Today’s update of Opera for computers comes with the new version of our data-savings technology, Opera Turbo.

This new version of Opera Turbo performs even better on congested Wi-Fi areas, such as cafés, airports or schools. You can browse up to 15% faster comparing to the previous version, if you use it with your phone as a hotspot on a 3G network. You’ll definitely feel the speed when you visit image-rich websites.


If you use a limited data package, like in the airport, you will notice that the new version of Opera Turbo saves up to 70% of the data you would normally use. That’s 23% more than the previous version of Opera Turbo in Opera for computers.

You can read more about this update from our desktop team.

And if you don’t have it yet, download Opera for computers and let us know what you think.

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  • happmaoo

    in china enable the turbo,the website can not open.can you fix it ,thankyou.

  • I remember when Opera for desktops first got Turbo (can’t find the old video I help influence the idea for (it had to do with turning on the Turbo in Opera and then someone grabbing coffee))

  • Opera 3G and WI-fi Speed is Awesome I can watch YouTube and other site without ended and Mobile 3g Data speed is also very good I can view easily heavy site or many more news site. I also use some other browser to but speed and reliable experience is more good in opera.


    I am from UAE, tried web that can not accessable

  • Хорошо работает на сайте

  • Andy

    Sadly, Virgin Media appear to be blocking the use of Opera’s Turbo mode in the UK, making it completely useless to a large number of people. We would be grateful if you could investigate this problem.

    • Ruth_opera

      Hi Andy, we’d really like to investigate for you, could you help us with some more info? I’ll need:
      1) Your IP address (this is “Remote” header visible at page, or any of the “your remote IP” pages, or even phone settings)
      2) Which of our browser are you using?
      3) If it’s Mini is the problem both on Turbo and Extreme mode? Or does Extreme mode work ok?
      4) Can you connect to Turbo over WiFi?

      If you want you can email me at if that’s easier 🙂 Many thanks in advance!

  • Whao, nice development and updates Mp3 Download

  • really its best experience ever currenty now i am surffing all heavy websites like online money making site or news online videos now i am very satiesfied with opera..thankyou opera