Our mobile phones are more than just devices that enable us to connect to the internet or receive calls from friends and family; they are also tools that can help us improve ourselves, from learning a new language to putting a library full of books at our fingertips.

Here are my top four tips on how you can use your phone to improve yourself:

Choose from the thousands of books on Worldreader.

With over 28,000 titles to choose from, WorldReader offers you the opportunity to improve your vocabulary and enjoy great literature, across Fiction, Health and History, among many other categories. And, even better, access to Worldreader’s extensive library is just one-click away, via the default Speed Dial entry in Opera Mini.

Improve your concentration level and be productive using Mind Games Pro.

A better concentration level can help you be more efficient and more organized in all that you do, and – thanks to your trusty phone – you don’t need to spend a cent on yoga classes. Just download the Mind Games Pro app and start working your way through. It’s  available on Android and IOS.


Learn a new language with Memrise.

Memrise is a great app that will help you improve by  expanding your language horizons. You can learn languages ranging from French, Mandarin and Chinese to Portuguese, Italian and many others. As Edward de Wall once said, “With languages you are at home anywhere.” It’s a great tool for  memorizing new vocabulary.

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Looking for fun ways to gym? Try music apps.

Getting through your time at the gym or on morning jogs is a lot easier with music that jells with your jam – you will find yourself working out longer and get faster results. Playlists can get stale or boring, but Spotify or Saavn can help you discover new tunes, maintain your energy level and improve your fitness routine.



Worried about all these apps eating up your mobile data plan? Well, just make sure you also have Opera Max on your phone to save tons of mobile data on music apps and other apps.

Share what apps you’re using to improve yourself on Twitter or Facebook. 🙂

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