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Secure your free .crypto domain and a Haiku with Opera and Unstoppable domains

Secure a .crypto domain with Unstoppable domains and Opera


I have some cool crypto news for you. Today, we are starting a giveaway with Unstoppable domains that will let you secure your own .crypto domain.

Register your .crypto domain on the blockchain 

Unstoppable domains are domain names that are registered on the Ethereum blockchain that you can own using your Opera wallet.  What does this mean in practice? First of all, that you can very quickly build and launch a decentralized website , without the need to buy a domain and a place to host it. 

In addition to being used for websites, the same .crypto domain can also point to your crypto wallet address which means it can be used by someone to send you any supported cryptocurrency.

View a .crypto website as easily as a .com website

Opera for Android is the first browser that supports this new type of blockchain-based domains. It also supports the new IPFS protocol which allows the browser to retrieve your site from a decentralized network of computers instead of a cloud provider or a server. The Opera browser allows you and others to access your .crypto domain as easily as if it were registered on the good old web 2 and had a .com ending to it.

Secure your own .crypto domain with Opera for Android

To secure your own .crypto wallet and domain with Opera and Unstoppable Domains, go to the dApp store in your Opera Android browser’s crypto wallet and click on the top banner showing Unstoppable Domains.

The automatic domain name generator will then assign you with the exotic mix of an animal and Opera. You will even see the quirky animal (it just might be as cute as the raccoon above).

If you keep clicking, you’ll also be able to register your .crypto domain in just a couple of minutes.

The last step of the giveaway will offer you the chance to automatically generate a personalized Haiku with your animal and host it on your domain, all without a central server: this is Web 3!

Your Unstoppable x Opera animal will be displayed on that domain accompanied by a Haiku. It doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

Opera is the leading crypto browser

Opera is the first web 3-ready browser with built-in crypto wallet. Since its launch in December 2018, the company’s objective has been to remove hurdles associated with using crypto on the web.

We have so far allowed our blockchain-users to:

  • Access Web 3 and use a Crypto Wallet directly from the browser (Android, iOS, desktop). 
  • Make easy crypto top-ups directly in the browser (buy BTC, ETH and TRX)
  • Send crypto like cash through the internet
  • Access Opera’s dApp store with curated content 

To secure your .crypto domain with Unstoppable Domains and Opera, go to the dApp store in Opera for Android’s Crypto Wallet.

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