Four ways to expand your online experience with Opera Mini

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At Opera we have a long tradition of developing mobile browsers that are fully equipped with exciting features that provide you with the best internet experience. Our mobile browsers are crafted based on emotions and the language that only technology can speak. They combine great design and high-end technology to give you faster, smooth and handy navigation on the web.

As some of you might know, one of our most popular mobile browsers is Opera Mini. It’s a lightweight browser that lets you surf the web faster, provides you with personalised content, and keeps you updated with the latest local and global news that matters to you most.

Today, we want to remind you about four great features from Opera Mini that you can start using to take your experience on the web to the next level.

1. Offline File Sharing

Back in September, the team of developers for Opera Mini introduced the new file sharing feature to the browser. The new feature allows you to share photos, videos and audio files with others without an internet connection.

The file sharing feature works whether you are online or off. How it works is that Opera creates a secure private network connection between devices via a direct Wi-Fi connection. This guarantees you a successful transfer of files at great speed—200 times faster than Bluetooth. As both devices are connected via direct Wi-Fi, you can be confident that the connection between them will never break unless you decide to stop it.

Opera Mini - Offline File Sharing

2. Download Manager

Everyone has experience downloading files from the web, from flight tickets to videos and images. People need to trust that their browsers can download these files while on the go and they expect to have more control over their downloads. The Opera Mini browser integrates a download manager that allows you to have control over every file that you download.

The download manager in Opera Mini has a speed meter inspired by the speedometers in cars. It tells you the current download speed and estimated download time. You can see how your network connection affects download speed in real time.

You’ll also get a notification from Opera Mini once your download is done.

Opera Mini - Download Manager

3. Data savings

The data savings feature is one of the most popular features for those who use Opera Mini. The data compression mode in Opera Mini has the capability to pre-process and reduce the amount of data from a website before it reaches your phone. This allows for faster navigation, increases your browsing speed and extends your data plan.

The data saving test conducted by Opera in 2018 showed that the extreme data compression mode in Opera Mini is capable of saving more than 90% of mobile data.

The test also found that the average webpage size was 3MB, while Opera Mini only loaded 0.3MB of data per website. These results proved that people who use a default browser without data compression may spend significantly more money on mobile data than those who choose Opera Mini. On average, people who browse with Opera Mini are able to get nine times more out of their mobile data than those using browsers without data compression.

Opera Mini - Data savings

You can read more about data savings in the 2019 edition of the State of the Mobile Web report.

4. Ad blocker

Opera Mini has always been a speed-demon browser, which is why it was important for us to bring ad blocking to our users. The Opera Mini browser works seamlessly on slow connections, optimizes online video to reduce buffering delays, and compresses the size of webpages for faster browsing. Introducing ad blocking for faster webpage loading is just one more way we show our commitment to speed.

The reason why Opera Mini’s ad blocker speeds up your internet connection is that the Ad blocking in Opera Mini happens on the Opera servers, before the ads on the web reach your phone. When ad blocking is enabled, Opera Mini does not even request the ad information from the website you’re visiting.

Ad blocker is a frequently-requested feature. By adding our ad blocking technology to the Opera Mini browser, we make sure that you browse faster with less mobile-data usage and less distractions on your phone screen.

Opera Mini - Ad blocker

Featured in Google Play

We also want to let you know that Opera Mini has become a featured app on Google Play. This means that it will be easier to discover for Android users around the world. Needless to say, we are very happy about it.

Opera Mini - Featured in Google Play

Beyond providing you with unlimited access to the web, Opera Mini is also equipped with features that make it stand out from other mobile browsers in the market.

If you haven’t tried our browser yet, go to Google Play and look in the featured apps—it has now become even easier to find it.

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