In today’s Opera stable release, we have included some fixes and improvements, especially in network installer.

We also fixed the ‘Start speaking’ function on macOS. You should also find some new translations in this build.

As usual, the changelog contains all the details.

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  • Leonardo Gomes

    Thanks for update release.

    • We also fixed the ‘Start speaking’ function on macOS. You should also find some new translations in this build.

  • Alex Wazovskiy

    When Opera is run, the DWM process starts loading GPU almost at 100%, which makes Windows (7, x86) lagging. It happens since previous version of Opera (44).

    • Benjamin Hojnik

      same here on G31 chipset gpu. On newer stuff it works smoothly though.

  • Влад Бабинец

    Where is Dev47 version?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Lately developer builds are being released on Thursday, so maybe tomorrow?

      • Robert Tomaszewski

        We are just aproaching Dev47 with initial stabilization and should release it soon. Probably early next week.

  • What’s ?
    We mere users cannot access the bugs browser… 🙂

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Where did you saw it?

      • It *WAS* in the changelog

        • Leonardo Gomes

          And what the title says?

          • I don’t know. There was just a line with the link to DNA-61291

  • Mind Augas

    browser screen flashes less, but still. also a time of transperent screen on start reduced, but it is also visible. those problems were not in 2 or 3 updates before this.

  • kesha2000

    Default Yandex search is completely broken with this update. With VPN enabled it shows DNS error, without VPN it’s a no go, because this domain is already blocked by ISP. It worked perfectly with VPN until you made redirection from to Now I can’t use it at all, revert changes, please.

    • Robert Tomaszewski

      Hello Kesha2000,
      This issue with DNS error does not depend on Opera version. It is on the server side. E.g. “” does not work in any browser whilst “” works. We informed Yandex about that issue. Thank you for reporting this.

      • kesha2000

        Ok, thanks for quick response.

        • Robert Tomaszewski

          Hello Kesha200,
          We released a quick fix. In order to check whether it works from Ukraine would you mind restarting Opera, wait 2-3 min for receiving new config file and then trying to open Yandex SD as well as requesting any search using Yandex search engine, please? I would appreciate very much 🙂

          • kesha2000

            Yep, now it works. Thanks a lot!

  • Spideymang

    Thanks for the notification Kornelia and team opera

  • Nico

    Thank you for fixing the German Sidebar dialog! For the next update, could you please fix “Über%tragen…” in context menus as well? This should be a known issue for quite some time now, but it hasn’t been fixed as of yet, unfortunately. The right term should be “Übertragen…”

    Thank you very much and also thanks a lot for all those updates. I appreciate it!

    • Kornelia

      Thanks for pointing that. I’ll make sure it will be fixed.

  • Benjamin Hojnik

    “Show system color on top bar” still doesn’t do anything on Win10

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It was removed on latest developer 46 build.

      • Benjamin Hojnik

        Thats an awful decision. It’ looks really out of place to have white bar while everything else in windows is darker (if you have set it so). Talk about consistency.

  • Nomad Smith

    Dear Opera devs!

    Thanks for update but when do you add a tiny option “Start Opera in Private Mode”? I had to edit Info.plist twice this week. Why is it so hard to do?

    • ratamies

      It is already implemented. Edit Opera launcher shortcut and add ” -newprivatetab” parameter. See

      • Nomad Smith

        First of all, there are no shortcuts in the Mac OS. Second, edited shortcuts don’t help you to open Opera in the Private Mode when you click on URL in any other application. And the third, I know how to start Opera in private mode on Mac OS and Windows but a command line argument is not a normal solution to GUI application. Really, why do users need to create scripts or edit files?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Hmm, why would someone need to start a browser in private mode?

          • Nomad Smith

            Why not? I don’t like cookies and history. I don’t like sites trying to identify me. And I know users with same browsing habits. We are not a majority, but we exist.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            And why don’t just open Opera and then open a private window?

            Also, private window doesn’t avoid sites from getting info on you.

          • Nomad Smith

            Convenience. Why should I remember keyboard shortcut to open private mode? Why should I remember to clear browsing data after session? We use computers to ease our lives. And default private mode in Opera can ease mine a little. Firefox, for example, can do this trick via GUI: Preferences > Privacy > Always use private browsing mode. Why can’t Opera have this useful and easy to implement feature?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, if and when it worth the efforts, maybe that feature can be implemented.

