We all recently said “Hello” to the new Opera logo and brand identity.

Over the next few months, our ever-growing family of Opera apps and browsers will be sporting the new logo, a badge of our commitment to providing innovative software across a range of devices. So, you can enjoy doing more on the internet no matter what your browsing style.

Today, we’re happy to bring you an update to Opera Mini on your Windows Phone, a platform we’ve been inspired by and are proud to serve.

As well as our fresh, new logo (which we think looks particularly great on Windows Phone), we’re also introducing some new features and stability improvements based on your feedback.

Keyboard extensions

Windows Phone has always been about good-looking and innovative ways of accessing the information you want from your phone. We feel that your browser should give you the same experience.

Accordingly, we’ve added keyboard extensions so that you can browse, search and access information online in a variety of new ways, all from the comfort of your keypad.

Just start typing, and icons will appear above your keyboard, giving you access to a QR reader!


More to come

After hearing your feedback we also brought in landscape mode, to give you more viewing pleasure. We’ve also made some under-the-hood improvements for stability, performance and general smoothness to your Opera Mini browsing experience.

We’re proud to have Opera Mini on Windows Phone, but we’re just the start of this journey, and we’re eager to bring you even more features and stability.

Keep bringing us your feedback! Comment below or come join the discussion on Twitter and Facebook.

Happy browsing and thanks for being part of the Opera family! 🙂

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  • Rudolf

    Nice Update.
    but for what can i use the slide bar between the Google Logo an the QR-Code sign?

    • af

      It is there to move cursor around address bar. It make is a little bit easier then in traditional way using small handlers provided by OS. What’s more you doesn’t have to move your fingers to the top of the screen while typing. Try it 😉

      • Rudolf

        Thanks, this ist awesome 🙂

      • Ruth_opera

        Thanks for being so helpful! (please don’t take my job haha)

  • Nischi85

    What about support for bookmark syncing and tab sync etc? Any plans on those?

    • Ruth_opera

      It’s been discussed but nothing in the near future at least. We’ve been pushing for it (as we know it’s an important feature) but for the time being we’re going to be really focused on performance and stability. Get that nailed.

  • João Gonçalves

    You should also update the Google logo 🙂

    • Ruth_opera

      Haha yes! We figured this also 😛 but thanks for the extra poke

  • muratservan

    I am pretty sure that you’ve never tried to open a second tab. It crashes the app. Scrolling is still not smooth. I had big hopes for new update but the only thing I have now is disappointment.

    • Rudolf

      My App don’t crash if I open a second tab…

      • muratservan

        I removed previous version and installed new. There is no crash by now but I lost all my stuff.

        • Rudolf

          It would be nice if they implement Sync soon.

        • Ruth_opera

          Ah no that sucks, sorry to hear that 🙁 glad to hear the new version sorted the crash but losing your stuff is not cool. Please let me know if you have any other issues in the future

  • Damian eDameXxX Stępnik

    It would be nice if you made Opera Mini as Universal App so in the Store (for phone/PC/tablet) will be touch-friendly browser for slow connections.

    • Ruth_opera

      Yeah it has been talked about. We have nothing planned for it at this time but open for the future. Will announce it when we have plans

  • MegamaN

    Man, you have Wikipedia, Ebay, and some other search engine, plus Google. Where is the Bing Search?
    Plus, pages load slow compared to the competition.

    • Ruth_opera

      Good question. It’s dependent on the agreements with have with the search engines, but we might be reviewing them in the future. Will pass on your feedback.
      Sorry to hear about the speed letting you down. Is it on all sites or just a particular group? Also, what region do you live in? Thanks

      • MegamaN

        United States, Texas.
        Sites take a while to render, I can name competitors and they load much faster.

        I mean, if you make the app for a particular OS, it’s a bit of blasphemy if you exclude their own search engine. The last thing I want in a browser is Google, let alone making it one of the only choices apart from Bing, I would gladly take Yahoo! as an alternative.

        (About the slow loading)I’m not the only one mentioning this, I came here because of Windows Central, someone there also mentioned this, not sure if many others did as well.

      • WillM@g

        Having duckduckgo as an option as a default search engine would be great. Include it when you review other search engines. Just installed opera mini recently, so far so good. Go opera!

      • Sudip

        Are we going to see Opera Max on Windows Phone? Please Say Yes!! Its an amazing application…

  • It’s crashing when you call the tabs switcher and SD is the only open tab.
    Also crashes if you are already in the tabs switcher and close the last tab, so the last tab becomes SD.
    Edit: It always crash if there’s a SD tab in the tabs switcher.

    • Update: Somehow I fixed it by deleting all my dials, including saved sites. I’ve re-added them and it’s working.

      • Ruth_opera

        You beat me to it! Sorry you had to go through that hassle in the first place though. Very happy to here it’s back running smooth for you 🙂

  • please fix it

    Is it possible to install opera mini 9 in addition to opera mini 8, rather than as an update and replacement?

    • Ruth_opera
      • please fix it

        Thanks, Ruth

        That link does not seem to have any Windows phone versions.

        • please fix it

          So does this mean it is not possible? If so,h have the bugs mentioned in other posts here been fixed?