Shrink videos and watch more on Opera for Android

Own an Android phone? Today, you’ll be seeing the new logo on your Opera Mini or Opera for Android browser. Not just a good-looking accessory for your homescreen, the new look is a gesture to you of our commitment to keep working on more helpful tools that keep your browser as useful as possible.

Which is why today we’re also bringing a bunch of useful updates to your browsers, too.

Opera for Android: Saves on video data

If you’re like us, being able to watch and share videos online from your phone is pretty handy (and fun!). But, it can be a big data-eater and poor connections can let us down. We’re really excited to introduce video compression into Opera for Android, which shrinks the size of online videos for you.

From the settings menu, tap to Data savings and tick the box next to Video compression. Opera will do all the rest. You’ll use less data and spend less time waiting for that darned buffering wheel.

You’ll also find some more advanced settings in the menu, so if you have more specific preferences, it’s easier to control your browsing experience. As well as squashing a lot of pesky bugs, we’ve tinkered around under the hood to keep your browser running smooth and speedy.

Also, in case you missed it last time, you can now add websites to your home screen just like they are apps. This gives you extra-fast access to your favourite places on the web without using any extra data.

Opera Mini for Android: Download notifications

Opera Mini now tells you when your files are finished downloading. Let us deliver your downloads straight to your doorstep, so you can carry on getting stuff done on your phone.

Use a lot of tabs? Open a new tab while you continue to read the page you are on, now it will open in the background with the option to quickly switch between them. We think this helps you navigate across multiple sites. Who else, like me, is comparing 100 travel deals?

Besides adding a more of a personal touch on your Facebook notifications (oo, pretty profile pictures!), we did some maintenance work to give you overall better browsing performance and have started work on some exciting new features for the next update.

The rest of the Opera family

Last week we said “hello” to the new Opera for computers logo with a new update. Soon Opera Coast for iOS and Opera Max will also be revamped, not to mention some other secret lab projects we’re on the edge of our seats to bring you in the new year. But, shh! We’ve already said too much.

Enjoy the new Opera Mini and Opera for Android browser updates. Let us know what you think of them in the comments. 

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