          • Nachiketa Ramesh

            Its already there though on windows at least. And its been there for ages. Its not some new feature.

          • Ari

            Set Cookies to “Keep data until I quit my browser”. Done. About privacy if you want sites not identify you use a VPN, private browsing does nothing against it.

  • K. K. VinayKumar

    Opera in Windows 7 64bit is not smooth. Everything is choppy including animations and scrolling of PDF files also become choppy.

    • Robert Tomaszewski

      Hello K.K.,
      Is there any tab that has increasing cpu consumption? You can check that with embedded task manager (Shift-Esc) and look for a tab tab consumes much of CPU. It might be a specific site that utilizes CPU givinng less power for other tabs. If closing such a tab makes the browser more responsive that can be that specific site issue. Or … if that is the main windows “Opera browser” that consumes CPU very much it can be some issue on the browser side.

      • K. K. VinayKumar

        No, none of the tabs are consuming heavy CPU and none of the programs are using heavy CPU including Opera. Everything is normal, then also everything is choppy. I even tried running Opera as administrator and even tried it running in Nvidia graphics card, then also couldn’t find any difference it was choppy as before.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      I can confirm this for Windows 10×64, too. Especially in Facebook scrolling feels like downloading something very big in the background. I didn’t notice this in earlier versions and I hope that the new developer will not have this behaviour.

  • ArkuS

    Another stable update and still bug with the bottom bar not improved …
    The same bug has been fixed in version 881 but only on youtube.
    This is my earlier post describing this bug:

    I would add that my Start bar is at the top (Auto-hide)
    Windows 7 x32 resolution 1366×768

  • Nekomajin43

    In the past few months, I noticed that some JS-heavy sites (mostly using AJAX) are not loading in the background properly. When I activate a tab, I still have to wait a few seconds before it renders the new content. It is not a long time, but still bothers me. Is it connected to the background tab handling or web developers started to use some stupid technique?

  • AM_PM

    Thank you for fixing the extensions issue ( cut and paste ) that were affecting our with V7 notes.

  • ktxgio

    Thanks for new release, in download….
    Where i can find “network installer”?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      On the links on the post above.

      • ktxgio

        copy and paste from post above:
        Installation links
        Opera Stable for Windows
        Opera Stable for macOS
        Opera Stable for Linux – deb packages
        Opera Stable for Linux – RPM packages
        i don’t see any network installer for windows system…i see web installer only

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Network installer = online installer if I understood correctly.

          • ktxgio

            ah ok, thanks

  • Blapidoup

    The popout video still does not resize correctly to the ratio of the video.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      DNA-56914 [Windows] Remove fixed aspect ration from detached video window ☣

      If I understood correctly, it doesn’t follow aspect ratio.

  • Small visual element that bugs me: The blue dot on downloads icon right of address bar is placed (too) close to down-pointing arrow. In sidebar this blue dot is placed on bottom right of drawer (better location).

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Is this only in “windowed” modus? I use Opera only maximised and don’t see this problem.

      • The downloads icon and blue dot is unrelated to window sizing or scaling.

        It’s not a problem, but since I download items via Opera all the time I find the blue dot indicator unnecessary. Also, design elements should be uniform, they are not.

        Here’s screenshot where both download icons are shown with blue dot.

        My preferred version is the sidebar one.

        Win10-x64. 1920×1080. 125% scaling.

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          I don’t use the sidebar.

          • Neither do I. My point remains.

  • After update via about://Opera and then on the start up there is a noise that comes out of the speakers

    Also high CPU usage at start

    macOS 10.12.5

  • schnullifax

    Pinning launcher.exe (standalone version) to the taskbar results in a second Opera icon on the taskbar again.

  • Bob Dole

    It works very smoothly in Linux Mint 17.3, always has, one strange thing is that it’s always so very long to update it compared to anything else, Update Manager will be waiting for a bar to show up for 5 minutes or so.

    Still my third browser because it has nothing like NoScript yet.

  • Duane

    I love Opera but as of yesterday it will not open. Error reading C:Program Files (x86)Opera45.0.2552.888opera.exe Unspecified error Anyone have any suggestions

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Did you try a re-installation?

      • Duane

        No not yet, I thought about it but will re-installation preserve my bookmarks, and passwords. I am a researcher and have a large bookmark file.

