mini for the newer BB10 Blackberry devices.

    Oh and how about Opera browsers for Jolla Sailfish. Go on Opera, I know you can do it :D

    • Oniros

      Seriously, this is amazing. I’m stuck using my old BlackBerry Bold 9000 because my Android phone doesn’t work anymore and I got an update for a phone that came out in 2008. IN 2008! Thank you so much! :D

  • Ramūnas Monkevičius

    What about Windows Mobile? As I understand it uses the same JAVA version, just with a nicer UI for inputs? Can we expect an update for it as well?

  • Javier Núñez

    would be really really great if you could update the Symbian version. Both Mini and Mobile are getting increasingly unreliable.

  • Tan Chee Ping

    Java? So this is available for Symbian phone too?

  • hrh_fourtyseven

    please update the symbian version of opera mini.many people still using that

  • technordique

    Thank you very much Opera Mobile Team for releasing this new version for BlackBerry OS! There are a lot of us out here who still use the older BB devices as they are great tools, so your work is much appreciated. The new update is awesome.


    Are we able to use Opera in Windows Phone?

  • senna_4ever

    beautiful look :)

  • Chas4

    I am guessing the iOS app will get an update soon (it has been a while)

    It looks nice in the Microemulator, tho text is not smooth

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  • Qashmal Saifuddin Bantasyam


    I am using Blackberry Bold 9900, and after i installed this version of Opera Mini, when i open the apps, it comes an error messages like this:

    Uncaught exception:

    with the “Ok” button below.

    So i have to click “Ok”, and the apps won’t open.

    Did anybody have the same issues like this? And what is the solution for this problem?


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  • Zachreea

    Dear Mobile Team DeV.,
    Im Using blackberry 9700
    when im reply-ng comment in the forum, the “enter” key wont work.
    *like this* there s a paragraf.
    and the font like “My Sites”, “Social Networks/Log In”, “My News” is too large, even though that i already changing it into small/medium.
    Please any info about that??
    thx alot.

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  • Guest
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  • Basem Mohamed

    What about blackberry Q10?
    Please release an application that supports blackberry 10

  • Mohd Erfan

    why opera mini is not available for blackberry 10 ?