Stay safe on public Wi-Fi with free Opera Max app

Today, we’re releasing an update of Opera Max with the latest Opera Turbo technology and all of Opera Max’s VPN data connections will switch to using a SPDY with SSL tunnel instead of HTTP 1.1. This is a much more advanced, modern way of proxying data on behalf of browsers and apps.

Which means three things for you:

Security on public Wi-Fi

When you use any apps – with Opera Max on – while using open Wi-Fi hotspots at places like coffee shops, train stations, airports, busses, or shopping malls, you don’t have to worry about your data being exposed to the hacker nearby who’s attempting to steal your information.

The SSL encryption for the SPDY tunnel ensures that the data connection between your phone and Opera Max’s data-saving servers is safe and sound.

Opera Max Free WiFi Security Speed Android

Less delays on crowded Wi-Fi hotspots

With Opera Max, you can reduce data usage of image-rich apps, such as Instagram or Flipboard, as well as some popular video- and music-streaming apps.

So, if you are stuck in a crowded place – while commuting through the Mumbai Train Station, for example – you should definitely turn on Opera Max. Not only will you be more secure and protected, but you’ll also have a lighter Wi-Fi footprint, so you can cruise through free, public Wi-Fi hotspots more smoothly.

If everyone on crowded Wi-Fi networks used Opera Max, a lot more people could connect smoothly. Do your part! 🙂

Faster apps

With SPDY implementation, you essentially upgrade how your Android apps connect to the cloud.

SPDY is an offshoot of the forthcoming HTTP 2.0 standard, that Google developed specifically for accelerating mobile data connections. Google deployed SPDY in several apps, most notably in the Chrome Data Saver feature in Chrome for Android. SPDY was tested and improved on in the wild with over a hundred million android users using Chrome’s Proxy features over SPDY.

Google estimates that SPDY brings a 23% improvement in speed over mobile networks.

So we thought, wouldn’t it be cool if that 23% speed improvement could be applied to all of your apps? Opera Max has upgraded how the Max VPN connects to the Max cloud to use SPDY. We hope to measure similar speed boosts for many more apps.

This is just the start.

Opera Max has been on a tear lately. 🙂 Today, millions of you already enjoy Opera Max’s data savings on your Android phones.

We’re happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying features like:
– Data management that gives you a better overview of how much mobile data you save

– App management that lets you choose which data-hogging apps you can block

We’re already working on the next step of making Opera Max even better at helping you take back control of your data.

If you haven’t tried Opera Max yet, you can get it get it free from Google Play Store. Tell us what you think about it by commenting below or giving us a quick poke on Twitter.

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