Hi, everyone! Hopefully, many of you have heard about Opera for computer’s new sidebar extensions. They give you even more possibilities to customize the browser. If you haven’t, trust us when we say that they are a great way to save time and effort. Sidebar extensions are little tools you can add to the left side of your browsing window. They let you to multitask without leaving a tab!

Here are examples of what you can do with sidebar extensions:

Write notes with Nano Note


Ever had that spur of creativity while reading an interesting article online? Now, there’s a place to write your ideas down and keep track of them. With the small but powerful Nano Note extension, you can make notes in Opera while you browse, tag and search your notes and keep yourself organized while you surf.

Access your bookmarks quickly with Bookmarks by the Side


Here’s a little tool for those of you who want to see your Opera bookmarks in the sidebar. It displays your bookmarks in their original folders and you can also find pages saved in your Speed Dial. Click here to download.

Make quick calculations with Side Calculator


Side Calculator is super convenient for serial online shoppers. With this little extension, you can swiftly calculate discounts or shipping costs . Also highly recommended for students in need of help for (dreadful) math homework.

Stay up to date on Twitter with TweetDeck

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 11.22.04

Are you a social butterfly on Twitter? Get TweetDeck on your sidebar. A great tool for real-time tracking, organizing, and engagement on Twitter, the TweetDeck extension makes monitoring Twitter easy and fun.

Browse like a pro with Browse++ Sidebar

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 11.37.25

Browse++ Sidebar is a toolbox for power users and includes useful browsing commands like search all open tabs and retrieve previously-closed tabs in a trash folder. It also has a note-taking function.

Have you already made some notes in Opera? Customize the browser with our new sidebar extensions and let us know what you think. 🙂

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  • Hadley Zedras

    The sidebar takes up to much space ! Bookmarks were better accessible from the O drop down menu and hidden !

    • except if you have an humongous monitor 😉

      • Angela Wang

        or if you make dual use of your tv! /Angela

  • ng wang

    为什么不用悬浮条呢,当鼠标移动到边框时sidebar 出来,移开鼠标的时候自动隐藏起来,现在太繁琐,需要太多的步骤去打开一个网页。可以试试firefox的sidebar,非常方便,可以自动隐藏。

    why do not make it auto-hide if you move away the cursor, now it looks so ugly and take a lot of space. more worse, now you have to take too many steps to open a link. I think simplicity is the most beautiful way.

    • Angela Wang

      Hi! 这个问题问的很好哦!其实opera有一个自定义捷径功能。不如在mac上按alt加command加s就可以打开/关闭sidebar。我个人觉得还蛮方便的。试试看?

      • But in fact many users are lazy even without the desire of pressing any botton. For these users the sidebar may be there automatically just when it should be.

      • btw, are u responsible for the Opera of Oupeng customized edition?

        • Angela Wang

          hi! i’m based in the headquarters in Oslo but if you have feedbacks to Oupeng pls pass them on to me 🙂 I can help forward /Angela

          • Great~ Here is a folk team which following the dynamic of Opera. While Oupeng is more focus on the mobile terminal and there is little hope that they may take response to the desktop version, we help mainland users to convey any issue in using this browser. It’s much convenient if there’s a chinese stuff working in the headquarters. For last time we have costed much time on the feedback of an ime conflict with Opera which is pretty annoying 🙂

          • Angela Wang

            User experience will always be a priority for Opera! While Oupeng operates independently as a joint venture and I do not have direct knowledge of the bundling activities there, I will certainly get in touch with them and tell them your feedback. You can also email us at social-networks@opera.com anytime. Cheers 🙂 Hi from Oslo. /Angela

          • one more thing, besides we understand that it’s the profits that keeps Opera moving and developing, the user experience is still the base. There’s no reason for the official to force users’ homepage towards a third-party partener with no choice. As a complement of @mroperaniac:disqus, we actually don’t care what the official wants to push to users, but an alternative option/switch should be supplyed. Please help making the leaders heard the voice. Thanks in advance!

  • The best is the Bookmarks by the Side! Is very useful 😀

    • Angela Wang

      It’s my favorite too! 🙂 /Angela

  • Mr. Operaniac


    • Angela Wang

      hi 您好。我会跟中国分部联系。请问能不能给写具体反馈?是不是导航上的讯息不实用?/angela

      • Mr. Operaniac




        • Angela Wang

          明白了。我会跟他们反映。以后如有反馈可以邮件联系-social-networks@opera.com 我每天都看:)/angela

        • Angela Wang

          Hi! 欧朋回复:我刚问了工程师,那个hao123的问题在2、3周以前就已经解决,请这位用户下载最新版本的桌面版浏览器就可以了。谢谢啦 :)

  • Looks like a very neat feature. I recently just jumping back and forth between Opera and G.Chrome, hope this feature will make me stay even longer with Opera. 🙂

  • ultraviolet

    this is lovely! thank you

    auto-hide would extra cool 🙂

    • Angela Wang

      Actually quite a few users mentioned so! Thus I will pass on ur suggestion to our team 😀 /Angela

  • ultraviolet

    is there any way of having the sidebar stay after you restart your machine?

    • Angela Wang

      Great question! We have 2 possibilities. 1: Settings -> On Startup and change to “Continue where I left off”. or 2: Just use the handy shortcut of command-option-s(or control+alt+s if you use a Windows) or customize any shortcut you like in Settings/Configure shortcuts. Nr 2 is probably better if you want to start Opera on Speed Dial instead of the pages you were browsing before closing up. What works better for you? 🙂 /Angela

      • ultraviolet

        option 1 is perfect thanks 🙂

  • Louise

    ———-that’s a full enjoy with blogs.opera… _________ Continue Reading

  • kurtstephen

    Hi guys can are you join plz

  • Fragrance Panda

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  • Alisha

    I Need Some members for opera Best Detail Find

  • Thank you very much @Angela Wang.

  • It is necessary to open the side panel was immediately at startup Opera or remember it is an open or hidden. Uncomfortable constantly include it or explain to others “Dummies” how to do it, the combination of Ctrl + Shift + S not every remember.

  • Happy New Solstice to everyone!

    I keep checking on Opera regularly over the years and it has become so much “cleaner” and faster than the others.

    I am only forced to use I.E. and Firefox because of technical difficulties with some Sites like Banks and missing special utilities not in Opera…. yet(!) 🙂

    I’m a little sad to see so few “native” English posters in comments here, which indicates how little penetration has been made into the “Anglo-world” overall.
    I am now going to add a note in my emails and pages to advise people to go try out the latest Opera – YOU can help Opera grow by doing this, too! 🙂

    Check out some of the latest extensions yourself, like:
    https://tldrify.com/ and talk about them to friends.