Here’s a better download manager for your Android. 🙂

Opera Mini is the free mobile browser that lets you monitor the progress of your downloads through a speed meter and download notifications. We’ve also added smarter search suggestions in the new version we’re rolling out today.

If you haven’t tried this fast mobile browser yet, head on over to Google Play and download Opera Mini free.

Smarter download manager for Android

Look on the top! Opera Mini’s download manager now has a speed meter inspired by the speedometers in cars. It tells you the current download speed and an estimate of download time. You can see how your network connection affects download speed in real time!

You’ll also get a notification from Opera Mini once your download is done.

Smarter search suggestions for Android

For many of us, search is the number one reason we use a browser. Weather, currency exchange, health tips, shopping listings – the list goes on.

Try the new download manager for Android and smarter search suggestions in Opera Mini. Tell us what you think by dropping a comment below. You can also tweet us via @opera.

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  • Ihave use the new opera mini today with speedometer in download section which shows us the speed of downloading and yes its really a great feautre so thank you so much opera for this new update i really like it.

    • Angela Wang

      Perfect 🙂 If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this even more just lemme know! /Angela, Opera Mini team

  • Elizabeth Olsen

    this is the best feature, specially when you are downloading something, its keep you engage with the speed insights.

    • Angela Wang

      Awesome 🙂 A big thank you from the Opera Mini team 🙂

  • 김태연

    Why opera mini is better than opera..

  • Imtiaz Ahmed

    Sometimes download resume not work if the download link gotta outdated. So, I’d like to suggest to add “Download link Auto Refresh” feature to fix download resume problem in this case. It will automatically refresh the download link if the link was expired & then get the new url link & can able to resume. Already a video downloader app named “VidMate” has this feature. Also I suggest to add “Download Acceleration” feature. Multiple thread download acceleration feature try to fully utilize the bandwidth to get maximum speed from server & now a days there are so many servers which supports Throttling / Acceleration feature. UC Browser has this download acceleration feature. Also when I try to download any file the downloading speed isn’t stable. I tried to download a file, in Opera Mini I’ve got 27-390 KBPS & when I try to download the same following file in other browser like UC. I’ve got 270 to 435 KBPS. Upgrade the Opera Mini’s downloading system so that it can download anything at stable downloading speed.

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  • Firdaus Ahmad

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  • Shwan Namiq

    Thanks for opera mini team this is great add-on that adder for opera mini ii wish to add capability to show adsense ads also CAD Drawing

  • With this new feature opera mini become even more better browser

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    Thank you, Opera. You are the best.

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