How can VPN speed up your browsing?

In the era of the ever-growing internet, increased privacy protection is an absolute must-have. At the same time, aware internet users don’t want to give up their web browsing speed. Is it possible that a VPN can ensure the security of your device and simultaneously speed up your browsing? In fact, it is, and here’s how.

Faster loading for native users

Some websites are tailored specifically for users from particular countries or regions. If you try to access this content from another area, you risk not only geolocation-related blocking but also decreased priority over native users when your browser connects to the selected website. Changing your online identity to a user from a particular country makes the process of website loading faster.

Selecting high-speed servers

When using a VPN service, you can choose a virtual location based on your needs. Depending on which VPN provider you decide on, you can choose from a greater or smaller number of countries and locations. While some providers may limit this choice, VPN Pro from Opera offers ‌3,000 ultra-fast servers spread across 30 countries worldwide, so the content you want to access is always within your reach, and, of course, loads as fast as possible.

Bringing your game to the next level

In addition to faster internet browsing, online gaming can be smoother too. By using a VPN, you can easily reduce lag and enjoy smooth, top-notch gameplay – all you need to do is to choose the right server. For example, if your game offers a server for players located in Western Europe, pick a VPN server ‌in Germany. This way, your connection to the game server will be much faster, as your virtual localisation will be pointed to Germany.

Browsing experience changes with VPN

We’ve got you covered. Choosing VPN Pro from Opera not only protects your data but also makes the way you browse the web more seamless. Want to find out exactly how using a VPN affects your browsing experience? Read the article we prepared: Browsing experience changes with VPN – here’s why. Using a VPN is a simple way to secure your device no matter where you connect to the network, and although it changes a lot in the background, you, as the user, don’t notice any difference. Enjoy your privacy. You deserve it.

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