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Your Files for Keeps Forever with IPFS


Where in the World are my Files?

There are nearly 8 billion people in the world and over half of them are active internet users. On average, a user spends close to seven hours online everyday, which equates to 6.59 billion GB of internet traffic every second globally. That’s a lot of websites or “files” stored on servers and clouds. 

When you go to a website and type in a URL, it tells your computer exactly where to find a file on the internet. This is called “location based addressing”. Files around the globe are retrieved this way and controlled by a third-party. This isn’t so bad, until you can’t retrieve your file for whatever reason. Have you ever viewed a “Page Not Found”, “404” message, SSL error, tried to revisit a webpage after losing a connection, or have been blocked access? URLs change, pages are deleted, and internet connections are lost. Then there are hackers. That’s where Opera’s trusted partner the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) comes in. IPFS bypasses big servers and decentralizes the filing system for documents. 

Check out Opera, IPFS and Unstoppable Domains’ experts discussing Web 3 at EthDenver 2021

Your Files, Decentralized

IPFS is a peer-to-peer protocol that changes the way files are distributed and retrieved through content based addressing.  Imagine your files not being stored and addressed on a single server, but rather have cryptographically-verifiable addresses that enable fetching an immutable copy from other peers. It was initially designed to move heaps of large files from one user to the next, making the internet safer, faster, and more open. This is a pivotal progression to Web 3 we covered in an earlier Opera blog

Opera browser seamlessly enables IPFS and “content based addressing” on all its browser platforms; desktop, Android & iOS mobile! Blockchain-based domains retrieve your files from a decentralized network of computers instead of a third-party. No central servers, extensions, or setups. This is Web 3! 

Traditionally, DNS names sit on centralized servers and are susceptible to hacks, pages being redirected or lost. However, Opera’s partner, Unstoppable Domains makes it even easier and seamless for you to use IPFS because it deploys blockchain domain names that give users the security of blockchain technology with human readable domain names, using public/private key pair (not mashable hash of letters and numbers). So you can remember it, share it around, and make updates with your private key! Opera users are already experiencing the ease of independent publishing flows by sharing photos and blogs on IPFS knowing that their readers can consistently find the right version of their work anytime. The human readable domain can be linked to your crypto wallet too. 

A special thanks to our partners IPFS and Unstoppable Domains who shared our passion for the future at EthDenver, the largest Ethereum blockchain hackathon & conference in the world. Watch our panel about the benefits like offline usage, encrypted files by default, and P2P interaction. Opera welcomes you to the decentralized future!

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