Browsing experience changes with VPN – here’s why

Do you know what a VPN actually changes in your internet browsing? What it changes is exactly why you absolutely should be using a VPN, though it’s not obvious at first glance. If you still don’t know what a VPN is, you can read about it here

IP address encryption

When you use a VPN you flip the switch and nothing appears to change, since you can use your device as you always have. It’s only when you look deeper that the differences become more evident. One of the most important – if not the most important – features of a VPN is the encryption of your IP address, which limits or even prevents third parties from tracking your movements online.

Secured data

Another change that is not necessarily visible at first glance is the improvement in your online security. When using a VPN, you are less vulnerable to hacker attacks and data theft. By using a good VPN service, your device’s address is hidden and your data is sent through a secure encrypted tunnel, thus you can connect to public networks (such as at your favorite restaurant or hotel) without worry. This way no one (except you), not even the government or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can access your data. And with services like VPN Pro, you can protect up to six devices with one subscription.

Zone-limited content access

A hidden IP address doesn’t just prevent you from being tracked online. Most VPN services let you switch the servers you connect through, allowing you to appear from a different virtual location (VPN Pro lets you switch between 30+ countries, for example). Think about it like being in two places at the same time and wearing a disguise. Being able to choose this location means you can access content in many countries that restrict access for their residents. 

Gaming on the highest level

It is often assumed that a VPN slows down your data transfer. However, those days are a thing of the past if you choose a good VPN provider and a good VPN server. By choosing the right server when playing online games, you can reduce ping and thus lag. Especially in competitive gaming, every split second matters – and the right VPN tool helps you save those seconds. Still, from the user perspective, nothing changes, as you don’t have to change your gaming habits. Turn on your VPN and enjoy the world of online gaming without lag

No habits need to be changed

To sum it all up, a good VPN:

  • Encrypts your IP and your web traffic
  • Secures your data from prying eyes
  • Improves your gaming experience
  • Allows access to zone-limited content

While a VPN affects many aspects of your online activity, it doesn’t affect the way you interact with these things. Not only does a VPN protect you, it also gives you access to more content, and on top of that you can improve your gaming performance.

For a reliable VPN service that doesn’t require downloading additional applications on an Android device, use those built into Opera Browser – only for your desktop device an additional application is needed. Depending on your needs, you can choose between Free VPN and VPN Pro. The former protects your activity within Opera Browser, while VPN Pro protects your entire device (and five additional devices) no matter which application you use. With a VPN active, your online routine stays the same, so switch it on and enjoy the extra layer of security along with all benefits.

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