Say Hello to Web3 as Opera adds Native Support to Unstoppable Domains

When my kids were born, I immediately set up gmail accounts for each of them using their nicknames. I’d email observations to their accounts of their first everything, along with photos of moments captured on my mobile. As they grew, I sent audio messages of them reciting poems or silly stories in their raspy, caveman voices. Now, I write stories and send links about life shaping moments we have together. One day, I’ll give them their passwords that will unlock a treasure of indelible memories only a parent can cry over. It’s a gift of a lifetime. But what if something happens to Google or their accounts are hacked? Those priceless treasures could disappear forever. 

That was Web2 – Web3 is decentralized and advanced

Today, I purchased Web3 domains (also an NFT) for each of my kids (using their nickname.crypto) that will never vanish or redirect because the domains are not controlled by a central authority, like Google. When I give them their private keys, they’ll be able to access cryptocurrency I purchased for them in the dip, altcoins, NFT galleries, favorite songs, and other digital collectibles I amassed. Everything is securely protected on their own .crypto domain I just purchased. And I never have to pay a renewal subscription.

Web3 is decentralized, immutable, and here to stay thanks to blockchain technology. You can seamlessly experience it because of the partnership between Opera Browser and Unstoppable Domains

The BIG Announcement

Opera is the first web browser to automatically integrate a peer-to-peer protocol called IPFS (Interplanetary File System). Sounds wacky, but it runs behind the scenes so you won’t notice anything different than what you already are doing (and you don’t need to add an extension). From any Opera browser, iOS, Android, or desktop, you can access the “decentralized web” which gives you ownership over your search data, meta-data, your hosted pages or content, and identity. Websites using IPFS are not hosted or controlled by a third party, or one central point of authority. For many, it will be the first Web3 experience (and it’ll be seamless- almost anticlimactic- but so cool once you figure out what it can do. 

Will My Life Change?

Yes, my friend! It will because you can easily build your own decentralized website and simplify your cross wallet crypto payments, share music and photos (not just of my kids), start a business, secure and verify your identity “on chain”, or showcase your brilliant NFT art gallery. This is just the beginning. Remember when the world wide web began? Many thought static pages were not that exciting (what the heck am I going to do with this?), and no one could have predicted all the use cases that followed! Purchasing clothes on your phone, real-time traffic updates, scuba diving weather forecasts, locating your ‘tweens around town. As we enter Web3, the same excitement exists…where will Web3 advancements and integrations take us?

Traditional DNS relies on servers that can go down, get hacked, and web domain addresses can get redirected for any number of reasons. Domains are controlled by a handful of centralized corporations who profit from user data. In Web3, ownership is retained by users through blockchain technology on IPFS. A global peer network hosts the internet. This is a new era of autonomy where your browsing is your business. 

I Want In! How do I Get to Web3?

First, you must have a browser that gives you Web3 access. The easiest way is to download any Opera browser for iOS, Android, desktop because Opera automatically integrates IPFS to the blockchain from the backend. That’s what we’re celebrating today! All platforms, only on Opera. 

Second, type helloweb3.crypto into any Opera browser. This human, readable domain address points to your data across hundreds of nodes worldwide. Don’t worry, your stuff isn’t in readable form over hundreds of computers! It’s encrypted and hashed. It can’t be hacked due to blockchain technology which time stamps every block in order, and is immutable. .crypto domains sit on blockchain and access decentralized websites. On the Opera browser, you can also access Web3 on “Speed Dial” on mobile. 

Third, buy your own .crypto domain! Use your nickname, family name, quirky inside joke, or something more professional. It’s that simple. 


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