Surfing in browsers has become part of our daily routine, and we want to give you the ultimate browser experience by providing you with a hands-on, easy-to-use and fast browser that can also be personalised for all you creative people out there.

So, you ask, what makes us the best browser?

Here are 5 unique features we love about our Opera browser for computers:

The integrated ad blocker

It’s new, it’s fast, it’s Opera. Did you know that the number of people using ad blockers grew by 41%? An integrated ad blocker is our response for you! The new feature we’re developing lets you surf the internet up to 90% faster than usual. If you are further interested in seeing how much fast you browse, a speed test will show you how websites load with and without advertising. The ad blocker feature is currently only available on the developer version, and is expected to debut on the stable version of Opera for computers soon.

Sidebar extensions

Explore the many practical extensions available, enabling you to multitask on the side while browsing in a different tab. Choose the ones you like and download them from our add-ons catalog.

Explore Addons for the best browser

Browse faster with Opera Turbo

At Opera, we love speed. Opera Turbo let’s you surf up to 15% faster on congested Wi-Fi networks.

Animated themes

Choose a theme that reflects your personality and interests. You can choose from the wide range of themes we offer. Even better?  We offer animated themes, so you can get jumping kitties or a cozy, flaming fireplace on your browser background.


The latest news, delivered to you

Clicking the news icon on Speed Dial, you always have instant access to the latest news from all over the world. You can choose the areas that interest you most, from Lifestyle and Health to Technology and more.

Download Opera now and let us know the 5 reasons that make Opera the best browser for you! Just tag Opera on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to share! 🙂

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  • kik1n

    And for Windows 😀

  • jedy123

    All great but the best thing about Opera imho is the Speed Dial. No other browser has a native speed dial anywhere near as good.

  • Vadimusprimus

    Suggestions for improvement for the opera I appeal to a respected developers

    1. Create an option

    change the size of cells on the express panel.

    from the very small to huge

    2. Create an option

    cells to express angles change panel

    from straight to the semi-circular

    3. Create option

    changing the indentation from the edges to avoid dead zone

    and the left and right on the display 7 cm pus

    4. Create an option

    plus sign to remove the display panel to express it spoils the appearance of

  • hector admini
  • アアン タミム

    i love opera web browser, when i blogging, i always use opera.. thanks.. 🙂
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