Since we launched Opera Mini beta for users to test on Android devices 2.3 and higher, we’ve been excitedly working to bring even more features to you.

We’re happy to announce that Opera Mini for Android beta has two new features that help you get easier, faster and bigger access to the content you crave.

A unified start page:

Now, you can find your bookmarks and top stories together in an all-in-one, continuous scroll on the start page. This means you can have the content you want, ready and easily accessible in one place.

Think of it as your handy one-stop content page, just one tap away.

Opera Mini beta smart view speed dial


Your browsing history can still be accessed from the menu. Just look for the clock button.

Access to fullscreen mode

Take even more control of how you browse with the new fullscreen mode. You can enable this feature from the menu and choose whether you want a complete, fullscreen experience or to keep your Android status bar located at the top of your screen.

I like to start my morning catching up on the latest tech news, on sites like, which looks beautiful in fullscreen mode. With Opera Mini on Android, I can take in even more news before my morning coffee.

Fullscreen mode is an especially useful feature for those of you using smaller-screen devices — take in more of the pages and content you want.

Opera mini beta fullscreen function

If you’re not already testing Opera Mini beta with us, you can download it here or direct from Google Play.

As always, while we’re working on making the app more stable and continuing to bring even more features to the new Opera Mini for Android, we’d love to hear what you think. Please keep the feedback coming.

If you have any questions about this Opera Mini beta, be sure to check out the FAQ.


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  • Sidney Moraes

    Why don´t you put that fullscreen mode in Opera browser for Android?

    • Rutha_opera

      Hi Sidney, we’ve only just rolled it out on this beta version of Mini (due to demand) but if it seems really popular then we can look in to adding it to Opera browser for Android 🙂 /Ruth

  • ncc50446

    Opera for BlackBerry would be awesome with these features..I try to use the Android version on BB OS 10.3.1 and it crashes too often..I miss Opera..

    • garry

      Yep, it really is about time Opera produced dedicated BlackBerry versions of their browsers. The Android versions now crash on start up on my Q10 with the latest 10.3 update and were never perfect anyway.

      As far as this new start page goes, Im not into a browser that downloads in the background and/or pushes “content” upon you, like the widely unwanted “Discover” feature Opera persist with. This kind of thing is only ok if the user has total on/off control over it.

      • Rutha_opera

        Hi Garry, thanks for your feedback 🙂 I’ll make sure it’s passed on to our Opera Mini teams.
        With regards to Blackberry devices this may be looked further in to in the future but when it comes to specific BB devices (such as 10.3) it depends also on how much support/development Blackberry are planning to give for these devices going forward.

        I’ll also pass on your feedback about the Discover feature. We always strive to go with what features are most widely wanted (although this isn’t always in everyones taste!)
        Appreciate you trying out the beta version 🙂 happy browsing to you /Ruth

        • garry

          Thank you!

          I’ve been an Opera Mini and Mobile user for many years and appreciate that you can’t please all of the people all of the time when it comes to features and functionality.

          Dedicated BB10 versions of Mini & Mobile would be superb. Only today BlackBerry have announced a new BB10 phone so they are certainly still actively developing it themselves

          • Rutha_opera

            No problem 🙂

            I agree, would love to see it myself. I’ll be sure to do some more asking around!

          • ncc50446

            Excellent news, thanks! 10.3.1 is a new update too, officially released in mid-February, so still very active. Just needs more apps, such as a native Opera Mobile/Mini.
            Always nice to hear Opera will consider it, thanks again! 🙂

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