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Opera introduces easy Crypto Wallet top-ups in the UK, launches a new dApp portal in the browser with and surpasses 170k Crypto Wallet MAUs

Opera Crypto Wallet with easiest wallet top ups
Opera Crypto Wallet with easiest wallet top ups

Hello out there,

As you might know, at Opera, we are all about eliminating the hurdles associated with using Crypto on the web and providing open access to the new decentralized Web3. As the only major browser developer doing so, we have made sure that all our browsers on desktop and mobile are blockchain-ready. With Opera, not only can you perform transactions on the web using our built-in Crypto Wallet, but you can also use Web3, the internet of the future, to secure your own Unstoppable domain. Additionally, having already made Crypto Wallet top-ups seamless for those living in the US or mainland Europe, we’ve decided it’s time to expand that offering.

Easy Crypto Wallet top-ups in the UK with Opera and Ramp Network

We are now introducing easy Crypto Wallet top-ups to the UK thanks to our partnership with Ramp, a leading crypto on-ramp that leverages new European Open Banking APIs to allow easy low-fee crypto top-ups using your normal bank account or Revolut. TLDR: if you’re living in the UK, you can now access crypto easily, without the need to use a crypto exchange, and, and you will now see the BUY button on the Ethereum card of your wallet.

New and better dApp portal powered by

Ever since the launch of Opera for Android in December 2018, we have been making sure that you can use blockchain technology in meaningful ways. This is why we created a dApp explorer, which lets you browse decentralized applications hosted on the blockchain.

Web 3 is still young, however, and as the ETH, BTC and TRX ecosystems grow, it’s important that users are able to discover the latest and best dApps. For this reason, we are partnering with, the best cross-chain platform, which lets everyone discover, use and enjoy dApps with ease.

When you access the dApp explorer feature in Opera, which will still host our selected choice of the best dApps, the service will be provided to you by

170k active Crypto Wallets in Opera

While crypto is still far from reaching a mainstream audience, we are happy that Opera is the go-to browser and wallet app for all the blockchain-enthusiasts out there. We now have more than 170.000 Monthly Active users of our Crypto Wallet.

We hope you have enjoyed our news. To try our crypto wallet and dApp explorer, and start using Web 3, download Opera for Android or Opera Touch and activate your wallet. It all starts there.

Happy browsing!

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