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Opera Touch on iOS becomes Opera Browser

Hi everyone, 

Starting today, Opera Touch becomes Opera Browser for iOS.

Now more than ever, people need a unified browsing experience that logically connects all their platforms – iOS, Android, PCs and laptops. Opera does exactly that, providing iOS users with a faster, safer and more integrated browsing experience on all devices. 

At Opera, we know that browsers are very personal apps as we use them to search for private information, manage passwords, and access banking information, among other things. On top of this, browsers need to have a sense of rightness, as in, does this browser look right, feel right, and work right in the contexts that we use it. We call this the personal browser experience, and that is what Opera is all about.

The award-winning browser of choice for nearly three million MAU’s

Nearly three years ago, we launched Opera Touch on iOS. Our initial goal was to deliver a fast and great-looking browser that could facilitate browsing navigation, particularly smartphones with large displays. We solved that issue by introducing a fast action button that made it easier to switch between tabs and close them in one swipe, making the browsing experience possible with one hand.

As we made more progress in the development of Opera Touch, we also worked a lot with the design of the browser’s UI to make its aesthetics both beautiful and impactful. This process led to Opera Touch winning the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2018, and the iF design award 2019

Today, nearly three million monthly active users worldwide enjoy a fast and secure browsing experience with Opera Touch on mobile platforms. They chose Opera because it’s different from the default browsers that come pre-installed on their mobile devices and because of its features and capabilities that they can’t find anywhere else. These include an easy-to-use Crypto Wallet, Flow, Ad-blocker, Cookie dialogue blocker, and protection against cryptocurrency mining.

Opera Touch on iOS is now Opera Browser

We’re coming up on the third anniversary of Opera Touch, making it the perfect time to push for better browser integration with other devices. Starting today, you will begin to see Opera Touch referred to as Opera Browser for iOS, and a few other visual changes.

The most noticeable changes will be in the revamped UI aspects of the browser, like new colours being introduced. If you use Opera on your iOS device, you will also notice the purple logo on the home screen changing to red. Other visual changes will be happening in the background animations of the main UI as we introduce a cleaner and smoother design for a more refined look and feel.

Rest assured though, that none of the changes will affect your favourite features and functionality. The browser is keeping its iconic and popular speed dial bubbles on the main screen, for example. These speed dials, inspired by our concept browser Opera Neon, show your most visited websites so you always have them easily accessible. 

The fast action button is also staying in its usual position at the bottom-center of your screen, so you can keep browsing with one hand when you’re on the move.

Connect with Opera on any platform

Connecting Opera for iOS to your computer is easy. Just start Opera on your computer and click the Flow icon on the sidebar. A QR code will appear, which you scan with Opera on your iOS device. That’s it, Flow links your computer and your mobile device so you can share links, notes, images, files and other information seamlessly. 

Opera for computers is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The app is available for download in the App Store.

We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of Opera on your iOS device. 

Happy browsing!

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