        I downloaded Opera NI stable.exe and OperSetup.exe, which one would be best to use.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          A reinstall should not damage your data but doing a backup is always advised.

          Anyone download from the official site is good to use.

          • Duane

            Thank you so much, I am temporarily back using Firefox and I miss Opera. There are some great features in Opera that make my research so easy, especially the V add on.

          • Duane

            The reinstall worked great. I lost nothing. I use the password feature all the time and now when I go to my different sites that need a password they do not show up in the password box as before I reinstalled the Opera software. All my passwords show in the Settings, Privacy Security Area but do not attach themselves to the corresponding link. Any suggestions… thank you so much for all your help

          • Vux777

            if you start typing them do they show in the box?
            I think you need to log in for the first time into those sites, so that cookie can be saved
            after that any next visit should populate password field

            btw. there is a flag for exporting passwords

            enable it, restart opera and then you can import/export your passwords as csv file
            (you will see new buttons on passwords box in settings)

  • cause a big cpu spike and a huge 2GB plus usage of ram for just one page

    macOS 10.12.5

    • Had another same issue, 2 tabs using 106% CPU & 1.6GB of RAM (had to kill them as it was causing max speed of both fans)

  • Yeldekina

    Still have the bing ugly black mark when the sidebar opened. Not fixed yet.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What ‘bing ugly black mark’ is that?

      • Yeldekina

        Thanks for taking this serio. A lot of users was about to switch from Opera because a new UI bugs. Here is a screenshot showing. The theme is Numix. Wont change the theme, neither install compositor. This is not so bad like the menu bug in prev. release. Here is a shot:

  • NiceSuperName

    Just the Opera lost ALL my bookmark’s thumbnails. I had thousands bookmarks with thumbnails…. And now I have just ugly text on it instead of pics. It’s too maсh Opera. It’s too mach.

  • Opera using 12GB of RAM, restart Opera with the same tabs & windows and the RAM usage is just over 7GB

    macOS 10.12.5

  • Rupkiran

    After the latest update web pages fails to load when Opera Turbo is on.

  • firuz_u7

    After changing the user and returning back if Opera is running it is rebooted and restored after an accident
    Windows 10 x64

  • BrowserJS to add an option to Facebook to disable theater mode (it breaks some pages and wastes a lot of time loading theater mode)?

  • Rahif Soliva

    FIX THE FREAKIN’ SAVE PLACE BUG! It’s really bugging me, and other persons that love Opera! Opera don’t care where you last choose to save stuffs, either the default download folder, it ALWAYS asks you where to save AND always starts from default DOWNLOAD Windows folder!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not happening here. Did you check with a clean profile folder?

    • Ewa

      Hi, you have probably active option “Ask where to save each file before downloading” on Settings page. There you can also you can choose default Download location

  • Opera is now ignoring the default search engine

    macOS 10.12.5

  • Microsoft is blocking Opera 12.18 on their site

  • Cpu spike when opening the link in this tweet

    macOS 10.12.5

  • hassanraza

    why this version of opera slows down my internet?

  • Kroger has been give Opera users a false page when they try to go to the sites

    macOS 10.12.5 (and seen it from Opera 11 through 45+)

    The page now pretty much means you can’t use any browser to use the site because the browser sniffing is so outdated, Has there every been a BrowserJS hack to stop that for Opera Presto or current gen Opera?

  • redfox

    Opera still randomly crashes when I click the button to turn the VPN off.

  • Caleb

    Opera and Firefox are the best browsers on the web.

  • Caleb

    Opera Neon is the lightest browser on memory.
    It’s so freaking cool!

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera stable 45.0.2552.898 😉
    The change log, and the announcement.

  • Christian

    Well…. EVERY time I update Operat to this version, it stops connecting. From the relaunch onward, I only see “YOUR INTERNET ACCESS IS BLOCKED”.

    I know its the update because the only way to recover a functional Opera was to go to a previous restore point. Set a new restore point and tried the update again – same thing. I cant seem to get the update without losing Opera.

    Windows 10. Have disabled all a/v and firewall, no difference.

    • Christian

      Oddly, even trying to download the latest version seems blocked somehow. The opera setup file does not make contact with the Opera server to download anything. WTF? Roll back restore point again.